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  • ...that Mike can only place up to 5 traps at a time (placing number six will remove number one, number seven will remove number two, etc)?
  • ...that headgear in the game is purely for show and has no effect on your defense?
  • ...the plaque on the wall in trailer shown on E3 2009 reads: "In case of fire, kill, steal, fuck geese. Wait for the response signal."?
  • ...that Mike is able to change his armor for specific missions?
  • ...that the three main dialogue stances are based off of Jack Bauer, James Bond, and Jason Bourne?
  • ...that the main concept art showing him with black armor over casual clothing does not actually exist in the game?
  • ...that many characters will call Mike a killer even if you haven't killed a single person through your entire playthrough?

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