Alpha Protocol Wiki

The service record is where you manage all of Mike's stats. Mike's current appearance is shown along with his current XP, the XP goal to reach the next rank and a few other things of note.

The first page is where you can review skills and spend AP on new skills.

The second page is a list of the perks Mike has earned during his current career.

The last page is a list of game stats including:

  • Weapon most used
  • Time played
  • Enemies defeated with each weapon type
  • Alarms raised
  • Shots fired with each weapon type
  • Total enemies killed
  • Total enemies knocked out
  • Accuracy with each weapon type
  • and so on.

This page has no in game relevance but is mostly for the player's knowledge and could be used to keep track if working towards certain perks, trophies or achievements.