Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, known as The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), is a country in the Middle East rich with oil. It is the world's leading contributor in the oil trade, and is one of the richest countries in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia is one of many hubs in in Alpha Protocol. Michael Thorton is sent here from The Graybox on Operation Desert Spear. This operation is a mission to recover American Halbech missiles stolen and used to shoot down an American passenger airliner plane over the country's airspace by Al-Samad, and to either assassinate or arrest Al-Samad's leader, Ali Shaheed. An Alpha Protocol safehouse is already established in the country by the time of 2010 (Alpha Protocol's setting), and is ready for the secret agent to use as his base of operations. The area is also host to numerous illegal weapon dealings, including arms dealers who operate through the dark web such as Murad, Mongoose, as well as a dangerous and ruthless associate of Al-Samad and a target of Alpha Protocol, Omar Mohammed bin Nasri. Michael Thorton is also advised to pursue Nasri as a lead into his investigation into Al-Samad.

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