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Stop Omen Deng at Memorial Rally is the final mission from the Operation True Heirs set in Taipei.


Prevent the assassination of President Sung.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Price Description
Sniper Rifle Dead Drop Anonymous $2,250 Sniper Rifle Dead Drop. For a price, you can arrange a courier to deliver a precision rifle to the park for use in your mission.
Insider Assistance Anonymous $2,200 Government employees are notoriously susceptible to bribery, especially those working for the Parks and Recreations department. A "donation" to a park employee could gain you special access through the park.
Security Information Anonymous $700 Mission map of Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Park. A surveillance company will provide you with detailed information on the areas of the park not accessible to the public.
Better Supplies for Allies Heck Enterprises $5,000 Heck can make sure that your allies are equipped with better weapons and armor.
  • For Better Supplies for Allies, you must be allied with either G22 and/or White Oak Mountain Triad, and have a positive reputation with Steven Heck.
  • The zipline provided by Insider Assistance is available for free if allied with G22.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Depending on your standing with their leaders, you may be joined by soldiers of G22 and White Oak Mountain Triad factions in this mission. A combat approach will greatly benefit from them, but if you are going for a stealth or a no-casualties playthrough, then having allies will only complicate things for you. You will need to act swiftly by either subduing enemies before your allies can kill them or running straight through the areas to a next objective. It is possible to do a stealth run with no casualties if G22 are your only allies, while utilizing flashbangs and shock traps, but is difficult if the Triad is present, as they are very aggressive.

We assume that you have both groups as allies, meaning that you are on friendly terms with Albatross (G22) and Hong Shi (The Triad).

Reach Garden[]

There are 6 enemies in the starting area, with three on each side of the river. If you set foot on the bridge it explodes, killing you instantly. You can disable the mines around the bridge by hacking the laptop in the gazebo. If you fail the hack, use the zipline on the hill to your right.

  • Money: $2,500 - Duffle Bag next to the laptop in the gazebo.

The sniper rifle unlocked by the Sniper Rifle Dead Drop intel purchase is placed right at the start, behind the rocks. Although you likely won't need it unless you trigger an alarm.

Enter the building connected to the zipline, get an armor mod and crack the safe ($10,000).

  • Armor Mod - In a small building you can zipline into.
  • Money: $10,000 - Safe in a small building you can zipline into.

Secure Temple[]

Head up the hill and join the two G22 members. They will remain hidden until you start attacking the CSP officers. If you want to avoid any killing at all, you need to take out the enemies in this area as fast as possible. Upgraded shock traps placed near the temple doors + high level Chain Shot on the 1st group should work best. Once the first three officers are down, the temple doors will open and another two will appear; and once those are disposed of, the last officer will bust through the third temple door. After that collect all the loot inside and outside, on the small ledge.

  • Money: $3,000 - Duffle Bag in a gazebo in front of the temple.
  • Money: $3,000 - Duffle Bag inside the Temple.
  • Armor Mod - Next to machinegun outside the Temple.
  • XP: +200

Take Garden Gate[]

If you are not worried about casualties you can use the mounted machinegun outside the temple to destroy the auto-turrets and kill CSP officers below to help the Triad fighters. Or go back around through the gate and fight them by other means. Neutralizing everyone in front of the closed gate will complete the Take Garden Gate optional objective and will enable the support of the Triad's troops further inside the gardens. If you think their help is not needed you can ignore this objective and simply zipline to an isolated yard in the middle. In that case, the Triad troops will not appear in the next area.

The small yard can be done in stealth and without kills with either Expert Chain Shot or Shadow Operative with melee takedowns, so make sure they are off the cooldown before going there. Pick up the supplies and hack the laptop to obtain Halbech Data, then head through the gate on the left.

  • Halbech Data - Computer in a small yard behind the garden gate.
  • Money: $5,000 - Duffle Bag in a small yard behind the garden gate.
  • XP: +200 - For Take Garden Gate optional objective.
  • XP: +500

Exit Gardens[]

As you exit the small yard, Heck with launch the fireworks that can help mask footsteps and loud gunshots, if that's what you're using. There will be four enemies in the next area, two on the left and two across the pond. You can easily hide from them behind the guardrails and statues. Head across the bridge to your left and into this first building to find a lockbox with $5,000.

  • Money: $5,000 - Lockbox in the first building.

Exit through the other door, and pick the locked door on the left side of the 2nd building. Inside is a briefcase ($10,000) and a computer which deactivates the cameras.

  • Money: $10,000 - Briefcase inside the building with camera controls.

Exit through the other door and go to the third building for a small cash pickup near on the altar ($2,500).

  • Money: $2,500 - Cash on the altar inside third building.

Enter the next building and head up the stairs to collect an armor mod and a Duffle Bag ($2,000).

  • Money: $2,000 - Duffle Bag on the second floor of the fourth building.
  • Armor Mod - On the second floor of the fourth building.
    This Armor Mod pickup is a random drop that spawns a high quality mod that is currently not in your possession. This is a possible location for a rare, but not very good mod Steel Pocket Inserts (+10 Endurance, Reduces Ammo Carrying Capacity). The only notable thing about it is that it cannot be bought from any vendor in the Clearinghouse. This is one of the few places in the game where you can obtain it.

On the balcony, stay crouched, and take out the sniper in the neighboring building first (you will not able to enter it), then the two auto-turrets before they detect you or your Triad allies, provided they are still available after the garden gate. If an alarm is sounded, more enemies will pour out of the gate and the next-door building. It is pretty hard to avoid the alarm here if you allied with the Triad, as they will trigger an explosion an leap over the wall — in that case, it seems only master rank Chain Shot will help prevent it. It is also possible to Remote Hack the auto-turrets if you are not worried about killing officers. Explore the buildings here to find some loot and then go through the gates. There is a keypad here but you can actually open the gates without hacking them.

  • Money: $3,500 - In the altar next to auto-turrets.
  • Money: $5,500 - Data disk in a small building next to auto-turrets.
  • XP: +500

Enter Memorial Hall[]

After the cutscene, G22 will join in to assist you (only if you helped them in the gardens) in taking down the CSP officers up on the stairs. Omen Deng will participate in the fight until you get close to the top or take out everyone else or cause him a certain amount of harm. Enter the building on the right, where Deng runs off to.

  • XP: +500

Defeat Omen Deng[]

Your objective in this phase is to chase after Omen Deng. He cannot be killed here, and will turn invisible and run away each time after taking a small amount of damage. If you want to stay non-lethal either use your tranquillizers to subdue the officers or activate the Shadow Operative and run past them, as stealth without abilities is impossible here. There is no loot here, except for ammo, so you will no miss much by rushing through. Move through the scaffoldings by using ladders and ziplines, until you reach the exit and start the final phase of the fight with Omen Deng.

Boss fight: Omen Deng

  • Deng's attack pattern consists of: shoot or punch, turn invisible, run away, repeat. At some point during the fight he will also start calling in regular reinforcements.
  • Any damage inflicted during the first two phases will not be healed when the last phase starts. You can damage him down to about 80% of his health beforehand.
  • You will have unlimited time to set up the traps — or to listen to Sung's speech — until he detects you for the first time. Only then reinforcements will start arriving regularly. About each minute, the CSP reinforcements will come through the elevators. The elevators will make a sound as they arrive: it's your cue to take cover or activate Shadow Operative.
  • He alternates between his shotgun and melee attacks. His melee is generally more dangerous, as it's harder to avoid.
  • Taking cover behind one of the pillars near the walls offers the best defensive position.
  • Deng will retreat after taking some damage. He will use his own Shadow Operative skill to flee and hide; the invisibility quickly runs out. Don't try and chase him while he's invisible, as he also teleports around the area when running away.
  • Master level Chain Shot used twice in a row with Brilliance can kill Deng in less than 30 seconds on Hard difficulty. 12 critical headshots with steel core rounds is exactly enough to get him to 0 health, if your pistol's damage stat is at least 25.
  • When he tries to engage you in melee, do not run since he's faster than you. Instead stand your ground and shoot him with your favored weapon. Do not attempt to best him in a melee brawl unless your Martial Arts skill is maxed out.
  • Maxed Martial Arts + Fury + Epinephrine Spike combo will damage his health by 25-30% for each use on Hard difficulty (more if you have the armor mods that increase Strike damage). Mix in a few Point Blank Shots to finish him even quicker. Don't forget that you can use Sprint Kick or Heavy Attack to interrupt his block.
  • Note that if you listen to Sung's speech in full you will unlock a perk Always Listening (5% Intel Discount from all sources). If you want it, it is recommended to avoid fighting Deng at the start, and just hide from him behind a pillar and wait, as the speech is very lengthy (more than 2 minutes) — much longer than the time you'll likely need to beat Deng. You don't have to do anything special for the perk, just staying in the area is enough.

After you beat Deng you'll engage in conversation with him, where you ultimately can decide his fate. You get only one chance to kill him, during the first dialogue.

  1. Omen Deng - 1st dialogue
    • Execute - Kill Deng.
      Omen's Shotgun acquired.
      Go to Mina Tang - 1st dialogue
    • Dossier
      • Deng +2
      • Dossier Secret Fact: Omen Deng
      • Dossier Secret Fact: Ronald Sung
  2. Omen Deng - 2nd dialogue
    • Dismissive
    • Prying
    • Discrete
    Go to Mina Tang - 2nd dialogue
  3. Mina Tang - 1st dialogue
    • Angry
    • Sarcastic
    • Professional
  4. Mina Tang - 2nd dialogue
    • Frustrated
    • Sarcastic
    • Professional
  5. Mina Tang - 3rd dialogue / If Deng is alive
    • Frustrated
    • Flippant/Cocky
    • Professional

The perk you earn after the operation is concluded is determined by which data you chose to save during Intercept Assassination Plans:

  • Keeping the Peace (20% Intel Discount from anonymous sources): You opted to prevent a deadly revolt from taking place, even if it means letting a plot on President Sung's life go undeterred.
  • Secret Service (Reduced Cooldown: Iron Will, Hard to Kill): You chose to protect the life of President Ronald Sung, even at the expense of letting a dangerous revolt be set into motion.

Post-mission Conversations[]

Steven Heck[]

At the safehouse, Steven Heck will contact you to discuss the offer he received to frame Thorton as Ronald Sung's assassin.

By default, Heck will not betray Thorton, even if his reputation is at -10. For the betrayal to happen certain conditions must be met first:

  1. You must have completed Assault Brayko's Mansion before doing this mission
  2. Your ally survived Assault Brayko's Mansion, by either escaping themselves or being saved by you
  3. Your reputation with Heck must be at -1 or less

The reason for this is to ensure that you go into the Finale with at least one potential handler out of possible 3: Albatross, SIE and Heck. First of all, you can finish the game without ever meeting SIE or Albatross by skipping the Moscow missions involving one of them, as you only need one ally to complete the operation in Moscow. Then you can choose to rescue the ally during Assault Brayko's Mansion and, when given the option, execute them yourself. Had you already been betrayed by Heck by that point, that would leave you with no endgame handlers available. That's why the game waits for you to finish Brayko's mission, as your ally can't be killed off after it if they survive. And if they were killed by you, then Heck would always remain a backup choice.

It also seem that only Heck's reputation as shown in his dossier matters here. You don't have to make a good first impression during the first meeting, erase his NSB file, allow him to attack people in Grand Hotel, or reply to his conspiracy email for him to like you.

You lose access to Heck's intel and equipment in the Clearinghouse if he betrays you. It is recommended to purchase all of his intel that you'll need later in other missions before doing this mission.

Getting Steven Heck to betray Thorton unlocks an achievement / trophy Never Trust a Sociopath.

Normal dialogue — Heck's reputation is at least 0

  1. Steven Heck - 1st dialogue
    • Aggressive
    • Flippant
    • Professional
  2. Steven Heck - 2nd dialogue
    • Brusque
    • Joking
    • Businesslike
  3. Steven Heck - 3rd dialogue
    • Satisfied
    • Joking - Heck +2
    • Unsettled

Betrayal dialogue — Heck's reputation is -1 or lower

  1. Steven Heck - 1st dialogue
    • Brusque
    • Joking
    • Businesslike
  2. Steven Heck - 2nd dialogue
    • Angry
    • Surprised
    • Businesslike

Henry Leland[]

In the end, you will have a talk with Henry Leland. The contents of the conversation will differ depending on which data you saved, how the riot/assassination situation was resolved, and whether you were betrayed by Heck or not.

  1. Henry Leland - 1st dialogue
    • Cocky
    • Smug
    • Realistic/Cost - Leland +1
  2. Henry Leland - 2nd dialogue / Heck did not betray Thorton
    • Admiring
    • Dismissive
    • Professional
    Leland will mention here if Thorton is on good terms with most the people he's met so far, or if he has alienated the majority of the characters.
  3. Henry Leland - 2nd dialogue / Heck betrayed Thorton
    • Threatening
    • Dismissive
    • Business - Leland +1
  4. Henry Leland - 3rd dialogue
    • Deaths
    • Sarcastic
    • Profit

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

  • Disabling the bugs, or bluffing about disabling them in the conversation with Albatross at the end of Investigate Warehouse District Data Trail, will enable assistance from G22 for this mission.
  • Having positive reputation with Hong Shi and not blackmailing him guarantees the Triad's troops support for this mission.
  • If you have already done Assault Brayko's Mansion and your ally in that mission survived, by either escaping themselves or being saved by Thorton, then there is a possibility that Steven Heck will betray Thorton at the end of this mission, by framing him as Sung's assassin. For that to happen his reputation must be -1 or less. Without the first two conditions met, or with a reputation of at least 0, Heck will not betray Thorton.

Consequences in Following Missions[]

  • If you spare Deng, he will offer you Dossier Secret Fact on Scarlett Lake later in the game during Infiltrate Alpha Protocol. It is accessed by selecting Download PDA when you get a chance to contact Alan Parker.
  • Scarlet may comment differently during Infiltrate Alpha Protocol depending on your choice between stopping riots and saving Sung's life. If you download the PDA during that mission, Sung will be mentioned in the objective text, if he is alive.


You can earn the Always Listening perk (5% Intel Discount from all sources) in this mission by listening to Ronald Sung's speech to the end. It can be achieved by avoiding fighting Omen Deng at the start of his boss fight, and just hiding from him and waiting.

If Steven Heck does not betray you, then after the last conversation with him and in the ending news, there will be a TV report about the assassin named "Wen Shu". Wen Shu is the man who was tortured by Heck when you first met him.

The Armor Mod pickup in the 2nd building accessed during the Exit Gardens objective is a random drop that spawns a high quality mod that is currently not in your possession. This is a possible location for a rare, but not very good mod Steel Pocket Inserts (+10 Endurance, Reduces Ammo Carrying Capacity). The only notable thing about it is that it cannot be bought from any vendor in the Clearinghouse. This is one of the few places in the game where you can obtain it.


PS3 & Xbox 360: When heading into the final showdown with Omen Deng, sometimes the last zipline (the one Omen Deng and his three guards slide down before he disappears through the doorway) won't give you the option of using it. Loading the last checkpoint doesn't fix the problem. It seems that only restarting from the checkpoint outside the Memorial Entrance or from the beginning of the mission fixes this bug. You can also try to fix it by restarting from the checkpoint and making sure none of the enemies besides Deng use the zipline, by going loud instead of using stealth. It seems that zipline becomes inactive when used by the AI.