Sniper Rifle Dead Drop is an intel you can buy in the Clearinghouse. It leaves a sniper rifle to shoot against the enemy.

Missions Edit

These are the missions that have the intel.

Description Edit

Bug Al-Samad Airfield Edit

Darcy's contact will, for a price, leave a precision rifle in a pre-arranged location in Al-Samad's airfield, for use in your mission.

Investigate Weapon Shipments Edit

Sniper Rifle Dead Drop. For a small fee, a courier can be hired to leave a rifle stashed on the scene for you to use.

Selling Message Edit

Intel Purchase Confirmation

Sniper Rifle Dead Drop

Price: Edit

  • $800 - Bug Al-Samad Airifield
  • $1500 - Investigate Weapon Shipments

Bug Al-Samad Airfield Edit


A 'buddy' of mine says he can have a dead drop in place for you at the airfield. I was thinking... Precision rifle with suppressor? Eh? I figure hardware like that is too heavy and noisy to lug to the mission... And while you should be 'stealthy' and shit like that, I figured there's a chance you'd need to resort to violence and so I was thinking: Big Rifle For Mikey, Let me know if you're down, I figure we'll send my buddy funds for the rifle and the labor of toting the thing there.


Investigate Weapon Shipments Edit

Wanted: Reliable courier to deliver a dead drop parcel. Potential risk (and suitable compensation) invovled


E-mail Message Edit

Bug Al-Samad Airfield Edit

Good choice Mikey - kill some folks for me. I'll have my contact radio me the final position of the drop and update your map.

Happy Hunting,


Investigate Weapons Shipments Edit

Your payment has cleared and I'm headed out to deliver the parcel now. Give me a few hours and our parcel will be in place at the train station.


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