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Your Cover Email is an e-mail you receive when you arrive at Saudi Arabia Safehouse and this is your first email to reply to someone.


From: Mina Tang

To: Mike Thorton

Hello Mike,

Welcome aboard. I've already set you up with an email address you can give to people you meet in the field - not only is it against regulations to hand out your agency contact info, it's a pretty sure-fire way of getting reassigned to Greenland, Weehawken, or some other ass-end of the world.

Don't worry, the email won't sit on some corporate server - I've made sure all mail in and out gets redirected to an encrypted server that you can access from any computer that's running the agency's decryption key.

Your login password is 'Abl3D4nger' - minus the quotes, of course. Change it when you first log in. Let me know if you have any questions.

- Mina


Aggressive - (-1) Reputation with Mina Tang[]

Thanks, but if i want to stay in touch with someone, i'll meet with them in person. i don't need matters of national security bouncing around civilian servers or floating through Echelon filters.

Suave - (-1) Reputation with Mina Tang[]

Great, now I can pretend I'm a salaryman at a multinational corporation. I don't have any kids so maybe I'll photograph my guns and put little framed pictures of my firearms on my desk. And at the company party, we can totally get drunk, have sex in the supply closet, and then spend the next month acting all awkward when we meet up in the hallway

Just kidding - the getting drunk part is optional.


Professional - (+1) Reputation with Mina Tang[]

Thanks for the warm welcome - glad to be part of the team.


Re: Your Cover Email[]

From: Mina Tang

To: Mike Thorton


Just letting you know you have the option - not trying to tell you how to manage your contacts. As for security matters...I have the system setup to run an automated trace and burn on all incoming and outgoing traffic - the email you read on your PDA is the only instance of the data that exists. And perhaps you didn't get the memo, but we had a hand in writing all of government's various snooping programs - everything to and from your address slips through all monitoring systems - foreign and domestic.

It's good that you're concerned about matters of security - this agency has no room for careless operatives.


Hmmm... Only if we can get drunk or girlie drinks at the office party. Nothing turns me on more than a man drinking fruity drinks out of a novelty tiki mug. That last sentence was supposed to be sarcastic but who am I kidding... I've been under cover and working with agents like Sean Darcy for so long that I think my desperation factor is through the roof.

That said, I don't mix business with pleasure while on assignment, sorry. Just wanted to make sure you had your email setup - good luck.


You're quite welcome. I appreciate the pleasantries - though I'd wager after a month or two at the agency, you'll lose whatever good graces you learned in life before the protocol. Stay sharp, this job will kill you.