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Since the agency spends all its money on secercy and not enough on guns... is one of the e-mail you receive when you arrived at Saudi Arabia Safehouse. This is the first email to introduce a new dealer in a region.


From: Sean Darcy

To: Mike Thorton

Hey Mikey,

If you need supplies, I have a contact that should suffice. His name's Murad and he's a shameless mercenary of an arms dealer unafraid to peddle any weapon to whoever offers cash. And I mean that in the nicest way - a lot of locals would just as soon blow up anyone from a NATO country but Murad shows that capitalism beats racism and xenophobia any day of the week.

Have you visited the Clearinghouse yet? Well, I've made sure you're patched in to Murad's selective short list. When you log in, you'll see what he has for sale.


-Sean D