Stop Omen Deng at Memorial Rally is the final mission in the Taipei hub.


Sung has been warned about the assassination and the riots, now it’s time to stop it from happening.

Available Intel

Intel Type Source Cost Description
Better Supplies for Allies Heck Enterprises $5,000 Heck can make sure that your allies are equipped with better weapons and armor.
Sniper Rifle Dead Drop Anonymous $2,250 Sniper Rifle Dead Drop. For a price, you can arrange a courier to deliver a precision rifle to the park for use in your mission.
Insider Assistance Anonymous $2,200 Government employees are notoriously susceptible to bribery, especially those working for the Parks and Recreations department. A 'donation' to a park employee could gain you special access through the park.
Security Information Anonymous $700 Mission map of Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Park. A surveillance company will provide you with detailed information on the areas of the park no accessible to the public.

NOTE: For Better Supplies for Allies, you must be aligned with either G22 and/or White Oak Mountain Triad, and have a positive reputation with Steven Heck. The zip-line provided by Insider Assistance is available for free if aligned with G22.

Objectives and Walkthrough

Mandatory Objectives

Please note that this guide is intended for stealth-based characters, as run-n'-gunners have virtually no need for strategies.

Reach Garden

There are 6 enemies in the starting area (three on each side of the river).

Money: $2,500 (in bag next to computer)

If you fail to hack the terminal, therefore not disarming the detonators head up the hill on the right and use the zip line to enter the building.

Enter the building and get the armor mod and crack the safe ($10,000) then head up the hill and join the two G22 members here for the attack on the guards at this point.

Money: $10,000 (in safe in small building you can zip line into, just over the bridge)

Armor Mod (in small building you can zip line into, just over the bridge)

There are three guards here to start things off and another three in the temple, after killing the three outside two of the guards inside will come out and attack. Secure the temple and make use the turret on the other side of the building to kill off the enemies down there and protect your allies. After killing them make sure you picked everything up and then zip-line down (or go back and use the gate here) and to fight another three guards.

Money: $3,000 (on floor in Gazebo out front of the temple)

Money: $3,000 (in Temple)

Armor Mod (next to turret in Temple)

Pick up the supplies here and then head through the gate (the one your allies didn't open during the fight). Hack the computer here to get Halbech files (for extortion or to send to Scarlet) and then through the next gate. If you're on Steven Heck's good side, he will set off fireworks to help mask any gunshots.

Money: $3,000 (Just past the hackable computer but before passing through the gate)

Exit Gardens

There will be four enemies in this next area, two on the left and two across the pond. You can easily hide behind the guard-rails and statues until CSP stroll nonchalantly by only to be silently subdued by you. In the gazebo just ahead is some ammo. Head across the bridge to your left and into this first building to for a duffel bag containing $5,000.

Money: $5,000 (inside the first building you come to)

Exit through the north door, and pick the locked door on the left side of the building in front of you. Inside is a brief case ($10,000) and a computer to hack which will deactivate the cameras.

Money: $10,000 (inside building with camera controls)

Exit through the door you didn't enter and strait into the third building for a duffel bag ($2,500); then enter the next building and head up the stairs, collect the duffel bag ($2,000) to the balcony (if an alarm is sounded two CSP will spawn on the second floor).

Money: $2,500 (inside third building)

Money: $2,000 (on second floor of the fourth building)

Armor Mod (on second floor of the fourth building)

Once on the balcony, take out the sniper on the neighboring building (you are not able to enter it) and the two turrets before they detect you or your Triad allies (if you are allied with them). If they do, and an alarm is sounded, more guards will POUR out of the gate and next-door building. It is pretty hard to avoid, as the triads will trigger an explosion an leap over the wall. Really only a master-rank Chain Shot will help to prevent an alarm sounding. If possible use quickly remote hack the turrets so you don't have to waste ammo destroying them (otherwise run up behind them and punch each to destruction while your allies serve as a distraction). Explore the gazebos here to find some things to pick up and then go through the gates. There is a keypad here but you can open the gate without hacking it.

Money: $3,500 (in small rectangular gazebo next to turrets)

Money: $5,500 (in building next to turrets)

Enter Memorial Hall

After the cutscene, G22 will zip-line in to assist (only if you helped them in the gardens) and help you take down the six or so CSP. Omen Deng himself isn't that much of a threat, as he uses a shotgun but will retreat inside if you get to far up the steps or cause a certain amount of harm. There is some ammo on the left side of the top. Enter the building on the right side and chase after Deng, there will be several guards in this area as you move through it.

Defeat Omen Deng

Subdue the first guard behind the boxes (the second will jump down to help his fallen comrade), then climb the ladder and take down the third. The fourth is on the ramp, be careful as Omen Deng and two CSP will be taking potshots at you from across the way. If you are taking a lot of damage then place yourself fully behind any object that will allow you to see part of the enemy when firing. If done right, you will be able to shoot them without them hitting you and will not need to use any first aid kits before the boss fight. Zip-line and subdue the two guards, plus two more that will run at you from the ramp. At the top level four enemies will come out of the elevators, two on each side. Kill them, but before moving forward, turn around and pick up the remote mines opposite the elevator. Move down to the bottom floor by zip-line and then drop down and enter the hallway (there is a first-aid station on the right side). Before entering the door here you might want to wait for your skills to finish cooling down.

Boss fight: Omen Deng

Deng's pattern consists entirely of, fight, flight, fade away, and at some point call for back up.

He uses his shotgun mostly but will use melee if you get too close or when he charges at you. Before the fight starts you have a very short amount of time to set up traps. His path is linear and predictable; after a few tries you'll know exactly where to place them. Taking cover behind one of the end most pillars is the best defensive position. Deng will retreat after a few good hits placed on him (5 or 6). He will usually use his own Shadow Operative skill as he flees, although you can still shoot him, you can't see him, so wait for him to show up again before you fire. When he tries to go all Hong-Kong-Fuooey on you (which he will), DO NOT try to run, instead stand your ground and pump him full of lead until he retreats again. DO NOT attempt to best him in a brawl unless your CQB skill is at least 3/4 maxed out. Every 53 seconds or so, more CSP will step out of the elevators, (2 - 4). The Elevator will ding as it arrives, it's your cue to take cover or activate Shadow Operative. Even with a low-level Shadow Operative, you should still have enough time to take out one guard and then eliminate the other(s) as they charge down the hall to help out their fallen buddy(ies). Deng will continually rush you until the comrades are routed, so focus on them, then their leader will return to his previous tactics. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

After a bit, he will clutch his heart in defeat and you must choose to either execute him or speak to him. If you choose the former, you will acquire his unique golden shotgun. If you choose the latter, you will uncover secret facts about him and Sung and +2 to reputation with Deng. However after the assassination (attempt) you will not be able to kill him.

Omen Deng - First dialogue option

  • Execute (first Suave node)
  • Dossier (first Professional node, if you have been collecting his Dossier) Deng +2, Secret Facts: Deng, Sung

Omen Deng - Second dialogue option

  • Dismissive (second Aggressive node)
  • Prying (second Suave node)
  • Discrete (second Professional node)

Omen Deng - Third dialogue option

  • Frustrated (third Aggressive node)
  • Sarcastic (third Suave node)
  • Professional (third Professional node)

Omen Deng - Fourth dialogue option

  • Frustrated (fourth Aggressive node)
  • Cocky (fourth Suave node)
  • Professional (fourth Professional node)

At the end of the mission there are 2 cutscenes. First Steven Heck will call and it will go differently depending on your reputation with him. The high reputation conversation is below - reputation with Heck +2 in third Suave node.

Steven Heck - First dialogue option

  • Aggressive (first Aggressive node)
  • Flippant (first Suave node)
  • Professional (first Professional node)

Steven Heck - Second dialogue option

  • Brusque (second Aggressive node)
  • Joking (second Suave node)
  • Businesslike (second Professional node)

Steven Heck - Third dialogue option

  • Satisfied (third Aggressive node)
  • Joking (third Suave node) Heck +2
  • Unsettled(third Professional node)

Second is talk with Henry Leland - reputation with Leland +1 in first Professional node. The conversation is slightly different depending on your choice which disaster to advert and your reputation with Heck. The save Sung, high reputation with Heck conversation is below.

Henry Leland - First dialogue option

  • Cocky (first Aggressive node)
  • Smug (first Suave node)
  • Realistic (first Professional node) Leland +1

Henry Leland - Second dialogue option

  • Admiring (second Aggressive node)
  • Dismissive (second Suave node)
  • Professional (second Professional node)

Henry Leland - Third dialogue option

  • Deaths (third Aggressive node)
  • Sarcastic (third Suave node)
  • Profits (third Professional node)

Optional Objectives

Secure Temple

After going up the hill you get the option to take control of the building to the right which will give you a turret overlooking some more allies that need help.

Take Garden Gate

Using the turret at the temple kill the three enemies and auto-turrets at the gates and then zip-line down (if you're allied with G22 or have purchased the respective intel) or go back and use the gate here and fight the next three guards here.

Choices and Consequences

Consequences of Previous Missions

Disabling (or bluffing disabling if you bugged all six servers) your surveillance devices will enable assistance from G22 for this mission.

Not Blackmailing Hong Shi's about what he did guarantees his henchmen as back-up for this mission.

If you kept Heck happy (or Taipei is your first hub), he will set of fireworks to mask any gunfire and he won't sell you out at the end of this mission.

Consequences in Following Missions

If you spare Deng, he will give you information later in the game.


  • You can earn the Always Listening Perk here. In order to achieve it, lengthen the final battle with Omen Deng long enough for Sung's speech to finish (usually the game fails to display his words as subtitles, but occasionally they do appear).
  • An alternative strategy for fighting Deng is to head into the hallway and position yourself at one end. If Deng closes with you, you can fight him hand-to-hand or run away; when he fades out and runs off, he may re-enter the hall at the opposite end and you can use guns. The guards that spawn mid-fight will not prove a great challenge; the nearest one is quickly taken down by gunfire and the other remains at the far end and shoot at you. Focus on taking down Deng.
  • Any damage inflicted before the final battle will be unhealed when Deng finally does fight back. So if you have a lot of difficulty with him you can try saving the game before meeting him, then inflicting as much damage as possible before the encounter.
  • Another great strategy for the Deng fight in the final showdown is to immediately crouch and sneak or use Shadow Operative(so that Deng can't detect you) and turn around from where you are, and head into the hallway. Deng will always spawn in either the centre room or the far room from where you started(never in the hallway). Stand by the entrance to where the hallway meets the room, and when Deng's back is turned(he must not know where you are), simply open fire from the entrance. Deng will be alerted to your presence and will start to shoot, but will be stranded on the spot, so as long as you don't move very far, you can take cover nearby, though you probably wont require it because it is incredibly easy to damage Deng when he can't move anywhere. Using this tactic the battle can be over in under a minute, before the guards even appear from the elevators.
  • FASTEST WAY to kill Deng: Using Pistol (even starter pistol is enough) in combination with Chain Shot (level 10 is good enough) and Brilliance (even BASIC level 8 is enough). Be sure that both skills are out of cool down when entering the final room, show yourself in middle of the room and wait for Deng. Activate Chain Shot and give him the maximum number of headshots then switch fast to Brilliance. Reactivate your Chain Shot and make as many headshots on Deng as you can. You can use in EVERY boss-fight! Even in hard mode no boss lasts 10 critical headshots - and each of the three bosses are down within 5 seconds!
  • Alternately: using maxed-out Fury at close range will take him from full health to almost nothing. Mix in a few Point Blank Shots to complete the process.


PS3 & Xbox 360 - When heading into the final showdown with Omen Deng, sometimes the final zip line won't give you the option of sliding down it (the one Omen Deng and his three guards slide down before he disappears through the doorway). Loading the last checkpoint doesn't seem to fix the problem. (Note: When restarting at the beginning of the mission, it does seem to fix/change the glitch, so restarting at a checkpoint outside the Memorial Entrance may work)

Note: I personally fixed this bug by restarting from the previous checkpoint and making sure none of the patrolling guards used the zip-line first by going loud instead of using stealth. I found that the zip-line becomes inactive when used by the AI for some strange reason.

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