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Reputation is the game's method of telling and keeping track of your interactions with other characters. If you use certain dialogue options with certain characters they will like you more, giving you an increase in reputation. If you use dialogue that a character doesn't like you will lose reputation.

Reputation, for the most part, is gained by the choices in dialogue during conversations. Rarely, choices on what decision to make using the dialogue system will also garner a change in reputation, but mostly this never happens.


Level Rank
10 Friendship
6-9 Trusted
3-5 Liked
0-2 Neutral
(-1)-(-2) Neutral
(-3)-(-5) Disliked
(-6)-(-9) Animosity
(-10) Hated


Scarlet Lake

  • The majority of her dialogue preferences are professional, always in e-mails. Start the airplane with suave except choosing the "spy" option for additional positive reputation. When given the option, choose the "Halbech" option (professional). From then on, use only professional. Professional only works too, and using only professional with her can still give a friendship ranking. Reputation with Scarlet is also gained by sending her Halbech Data. Negative reputation with Scarlet can be gained by lying to her, praising her looks over her skills as a journalist, and by telling her to "Shut up" outright in an e-mail.

Mina Tang

  • Mina has a mix of professional and suave dialogue preferences. Start off using professional and occasionally use suave if desired for positive reputation (making occasional jokes, complimenting her, or comforting her). Aggressive dialogue often yields negative reputation (insulting, accusing, or dismissing her).


  • Only professional yields positive reputation. He hates suave and aggressive (negative reputation).


  • Talk about her locket for positive reputation using the unique stance, this will cost you reputation with Albatross however. Negative reputation cannot be gained with Sis.


  • Use only aggressive for positive reputation. Professionial and suave are met with indifference or negative reputation.

Madison Saint James

  • She likes professional, then suave for positive reputation. She hates aggressive, for negative reputation. For positive reputation when first speaking to her, use only professional. When first meeting her at the restaurant, start with professional for the first two choices in the conversation, then start using suave in majority. Aggressive yields negative reputation mostly.

Sergei Surkov

  • Only professional yields positive reputation. Suave or aggressive yield indifference or negative reputation.

Konstantin Brayko

  • Hates professional for negative reputation, indifferent to aggressive or suave.

Conrad Marburg

  • Loves professional, hates suave. If you want to kill him in Rome, you must have the suave perk, a majority of suave dialogue in general up to the end of Rome, and a very low reputation with Marburg. The professional stance yields positive reputation, negative reputation comes from responding to the first two dialogue options in the first conversation with him with either the aggressive or the suave stance. The choice to "Threaten," chosen the first time it appears in said conversation will yield -1 reputation. From then on, using the suave stance for the majority of dialogues with Marburg will lower reputation.


  • Admires professional for positive reputation, hates aggressive for negative reputation.

Sean Darcy

  • Suave for positive reputation, hates aggressive (negative reputation), indifferent to professional.

Alan Parker

  • Only professional yields positive reputation. Suave and aggressive yield negative reputation.

Yancy Westridge

  • For positive reputation, use aggressive and professional. Compliment Mina, don't act smug, and act eager about your mission for positive reputation. Suave yields negative reputation.


  • Ronald Sung is the only named, dossier character that offers no reputation no matter what you say.