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Saudi Arabia Safehouse is a safehouse provided to Agent Michael Thorton by Alpha Protocol for his stay in the Middle Eastern hub during Operation Desert Spear.

It is both a location within the game - being one of the five safehouses, and a brief mission introducing the player to the new (and first) mission hub Saudi Arabia.

When you click on the Exit the safehouse door (or go through your intel page) to leave the safehouse, you will see a list of missions you can do. The ones that are marked with the Alpha symbol are point of no return missions. Be sure to do all the non-marked missions first, if you choose, before the Alpha symbol marked ones. The only safehouse hub that does not have the mark that leads to of point of no return mission is at the Alpha Protocol Safehouse at the end of the game. See that page for more details.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Miscellaneous events[]

You will receive a briefing from Westridge as soon as you arrive in Saudi Arabia. You have the opportunity to influence your reputation during this conversation.

Westridge- First dialogue option

  • Mission? - (+1) reputation with Westridge
  • Joking - (-1) reputation with Westridge
  • Professional - Nothing
  • Turn off Video Conference - (-1) reputation with Westridge (ends conversation).

Unlocked Dossier - Nasri

Westridge- Second dialogue option

  • Next - Nothing
  • Casual - Nothing
  • Intel - Nothing
  • Turn off Video Conference - (-1) reputation with Westridge (ends conversation).

Westridge- Third dialogue option

  • Full Assault - Nothing
  • Support - (-1) reputation with Westridge, expands Sean Darcy's dossier if orientations were skipped
  • Intel - Nothing
  • Turn off Video Conference - (-1) reputation with Yancy Westridge (ends conversation).

Westridge- Fourth dialogue option

  • Weapons - (+1) reputation with Westridge
  • Unimpressed - Nothing
  • Security - Nothing
  • Turn off Video Conference - (-1) reputation with Westridge (ends conversation).

Westridge- Fifth dialogue option

  • Irritated - Nothing
  • Cheap - Nothing
  • Understood - (+1) reputation with Westridge

Access Safehouse Computer[]

Find the computer and use it to access email and the clearinghouse. You can access email "Slush Fund" from Mina. Press download, and you will get $10,000 Funds. You can reply to "Your Cover Email" from Mina to get some reputation with her. There are other emails with information to read.

Clearinghouse is your online shop. You may buy weapons, armor, add-ons, gadgets, and intel in there. As the game progresses and you mean new dealers of weapons, intel, and goods, you will be able to buy more.

Access Weapons Locker[]

Find the weapons locker disguised as an armoire and use it to set your weapon and equipment loadout.

Turn on TV[]

Turn on the TV to listen to the news. Reports regarding previous missions will start to appear as you progress.

Proceed to next mission[]

Exit the front door or use the missions screen to select your first mission.


This is where you received the email initially and through out the missions.

Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer[]

Bug Al-Samad Airfield[]

Investigate Jizan Weapon Stockpile[]