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This page is a dedicated walkthrough on how to romance the women in Alpha Protocol.


Michael Thorton has the option to pursue romantic involvement with some of the women he encounters in his travels. These encounters are entirely player's choice, and the chance to pursue them is presented only if a high enough reputation is held with each woman.

Potential Romances[]

Scarlet Lake[]

When you first meet her, she will act slightly flirty; a Suave answer as the first you say to her will increase your rep, but ultimately she likes professionalism. Further suave dialogue will result in possible loses of reputation. During your first meeting, answering her last question with "Friendly" will net you a -1 to her approval rating. She likes people who appreciate her hidden talents, and don't just take an interest in her for her stunning looks.

One sure way of raising your rep with her is to send her your memos of "intel/story plot" that you uncover (rather than sell to the black market or blackmail with it). However, it is possible to get to Friendship (10 reputation) and still get 2/3 of the memos after this.

It is advised to either sell these to the black market/Halbech since this yields more funds as a reward, or to save them up if you do make a comment in later missions which causes your reputation with her to fall.

After all three main hubs are completed, in the Greece Safehouse, you can choose to go visit her (it's a mission). There, if you handle the conversation well enough, she will ask you to spend the night with her at the end of it.

In the final mission, you can save her from the room where she's being locked and questioned. You can then let her leave, or ally with her (who will replace your current handler and give you a bonus to damage in assault rifles and pistols). Note that at one stage, the mission will make you choose between going to save Mina's life, or helping her and go after the enemies. If you opt to go save Mina, Scarlet will still survive but she won't ride off into the sunset with you.

There is also the possibility to entirely circumvent the interrogation room, in which case you will not encounter Scarlet throughout the mission at all. one exception on this is if you decide to spare Leland, if you do this Scarlet will appear on the scene Protecting Leland. You can then still persuade her to choose your side if your reputation is high enough, but the only thing that this accomplishes is that she will shoot Leland, and she will still not be seen in the final scene.

Mina Tang[]

Mina appreciates when you get to the point quickly in dialogue (Professional stance) when it's time for action, yet likes you to be gentle and empathizing with her (Suave stance) when she is feeling down. She does not, however, appreciate crude/sexual comments made to her or in front of her at all. When you first meet her, suave stance will net you disapproval.

She generally appreciates professional responses to her e-mails, even though she'll like humor on occasion, for example if you suggest that Darcy get sent to Siberia and raped by polar bears (Suave stance).

As you reach trusted reputation, she will start lightly flirting with you. At 10 (max) reputation, she will send you an e-mail with a sexual double-entendre. If you offer to do something about the sexual tension between the two of you, she will agree to do it when the ordeal is over. After the three main hubs are finished, she will meet you in the last safehouse. There, you have the option to interrupt the conversation and kiss her. Assuming that her approval is high enough, she will then have sex with you. You reputation with her can go down after the e-mail, as long as she is still trusted she will still respond positively to the kiss. (7 reputation or higher is needed)

If you choose to save Mina in the final mission, and succeed to escape on the boat, she will flee the location with Mike, and the final scene suggests that they stay together, at least for some time. She will be on the boat at the end even if you won't have sex with her but be very friendly.


SIE likes you to play hard to get in dialogue (Aggressive stance). She won't like it if you express too much of an interest in her. Although she doesn't express much appreciation for rescuing her in Moscow, she will thank you for it (+2 rep). She hates Conrad Marburg so she'll be very happy if you kill him. She'll also be more appreciative of you, the more noise and mayhem you cause.

If you choose to save Madison, SIE will stop helping you unless you already have high reputation.

At the start of the final mission, if you've chosen her as your handler and she likes you enough, she'll have sex with you. She'll provide support throughout the rest of the mission. Choosing to save Mina and/or Scarlet will not have any effect on your "relationship".

Unfortunately, even though SIE is impatiently waiting for you on the boat at the end, you don't see her as you ride off into the sunset, nor is she mentioned in the final debrief.

Madison Saint James[]

Your first few exchanges of dialogue with Madison should stay Professional. This seems to provide her some comfort as she wades into the uncertain world of international espionage. By the time she comes home with you, you can safely begin flirting with her (Suave stance) and she will generally respond favorably (or at least with won't be discouraged). When infiltrating Conrad Marburg's villa, you can choose to have Madison be your handler. This will give you a +1 Reputation with her, though it will result in a -1 penalty with Mina. It's not too hard to regain Mina's favor in later hubs though so don't sweat it. Eventually you will return home and Madison will offer to bandage your wounds. Accept the offer (Suave stance). She doesn't actually bandage you, but you get credit for opening up to her. Resist the temptation to choose the Dossier option. She doesn't reveal anything useful, and you miss the +1 rep you would have gotten by accepting her offer. Later still you will return home and be given a choice to let Madison sleep or check in on her. If all goes well, checking in on her will result in an intimate encounter after some dialogue. Just keep using Suave stance. As long as you're not dismissive or cold toward her you should have no trouble with her. It's possible to have the intimate encounter with only a Reputation of 3 with her. However, Madison is only a temporary love interest of Mike's, and cannot appear in the final cutscene with the boat. In the final mission of the Rome story branch, where Madison is met, Conrad Marburg forces Michael to choose between saving Madison's life and stopping the terrorist attack, following up on his word by killing Madison before Mike's own eyes when he disarms the bombs. If Thorton chooses to save Madison, the terrorist attack goes off as planned, and Madison disappears soon after, leaving behind her hairband as a memento, and a video recording where she tells Mike that he should have stopped the bombs and spared the lives of innocents; despite her strong feelings for him, she's leaving to make sure Mike's feelings don't get in the way of the mission again.


  • Madison is the easiest character to romance, although this is likely because her part in the game's story is the shortest.
  • SIE has the most explicit sex scene.
  • Certain game trailers and certain concept art portray Scarlet Lake as Michael's main romantic interest. A scene in one of the development trailers shows a woman with long, red hair at the Greece Safehouse, naked and lying in bed waiting for Michael Thorton. In the final game, however, the woman at the safehouse isn't Scarlet, but rather Mina Tang.