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Slush Fund is one of the e-mail you receive when you arrive at Saudi Arabia and it is your first e-mail where you download the money given to you.


From: Mina Tang

To: Mike Thorton


I guessing Westridge already gave you the lecture about using agency funds on high-profile assassination missions. Aside from what's in your safehouse, you'll have to make use of whatever you can borrow, swipe or steal. If you need supplies, try the Clearinghouse - it's a black market Internet exchange. There's a seller there named Mongoose who should be able to provide you with the basics while you're in Saudi Arabia.

And speaking of stealing...a contact of mine in the U.S. government just dug up an Al-Samad slush fund buried in a Jordanian bank account. I've enclosed the login credential and password in an attachment. Just download the data and a self-extracting executable will transfer the funds your way. An do it soon, before the government amateurs finish filing the proper paperwork to seize the account for themselves.

Keep an eye out for any other funds you can abscond during your mission. We're not worried about journalists and investigators following money trails in circles around the globe as long as their search never takes them to Alpha Protocol.



Gained Money: $10,000