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RE: That shirt looks becoming on you... is an e-mail that you could look in Graybox training mission once you hack the computer in the hallway.

Previous Message[]

Hey Mina,

I guess you didn't get my email from the other day - no big deal. Maybe we can do dinner tonight? I know the mess hall isn't exactly fine dining, but it's not like we can take a ride down the street for exquisite french cuisine. And who says cafeteria food can't be romantic? I'll save our ketchup packets and frame them for when our grandkids ask about how we met


Current Message[]

From: Mina Tang

To: Sean Darcy


Really Sean, I'm just not interested. And the whole mention of grandkids is just a little bit creepy. Perhaps I can ask Westridge what he thinks of your constant attempts at 'team building.'



This email can give hints on Darcy's stance and Mina as well.