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RE:Need some info is an e-mail that you could look in Graybox training mission once you hack the computer in the hallway.

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I need you to run some fact finding sweeps for me. I have some names I need to follow up on - home/work/social security digits - the usual rundown. See the attachment for names and leads.


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From: A.Parker

To: Sean Darcy

I've run the names you sent me and found 17 out of 18 to have merely circumstantial links... but there was one element of interest: Skip Baxter, the GOP lobbyist on the list. I found an interesting money trail on him. He collected 'reelection funds' from 16 different corporations (87.5% were within federal elections limits, the remainder were beyond the $2300 limit in place at that time) and pooled them into the True Leadership PAC fund. However, a check for the exact amount of money Baxter put in to the TLPAC fund went out on a check numbered 1016 and memoed Restoration. The check was buried internally but I found the cashed check in the records of a bank in Saudi Arabia cashed by 'Nigel Winnthrop' - while there are 193 Nigel Winnthrops in Interpol's database, that name is a known alias of Shaheed.

I will inform Westridge.