Alpha Protocol Wiki

Since the wiki has catapulted into activity, I think it's time to shape our editing work. A few incidents have risen where the nomenclature for specific articles have either been inconsistent or too obtuse. Since writing a fully documented manual seems a bit redundant and too lengthy for a wiki of this size, I'll just bullet-point it:

  • Follow by example. Right now, for editing purposes, try to follow The Vault's layout as a header.
  • Concerning characters, locations, missions, items, etc; if there's an in-game description, then copy that and use that as the article summary, for now. We don't want excessively verbose articles with meaningless descriptions, so if there's an in-game description; use it. If there isn't one, then make something up, but try to be consistent with (a) every other article on the wiki and (b) articles on an external wiki.
  • We're not doing individual articles for every weapon, armor, and items; it would bloat the wiki, and there's not much to say about every possible weapon. The stat table is more than adequate right now, and that might even be extended to include a "screenshot column", but since there's no easy and consistent way to do such a thing, it's pipe dream... for now.
  • Characters and Factions should include a verbatim dossier transcript, including "Secret Facts" and other in-game info. Any user-made summaries, observations, etc. should be included within another section, but this should only be a secondary goal; dossiers are the most important aspect, when we're finished with that, then extra-game details may be added. Feel free to add any trivia or character interactions is appropriate sections, too. As far as portraits are concerned; use any detailed screenshots or photos, for now. We've figured out how to get those in-game dossier portraits, but the process is a bit... tedious, and the image is rather small, so that's not exactly a bona-fide replacement.

Hope this clarifies a few things. :)