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Situation Rep: Missile Technology is an e-mail that you could look in Graybox training mission once you hack the computer in the hallway.


From: AP Dispatch

To: #Desert Spear

Attn -

Forensics Team has completed survey of suspected firing location as predicted by triangulation models.

Good News: evidence of a ground-launched missile (would have had to have been a guided missile - no way an unguided rocket could have hit the airliner at that altitude) has been confirmed by discarded sabot and particulate matter - both of which were fired (with 99% certainty) when Flight 6133 was shot down.

Bad News: The missile sabot matches no known ground-to-air missile systems. None. There's no discernible markings, no tell-tale design marks. Sizing and composition makes it a sure bet for a NATO-built weapon... but beyond that, we can't place it. It is almost certain that this is some sort of new generation tech.