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Sis is an elite member of G22 and the bodyguard of Albatross. He states that she is a mute, as well as an orphan. She meets Michael Thorton in Moscow during Operation Blood Feud.


Most of the existing information on Codename “Sis” comes from Interpol records, ones that were isolated when a computer virus attacked their servers in 2006 and erased almost three years of evidence compiled on G22.

Sis relies on two revolvers as her favored weapons. While she is a marksman with both, she frequently needs to reload in order to keep using the weapons - assuming her first few shots do not take out a target, it is recommended that agents take advantage of the pistol's reload to subdue her.

Footage of Sis's fighting style has been captured by Interpol after an unsuccessful attempt to apprehend her in a train station in the Ukraine. Believing the G22 agent to be unarmed, Interpol attempted to subdue her, but discovered they were unable to get close enough to Sis to land a strike - her small size and agility allowed her an incredible advantage in taking cover, using the station pillars, trains, and even passengers at the station to avoid apprehension and escape easily.

Sis' locket is more than just a childhood memento, it's her only way of expressing her current place in the world… and her fear of what it holds in store for her, Albatross, and G22. The fact she relinquished the locket shows considerable trust.

Secret Fact: Sis formerly carried a locket with the depiction of St. George upon it. The significance of the locket is something of a mystery, as to whether it's a memento or whether it is something of special significance to Sis.

Notable Quotes[]

— Sis
"It's Sis' locket... it's got an image of St. George on it. Guess it didn't protect her from me..."
— Michael Thorton (reflection upon interacting with her locket if the choice was made to execute her)

Interactions with Michael Thorton[]

  • Mike first meets Sis in the Assault Lazo's Yacht and Retrieve Data mission. You can choose to leave her alive or kill her. Letting her live makes Albatross increase rep with you or even offer you an alliance, should the rep be sufficiently high.
  • If you kill her, the Contact Albatross mission will never appear.
  • Sis will be the person to set you free from the medical facility at Alpha Protocol during the endgame if Albatross is your handler. Also, if your reputation is high enough with her, she will look at you, smile, and toss you a pistol.
  • To unlock her full dossier, you have to spare her and, on the Contact Albatross mission, talk to Albatross about the locket. This will reduce your reputation with him (since it is a touchy subject) but will increase your reputation with Sis.
  • Even if the player kills Sis, it is still possible to side with Albatross and gain the support of G22 in Moscow. The Contact Albatross mission will not be available, however, he will interrupt Mikes debrief with Mina, and offer an alliance.

Mission Appearances[]

A mission listed in italics means that mission does not need to be completed to complete a full playthrough. The word (Determinant) means this character may possibly appear in that mission if the correct conditions are met.




  • You can go through a playthrough without ever meeting her (the same is true for Albatross).
  • Some of Sis's actions are arguably a playful flirtation towards Mike and could suggest an attraction towards him.
  • She is the only female character that cannot be romanced.
  • Like Madison Saint James, Sis' reputation can only reach a low level (a +2), although a negative reputation with Sis is not possible.


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