Welcome to Alpha Protocol's walkthrough.

Alpha Protocol (AP) is a unique story-driven Spy RPG. You will be playing as Michael Thorton. Recruited by a mysterious black ops agency, you will be given a mission that can prevent - or cause - a new world war.

DIALOGUE is the most important feature in AP. The dialogue system is unique, as responses are timed. Your answers are divided into 'stances': Aggressive, Suave, Professional, and sometimes an answer based on your choice of character origin: Recruit or Veteran (if you completed one game as a Recruit). 4 stances that make 4 response options in almost every dialogue.

Your answers are not just your way to interact with characters. In AP, your choices matter! Choosing one stance over another can trigger events; make characters more or less inclined to help you in the future; and keeping one stance, or a combination of stances, can give you Perks that are bonuses. Every time you play AP you can have a different experience.

To make this walkthrough easy on the eyes, all dialogue choices will be displayed in the same order. When you read the dialogue options, no matter what the words are, these will be the stances (in that order):

- Aggressive

- Suave

- Professional

- Recruit/Veteran/Special

Every dialogue in this walkthrough is displayed this way. In some cases - long dialogues, for example - the numbering and stance will be kept for easy guidance. Otherwise, for a cleaner page, the stance will be known only by the order of the answers displayed.

MISSIONS can be completed in any order. You can even leave one hub to another. Some missions can be missed if you change hubs, though. While there is no 'correct' order in AP - and changing it will give you a new experience every time you play - doing Taipei first seems to offer more benefits, as having Steven Heck as ally helps (a lot!) in Moscow's boss fight. So, that's the order displayed as a suggestion on this walkthrough: Taipei, Moscow and Rome.

If you want to know more about how missions relate to each other, see this page: Beneficial Mission Order

Now, go to the 'Graybox' page on this Wiki and start your adventure. Happy spying!

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