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Ronald Sung is the president of Taiwan and has been targeted for assassination.


A career politician, Ronald Sung's pro-independence politics have made many powerful people very nervous. Many other presidents have talked about declaring Taiwan an independent nation from China in the past, but none have gone as far as declaring it, as the act would likely provoke an invasion from China. Sung, however, seems set in his plans to do so, and the fact that his support still holds strong has caused international attention as diplomats and other politicians wonder of Sung will win - and if he'll go so far as to follow through with his promises.

Sung has natural charisma, able to captivate an audience just by improvising, but reports are quick to point out that he tends to be calculating with everything he does. Even when telling lies, he is able to project the force of truth, either through his tone or by channeling his patriotism. He does like the prestige and status of his current role, but he is ultimately pursuing independence for his country, whatever the consequences. Unsubstantiated reports link him to the formation of a Taiwanese independence movement called the True Heirs, and suggest that he has one or more highly-placed double agent in the PRC's government. Sung believes that, despite any retaliation or political fallout, he will go down in history as a great patriot and savior of his people's identity.

Secret Fact: Sung not only is aware of Omen Deng's presence in Taiwan, but the two of them are allies. Sung has served as Deng's surrogate father since Deng was an infant; his placement with the Chinese Secret Police is part of a long-term stratagem to place a Taiwanese pro-independence agent within the People's Republic's secret intelligence services.

Interactions with Mike Thorton[]

Mike can save the president (he will be shot but survives due to him wears a bulletproof vest) or let him be killed.

After the Intercept Assassination Plans mission, you have to choose between saving the information on the assassination or on the riots:

  • Select the assassination info and Sung will not die but the riots will kill people.
  • Select the riot information and Sung will die but the riots aren't going to happen.

If you place taps at the CIA in Rome, you will later get an intercept noting the precise death count, but this doesn't provide any real penalties other than some loss of reputation with Omen Deng and the fact that you will not get the option to leak the Alpha Protocol data to Sung and Deng during the final mission.

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