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Technical Aptitude is an upgradeable skill in the game Alpha Protocol. This skill costs 3 Advancement Points per rank.


Increased levels of Technical Aptitude provide more healing from first aid kits. Higher levels allow you to carry more gadgets into missions and reduce the downtime between uses of certain gadgets and skills.


Rank Name Notes
1 Medic (Basic) Increases the efficiency of Mike's healing. This can be from the use of a First Aid Kit carried into a mission, or from Medical Aid Stations found on-site

Healing: +50%

2 Weapon Rechambering This automatically customizes all of Mike's weapons to store additional rounds in the chamber - allowing all of his weapons to store a few extra rounds above and beyond any rounds granted from magazine modifications.

Mag size of all Weapons: +3

3 Field Stripping A trained agent can quickly strip ammunition out of a gun's chamber or magazine. This increases the amount of ammunition looted off of enemies or found in caches.
4 Medical Familiarity (Basic) Reduces the cooldown on using First Aid supplies - greatly improving the rate at which you can heal yourself from serious harm.

Cooldown on First aid and Epinephrine Spikes: -25%

5 Weapon Balancing Mike can meticulously adjust his firearms for the ideal recoil-to-weight ratio. This automatically improves the Recoil Control of every weapon Mike owns.

Recoil Control on all Weapons: +2

6 Medic (Advanced) Healing: +50% (+100% Total)
7 Gadgeteer (Basic) Adds an additional inventory slot for carrying devices into missions.
8 Brilliance (Basic) When activated, the cooldown timers of all other abilities and gadgets instantly resolve and become available for use.

Cooldown: 240 seconds

9 Armor Customization (Basic) This ability allows Mike to reconfigure his outfits (both armor suits and civilian clothing) with concealable, lightweight reinforcement that increase protection without hampering mobility or sound. This ability automatically increases the Endurance bonus of all outfits.

Endurance: +10

10 Weapon Customization With this ability, Mike can streamline and re-engineer his firearms to maximize muzzle velocity and ballistic spin. This ability automatically increases the Damage of every weapon Mike owns.

Damage on all Weapons: +3

11 Medical Familiarity (Master) Cooldown on First aid and Epinephrine Spikes: -25% (-50% Total)
12 Medic (Master) Healing: +50% (+150% Total)
13 Armor Customization (Master) Endurance: +15 (+25 Total)
14 Gadgeteer (Master) Adds an additional inventory slot for carrying devices into missions.
15 Brilliance (Master) Cooldown: 45 seconds


  • If your Technical Aptitude skill has reached Rank 5 by the end of the mission Intercept Assassination Plans Thorton will decrypt the flash drive instead of Mina Tang in the post-mission event at the safehouse.