Alpha Protocol Wiki

Free PC Guides has posted a translation and writeup of an Alpha Protocol review by the Spanish gaming magazine Playmania (Issue 127).

So here they are, the Alpha Protocol Review detailed scores, featured in Playmania Magazine:
* Graphics -> 80 - The exteriors are not so bad but the models and their animations are far from perfect.
* Sound -> 90 - Appropriate soundtrack.
* Diversity -> 89 - Even though it's the same game, there are many possibilities when it comes to customizing your character and deciding how to play.
* Duration -> 90 - The replayability factor is really high. You can play Alpha Protocol a lot of times without experiencing the same adventure.
* Overall -> 88 - A spy role playing game that succeeds in blending action with stealth and gives players a high degree of freedom in choosing how they want to proceed.
The Best parts of Alpha Protocol -> The freedom to choose how you want to acoplish your objectives and a great decision making system.
The Worst parts of Alpha Protocol -> Outdated graphics and basic AI.

They also have a link to a new Alpha Protocol video that illustrates the dialog system.