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Sniper Rifle Dead Drop is an intel you can buy in the Clearinghouse. It leaves a sniper rifle to shoot against the enemy.


These are the missions that have the intel.


Bug Al-Samad Airfield[]

Darcy's contact will, for a price, leave a precision rifle in a pre-arranged location in Al-Samad's airfield, for use in your mission.

Investigate Weapon Shipments[]

Sniper Rifle Dead Drop. For a small fee, a courier can be hired to leave a rifle stashed on the scene for you to use.

Selling Message[]

Intel Purchase Confirmation

Sniper Rifle Dead Drop


  • $800 - Bug Al-Samad Airifield
  • $1500 - Investigate Weapon Shipments

Bug Al-Samad Airfield[]


A 'buddy' of mine says he can have a dead drop in place for you at the airfield. I was thinking... Precision rifle with suppressor? Eh? I figure hardware like that is too heavy and noisy to lug to the mission... And while you should be 'stealthy' and shit like that, I figured there's a chance you'd need to resort to violence and so I was thinking: Big Rifle For Mikey, Let me know if you're down, I figure we'll send my buddy funds for the rifle and the labor of toting the thing there.


Investigate Weapon Shipments[]

Wanted: Reliable courier to deliver a dead drop parcel. Potential risk (and suitable compensation) invovled


E-mail Message[]

Bug Al-Samad Airfield[]

Good choice Mikey - kill some folks for me. I'll have my contact radio me the final position of the drop and update your map.

Happy Hunting,


Investigate Weapons Shipments[]

Your payment has cleared and I'm headed out to deliver the parcel now. Give me a few hours and our parcel will be in place at the train station.