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Hello, my name is Yau Jia Jun and I am the admin here recently and I ready to turnabout this wiki into more informative and active. Although as you can see the place a little bit of mess and I am the only everyday active editor. You can go to my message wall to consult me about how the wiki should be manage or any problems in the wiki.

(If I am inactive and need help, contact me.)

History with Alpha Protocol and the Wiki[]

Initially, I only found the game called the website Ocean of Games. It intrigued me a little bit because its special gameplay of roleplaying as an agent. It made me more interested as Obsidian created the game, the same company who created Fallout New Vegas and have old members who create Fallout. I download the game and it was interesting, though I have to admit it was kind of unfinished. I look up this wiki for walkthrough and it was helpful but kind of disorganized. After completing the game, I decided to edit the wiki. This is the first wiki I become admin and I gained my experience through this wiki. This allowed me to help other wikis I am fan of. Although right now I am inactive, I will be back to edit.

To-Do List[]

  • Write down the page format.

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