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The Sniper Rifle is a long ranged weapon, designed to eliminate enemies from a vast distance. The addition of a silencer and the careful selection of hostiles will result in undetected kills. The Sniper Rifle found in Alpha Protocol is based on the real life M40A3 rifle.

In terms of gameplay, the sniper rifle is an emplaced weapon that sometimes can be purchased under the intel section of Clearinghouse for specific missions and will be deployed in a strategic location for a fee. It can also be found without paying anyone under extremely rare circumstances. The weapon itself is a silenced bolt action rifle with three levels of magnification (tap the aim button to cycle through zoom levels) and can kill virtually any opponent with a single shot to virtually any location on their body. Certain NPCs such as Scarlet Lake or Sean Darcy will utilize a sniper rifle in combat. The former is regarded by Michael Thorton as one of the most lethal assassins in the world.

Known infamously to be unusable on PC.