The United States of America is one of the most powerful countries in the world. It is a military superpower and is known for it's foundations of freedom and opportunity. The United States is found in the North American continent, between Canada and Mexico. With it's resources and it's global reach, it has significant influence over the world.

Alpha ProtocolEdit

The United States is a major party in the Alpha Protocol conspiracy. American weapons giant, The Halbech Corporation had managed to work it's way into the American government, through the efforts of those such as the CEO, Henry Leland. Using their government connections, Halbech uncovered a secret and also illegal covert operations agency operating under the name Alpha Protocol (organization). Alpha Protocol is then taken over and used to supposedly steal back "stolen missiles," only to kill the man they had sold them to to stop him from unveiling their plans to spark a world war to increase their own profit. Alpha Protocol Agent Michael Thorton is the unknowing agent sent on this operation, and is nearly killed to keep the secret. He survives, and turns to stop Halbech and the now rogue Alpha Protocol.

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