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Retrieve NSB Data from Grand Hotel is a mission from the Operation True Heirs set in Taipei.


With a ragtag team of Steven Heck, Scarlet Lake, and Mina Tang, Michael Thorton attempts to steal information on Ronald Sung's assassination from the NSB, who are stationed inside the Grand Hotel in Taipei.

Available intel[]

Intel Type Source Price Description
Additional On-Site Acquisition Heck Enterprises $4,000 Heck knows a man at the Grand Hotel that will, for the right price, 'accidentally' leave some valuables out in the open for you.
Mission Information Anonymous $4,000 Bonus Objective in the Infiltrate Grand Hotel mission. An anonymous informant will sell you information on a valuable target that will be at the Hotel the same time as you.
Security Information Anonymous $1,100 Mission map of the Grand Hotel. For a small fee, a surveillance company will provide you with a detailed map of the famous Grand Hotel, including any security features it might have that aren't common knowledge.
Guard Reassignments Hong Shi $2,250 Pay Hong Shi to manipulate the Hotel's scheduling. Will not be available if Hong Shi does not like the player. Effect: less experienced guards on duty.
  • Guard Reassignments will only be available if you met Hong Shi and either haven't completed Assault Triad Headquarters in Slums yet, or if you completed it, didn't blackmail him and have neutral or positive reputation with him.
  • (BUG): The descriptions of the bought intel will be displayed incorrectly in the pre-mission screen. For example, Mission Information will show the description of Guard Reassignments. However, the intel itself should produce the effect that is listed in the Clearinghouse.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Please note that this guide is written for stealth-based characters, as combat-focused characters need no special strategies here. Since this mission is one of six that can be done in full stealth for the One with the Shadows perk/achievement/trophy, we will focus on that instead.

For a full stealth style it is highly recommended to stock up on EMP grenades (with 3 or even 4 slots), as there will be a lot of devices to hack, some of them of very high difficulty. Even with maxed out Sabotage skill it can be tough to perfectly hack all devices without raising an alarm.

Note that each guard killed, including those killed by Steven Heck in the Hotel lobby during the escape, will hurt your reputation with Mina by -1. Non-lethal neutralizations are fine, however.

Starting Conversations[]

When you start the mission you will place a call to Scarlet Lake from the safehouse, asking her for assistance.

  1. Scarlet Lake - 1st dialogue
    • Aggressive
    • Suave - Scarlet +1
    • Professional
  2. Scarlet Lake - 2nd dialogue
    • Aggressive
    • Evasive
    • Honest

At the Hotel you will engage in a briefing with Steven, Scarlet, and Mina.

If you don't want Heck to kill civilians, be sure to pick the "No Casualties" response in the 2nd dialogue when speaking to him. The first response to him does not affect his "combat tactics".

  1. Michael Thorton
    • Ruthless - Steven +1
    • Inspiring - Scarlet +1
    • Discreet - Steven -1
  2. Steven Heck - 1st dialogue
    • Aggressive - Steven +1
    • Subtle
    • No Casualties - Steven -1 (you only lose reputation here when you have a positive reputation with Heck)
  3. Scarlet Lake - 1st dialogue
    • Impatient
    • Flirtatious - Mina -1, Scarlet -1
    • Professional - Scarlet +1
  4. Mina Tang - 1st dialogue
    • Tactics
    • Flirtatious - Mina -1
    • Coordinate

After the briefing you will start the mission in your Hotel room.

Rendezvous with Heck[]

Meet Steven Heck in the security offices.

Pick up the ammo in your bathroom. Advance along the hallway and use use the elevator to meet up with Heck.

Obtain Map[]

Find a map of the NSB conference floor.

As soon as the elevator doors open Steven Heck will attack a police guard, and then start attacking the two others patrolling the halls; then leave once they are neutralized. If you want, you can attempt to get to them before he does. Shadow Operative + Silent Running will allow you to intercept them both before Heck kills them. There are three computers to hack here: one turns of the cameras, one is your objective, while the last one is NSB dossier. There are also numerous locked gates containing ammo and weapon mods behind them.

  • Money: $5,000 - Briefcase near the computer with Hotel map.
  • Weapon Mod - In a room across from central security office. (Only with Additional On-Site Acquisition intel.)
  • Weapon Mod - In a room across from central security office behind the fence.
  • Weapon Mod - In the central security office.
  • Money: $5,000 - Briefcase behind a locked gate.
  • Dossier: NSB - Hack the computer in a room near the exit from the security offices.
  • XP: +100

Rendezvous with Scarlet[]

Meet Scarlet by the restrooms on the penthouse level.

Now exit the security offices through the door on the opposite side of where you entered, and climb the stairwell. Scarlet is on the 14th floor. Talk with her to get the VIP card.

  1. Scarlet Lake - 1st dialogue
    • Impatient - Scarlet -1
    • Joking
    • Grateful
  2. Scarlet Lake - 2nd dialogue
    • Mission
    • Blind Date
    • Access - Scarlet +1

If Scarlet likes you (reputation +2 or more) she will also offer you a photo of the rep with an idea on how to frame him. After the conversation you will automatically complete the Acquire Photo optional objective.

  • XP: +75 - For Acquire Photo optional objective.
  • XP: +100

Obtain Badge[]

Obtain a badge to gain access to the VIP elevator to the conference room floor.

Turn around and go to 16th floor. Completing the optional Frame Halbech Rep objective here will get rid of a few guards in the lobby and the Halbech rep, making this section much easier. To do so, bypass the keypad on the right, enter the room and hack the computer to gain access to the criminal database. There is also a safe hidden behind the painting, that's only accessible with Mission Information intel.

  • Money: $10,000 - In the safe behind the painting.
  • XP: +75 - For Frame Halbech Rep bonus objective; depends on Acquire Photo optional objective.

Exit through the door and move along the walkway where the lone guard is, follow him then sneak behind his back as he reaches the end of the walkway, then enter the Halbech rep's room. Hack the laptop at the mini-bar for incriminating Halbech intel, crack the safe in the bathroom, and finally grab the badge on the bedside table.

  • XP: +75 - Complete Halbech Intel by hacking rep's laptop.
  • Dossier: Halbech Corporation
  • Halbech Data - In a safe near the bathroom sink in rep's room.
  • XP: +100 - For Obtain Badge objective.

Reach Conference[]

Use the VIP elevator to reach the conference floor.

Go down a floor to the bar area, collect the money roll on the counter, and exit through the elevator.

  • Money: $5,000 - On the bar counter.
  • XP: +125

Acquire NSB Intel[]

Hack into the NSB security database to download intelligence on potential threats to President Sung.

Advance along the hallway and pick the locked door on the left, make two rights and enter the conference hall. Grab the briefcase by the projector screen, then wait until the NSB agents are all turned away to neutralize them, or use your Sound Generator to lure them to the hallway one-by-one. Avoiding them is not an option, as the laptop will not be accessible until all of them are dealt with. Now hack the computer and complete the main objective.

  • Money: $5,000 - In the room with the projector.
  • XP: +250
  • Dossier: Omen Deng - After accessing the NSB database.
  • Dossier: Ronald Sung - After accessing the NSB database.

Erase Heck's Record[]

Repay Heck by clearing his record from the NSB database.

You can help Steven Heck for a huge reputation boost, but it will not affect his decision to betray or not betray you at the end of Taipei operation, as long as his reputation is above 0. Doing so will fail One with the Shadows, as it will trigger an alarm.

Activate the NSB laptop a second time after hacking it to complete this. It will trigger a permanent alarm, spawn two security guards outside the conference hall, and instantly gain you +1 reputation with Steven but will get you -1 reputation with Mina later. Bear in mind that using a Radio Mimic will not deactivate the alarm, as it will automatically reactivate immediately afterwards, even after you complete Disable Lockdown.

After completing the Escape objective, your reputation with Heck will get a +/-2 adjustment, depending on whether you erased his files or not.

  • Dossier Secret Fact: Steven Heck - After erasing Heck's record.
  • XP: +50
  • Steven Heck +1
  • Mina Tang -1 (just before disabling the security lockdown)


Escape the Grand Hotel via the service elevator.

If you didn't erase Heck's file, then the Hotel lobby will be quiet and you'll only have to to reach the exit through the offices on the right.

If you did, then the Hotel will be on lockdown and you'll have to disable it first.

You can avoid losing further reputation with Mina if you have specifically told Steven not to kill civilians ("No Casualties") during the briefing, in which case he'll throw a flashbang grenade at the guards and will not be capable of killing them with his pistol. If you were OK with violent methods, he'll throw an incendiary grenade instead, setting them on fire. It can be averted by quickly shooting all 3 guards at the bottom of the stairs with Chain Shot and tranquilizers.

Disable Lockdown[]

Enter the security room on the second floor to the left an hack the computer to disable the lockdown.

  • XP: +100

Once lockdown is lifted, head to the service elevator through the offices. There is no loot to collect anywhere in the lobby or the offices, except for the ammo and a mod behind fenced areas.

  • XP: +150

Reputation: Steven Heck +2 (if you erased his record in the NSB database)
Reputation: Steven Heck -2 (if you did not erase his record in the NSB database)

Back at the safehouse Heck will contact you.

  1. Steven Heck - 1st dialogue
    • Cocky - Steven +1
    • Evasive
    • Straightforward

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

  • If you blackmailed or have negative reputation with Hong Shi, you will lose access to Guard Reassignments intel for this mission.

Consequences in Following Missions[]

  • Henry Leland will offer different comments after the Intercept Assassination Plans mission based on whether or not you killed any civilians at the Hotel.