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Retrieve NSB Data from Grand Hotel is one of the missions in the Taipei hub.


Using your team of Steven Heck, Scarlet Lake, and Mina Tang, the player will steal information from the NSB.

Available intel[]

Intel Type Source Cost Description
Additional On-Site Acquisition
Heck Enterprises
$4,000 Heck knows a man at the Grand Hotel that will, for the right price, 'accidentally' leave some valuables out in the open for you.
Mission Information Anonymous $4,000 Bonus Objective in the Infiltrate Grand Hotel mission. An anonymous informant will sell you information on a valuable target that will be at the hotel the same time as you.
Security Information Anonymous $1,100 Mission map of the Grand Hotel. For a small fee, a surveillance company will provide you with a detailed map of the famous Grand Hotel, including any security features it might have that aren't common knowledge.
Guard Reassignments Hong Shi $2,250 Pay Hong Shi to manipulate the hotel's scheduling. Will not be available if Hong Shi does not like the player. Effect: less experienced guards on duty.

NOTE: The pre-mission details will reflect reduced hotel scheduling when you purchase the Security Information intel. The objective will show up as normal.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

When you start the mission you will place a call to Scarlet from the safehouse. During this conversation you will have the opportunity to influence your reputation with her.

  • Aggressive (first Aggressive node)
  • Suave (first Suave node) Scarlet +1
  • Professional (first Professional node)
  • Aggressive (second Aggressive node)
  • Evasive (second Suave node)
  • Honest (second Professional node)

Once you reach the hotel you will engage in a briefing with Mina, Heck, and Scarlet. Your dialog choices will influence your reputation with them.

  • Ruthless (first Aggressive node) Steven +1
  • Inspiring (first Suave node) Scarlet +1
  • Discreet (first Professional node) Steven -1
  • Aggressive (second Aggressive node) Steven +1
  • Subtle (second Suave node) Steven -1
  • No Casualties (second Professional node) Steven -1
  • Impatient (third Aggressive node)
  • Flirtatious (third Suave node) Mina -1, Scarlet -1
  • Professional (third Professional node) Scarlet +1
  • Tactics (fourth Aggressive node)
  • Flirtatious (fourth Suave node) Scarlet -1
  • Coordinate (fourth Professional node)

After the briefing you will start the mission in your hotel room.

12 total objectives. Please note that this guide is written for stealth-based characters, as run-n'-gunners have virtually no need for strategies.

Rendezvous with Heck[]

Meet Steven Heck in the security offices.

Pick up the ammo in your hotel room's bathroom. Advance along the hallway and use use the elevator to meet up with Steven Heck.

Also each guard killed in this area will hurt your reputation with Mina (-1)

Beating them down is OK however

Obtain Map[]

Find a map of the NSB conference floor.

As soon as the door opens you'll have only about two seconds to take down the guard before he figures out what Heck is doing (Use the "Silent Running" Skill if possible). Afterwards sneak around the guards while Heck distracts them and take them down (Non-Lethally of course). There are three computers to hack; one turns of the cameras, one is your objective, while the last one is NSB dossier. There are also numerous locked gates containing ammo and weapon mods.

Money: $5,000 (in room across from central security office)

Weapon Mod (in room across from central security office)

Weapon Mod (in room across from central security office)

Weapon Mod (in central security office)

Money: $5,000 (in room on left before leaving the security offices)

Dossier: NSB (hack computer in room on left before leaving the security offices)

XP: 100

Rendezvous with Scarlet[]

Meet Scarlet by the restrooms on the penthouse level.

Now just exit through the door on the opposite corner of where you entered and climb the stairwell. Scarlet is on the fourteenth floor and in a mini-hallway.

On your way up the stairs Scarlet will contact you and you will have the opportunity to influence your reputation with her.

  • Impatient (first Aggressive node) Scarlet -1
  • Joking (first Suave node)
  • Grateful (first Professional node)
  • Mission (second Aggressive node)
  • Blind Date (second Suave node)
  • Access (second Professional node) Scarlet +1

After the conversation you will automatically complete the Acquire Photo optional objective. Continue on until you come to the door with Scarlet behind it.

XP: 100

Obtain Badge[]

Obtain a badge to gain access to the VIP elevator to the conference room floor.

Do a 180 and exit the way you entered and ascend one more flight of stairs. Completing the Frame Halbech Rep optional objective will effectively get rid of three guards and the Halbech rep making the next section much easier. To do so bypass the keypad on the right to gain access the hotel's security database. There is a safe hidden behind the painting, and hacking the computer with complete the objective netting you 75 xp.

Money: $10,000 (in safe behind painting) (Bonus Objective - requires "Anonymous Informant" Intel)

Exit through the door opposite move along the walkway to take down the last guard and enter the Halbech rep's room. Hack the laptop at the mini-bar (for incriminating Halbech data), crack the safe in the bathroom (for $5,000 and Halbech data), and finally grab the keycard on the bedside table.

XP: 100

Reach Conference[]

Use the VIP elevator to reach the conference floor.

Go down a floor to the bar area, collect the money roll on the counter, and exit through the elevator.

Money: $5,000

XP: 125

Acquire NSB Intel[]

Hack into the NSB security database to download intelligence on potential threats to President Sung.

Advance along the hallway and pick the locked door on the left, make two rights and enter the conference hall. Grab the brief case by the screen, then wait until the guards are all turned away to strike. Now just hack the computer and you're home free.

Money: $5,000 (in room with projector next to room with the NSB laptop)

XP: 250

Dossier: Omen Deng (after accessing the NSB database)

Dossier: Ronald Sung (after accessing the NSB database)


Escape the Grand Hotel via the service elevator.

Once in the lobby, take cover behind the guardrail as four guards form up to shoot you. Just wait and Steven Heck will come flying out of nowhere and throw an incendiary grenade at them (He will however use flashbangs if you tell him to use non-lethal force). Just run behind the concierge desk and through the doors to the service elevator (there's ammo in the fenced off area) to end the mission.

XP: 150

Reputation: Steven Heck +2 (if you deleted his record in the NSB database)
Reputation: Steven Heck -2 (if you did not delete his record in the NSB database)

After the mission back at the safehouse Heck will contact you in a kind of debrief. Choosing the Cocky (Aggressive) answer will increase your reputation with him by +1.

Disable Lockdown[]

Find a way to disable the security lockdown so you can download the NSB intelligence files.

(Only if you deleted Heck's file) on the 2nd floor of the lobby over the bar area. Hack a computer to turn off lockdown. Don't forget to pick the locked fence gate for some ammo!

XP: 100

Optional Objectives[]

Acquire Photo[]

Collect a photo of the Halbech representative to frame him with.

This is automatically completed when you meet up with Scarlet.

XP: 75

Frame Halbech Rep[]

Frame the Halbech representative to distract security and create an opening.

Do a 180 from where you met Scarlet and exit the way you entered. Ascend one more flight of stairs, and bypass the keypad on the right to gain access the hotel's security database. There is a safe hidden behind the painting with $10,000, and hacking the computer will effectively get rid of three guards and the Halbech rep.

XP: 75

Halbech Intel[]

New Halbech intel discovered.

Hack the computer in the Halbech rep's room (It's on the Mini-Bar).

XP: 75

Erase Heck's Record[]

Repay Heck by clearing his record from the NSB database.

Simply activate the NSB laptop a second time after hacking it to complete this. It will automatically trigger an alarm, spawn two Hotel Security Guards outside the conference hall, and instantly gain you +1 Reputation with Steven but will lose -1 Reputation with Mina later. Bear in mind that using Radio Mimic will not deactivate the alarm, as it will automatically reactivate immediately afterwards, even after you complete Disable Lockdown.

When completing the escape objective, your reputation will get a +/- 2 adjustment, depending on whether you erased his files or not.

Dossier: Steven Heck Secret Fact (after erasing Heck's record)

XP: 50

Reputation: Steven Heck +1

Reputation: Mina Tang -1 (just before disabling the security lockdown)

You can avoid losing reputation if you quickly shoot all 3 guards at the bottom of the stairs with tranquilizers rounds before Steven throw an incendiary bomb at them, Chain shot is recommended. It can also be avoided by specifically telling Steven not to kill civilians during the briefing at the start of the mission, in which case he'll throw a flashbang grenade at the guards instead.

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

Consequences in Following Missions[]

Henry Leland will comment differently, depending on whether or not you killed any civilians.


Killing any of the Hotel Security Guards, NSB Operatives or the Halbech Representative will net you -1 Reputation with Mina Tang as they are civilians.

Hard difficulty: Hacking the cameras and bypassing circuits here is harder than most (between 10 and 15 circuits), so unless you're maxed out in your Sabotage Skill; try to EMP or ignore them (remote hack needed to hack a camera). The same is true for the locks here. Most of the computer hacks here are still easy, but the code moves very fast.