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Touching Base is an e-mail that you receive when you go to any hub from Scarlet Lake.


From: Scarlet Lake

To: Michael Thorton

Hey, Mike,

Please tell me that you've run across something in your travels that's even remotely interesting. This Taipei story is slower than I thought, and the boredom's almost killing me.

If you come across anything, let me know - I'd hate to think I wasted clever conversation on a source that can't deliver.

- Scarlet


Shut Up - (-1) Reputation with Scarlet Lake[]

Subject: Enough Already

You found my email address, good for you, but the email chatter isn't necessary. Shut up and sit tight, and if I have something to send your way, I will.

Until then, don't contact me unless you have to.

- Mike

Flirtarious - (0) Reputation is not changed.[]

Subject: Bored? Please.

For someone who's supposed to be a thrillseeker, you sure seem to spend a lot of time being bored instead of going out and finding something interesting to do - unless that's why you're writing to me in the first place, in which case, I'm going to need a little more incentive to write back.


Honest - (+1) Reputation with Scarlet Lake[]

Subject: Man of My Word

I honor my commitments. You asked for a story, I'll get you a story.

And I'm not doing this because I'm a Samaritan, it's because the world needs to know what' happening.

- Mike