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Sean Darcy is a very gifted technical agent for Alpha Protocol. He has a gruff attitude, and has a disregard for rules and procedures. Darcy has a long list of Middle Eastern contacts that he brought with him when he joined Alpha Protocol. As a technical agent, Darcy provides surveillance equipment to wiretap the enemy.


Pre-Alpha Protocol Events[]

Sean Darcy have worked with the CIA and was known for being expert at gadgets and being the best technical agent. However, he have been rarely at field work. His work at CIA and Alpha Protocol is disrupted by his father to make Sean watched which prevent him to attend field work. His father, Senator Darcy have a sour relations between themselves and the presidential race makes the relations worse. During his time in Alpha Protocol, he tries to flirt with Mina but fails.

Alpha Protocol Events[]

Sean Darcy is met with Michael Thorton, a new agent recruited recently and act as his technical instructor. He also act as rival against the new agent for affections for Mina Tang. During Operation Desert Spear, he acts as the handler for the mission to investigate the detention camp of Al-Samad and introduces Murad, an arms dealer in Saudi Arabia. When Mike gone rogue, he either tell Mike to surrender or warn him that he will hunt him down.


Sean Darcy graduated from Camp Perry and has been with the CIA until the last two years. During his career with the CIA, he was marked as one of the agency's most gifted technical agents. His proficiency with electronics and surveillance equipment earned the respect of many of his superiors, but did little to advance his career in hands-on field work.

Darcy's career within Alpha Protocol hasn't prevented him from being sidelined from hands-on field work. To make matters worse, Darcy's position at the CIA and again at Alpha Protocol has been made "extra safe" at the request of his father, Senator Patrick Darcy.

Darcy's lack of actual combat experience has caused him to resort "distance take-downs" out of habit. He will seed an area with traps or explosives to subdue or take out a target, then letting squads of soldiers or others at the scene take down an enemy. This has been a key part of his established training sessions against recruits, and Darcy is likely to instinctively fall back on the same tactics if meeting an opponent in the field.

Secret Fact: His father's interference in Darcy's career has caused some friction between the two. His father's upcoming bid for the presidency is a sore point with his son, and Darcy himself has negatively remarked on his father's presidential aspirations.

Interactions with Michael Thorton[]

  • Sean Darcy administers the orientation test for the use of grenades and gadgets. He also offers a "bonus round" challenge if a score of 100 or higher is obtained. The challenge will be a test to see if Michael Thorton can disable three alarms by tampering with the electronic pads while waves of Graybox guards storm in to attack him. Michael Thorton is given access to a supply of gadgets (shock traps and radio mimics) and is given the opportunity to set traps using these gadgets before each wave enters. The challenge is impossible to fail and will result in a $25,000 reward.
  • Darcy is a handler for the mission Investigate Jizan Weapon Stockpile, after which he will send an e-mail to Michael Thorton complimenting him on his actions.
  • Darcy sends an e-mail to Michael Thorton once Thorton has been betrayed by Alpha Protocol and branded a rogue agent. The e-mail will either be a warning that he will find and kill Thorton (if a negative reputation is held) or an offer to Thorton to turn himself in and be spared any harm.
  • Darcy will attempt to kill Michael Thorton once Thorton enters the practice grounds of the Graybox facility. This happens regardless of the player's reputation with Darcy.

Handler Bonus[]

Relationship Bonus Effect Description
Liked Tech Savvy II Gadget Damage +20% With Darcy watching your back, you have the advice of a trained tech specialist at your disposal. His guidance will improve the effectiveness of your technological weapons.
Neutral Tech Savvy Gadget Damage +10% Darcy may have an attitude, but he knows his tech. With him in charge of the mission, you'll get the most out of your ordnance.
Neutral (Negative) Who's the Better Agent? Endurance +5 Knowing that your death would imply Darcy might have been a better choice to go on the mission, your resolve is strengthened.
Disliked Who's the Better Agent? II Endurance +10 Your will to live is strengthened by the knowledge that dying would make Darcy happy. That can't happen - not at any cost.


  • Darcy had at some point taken a liking to Mina Tang, flirting with her and ignoring her disinterest and rejections to the point where she considers it harassment. This attraction starts a jealousy on Darcy's part when Michael Thorton joins Alpha Protocol. This can be seen at an e-mail of a laptop after Mike hacks into it in the introduction mission.



Gadget Orientation

Gadget Orientation. First meeting with Darcy

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