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Prevent Surkov's Escape is a mission from Operation Blood Feud set in Moscow. It is an optional and potentially the last mission in Moscow.


You have evidence Surkov set you up. Infiltrate his dummy corporation and confront him before he escapes.

This mission only becomes available under specific conditions:

  1. First of all, you must have either been friendly with Surkov or, if he was hostile, you haven't crippled him in Intercept Surkov at US Embassy. If you did cripple him then this mission will not unlock, regardless of other choices.
  2. You learned the truth from Konstantin Brayko about his and Surkov's roles in the smuggling operation. If you have failed to obtain Halbech data in the mansion, immediately executed him without getting him to talk about Halbech, or chosen a certain option (Dossier), then Thorton will not be aware of Surkov's betrayal.

Even if this mission is unlocked, it does not need to be completed to enter the Endgame. It will also be permanently skipped if you leave Moscow while it is available, as that will give Surkov time to escape.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Price Description
Mission Info Anonymous $10,350 Bonus objective added: a tip on targets of opportunity you may find during the mission.
Security Information Anonymous $258 A detailed map of the Molotek offices.
Dossier Grigori $4140 Dossier information on Surkov's men.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Find Surkov[]

Work your way through the building and find Surkov upstairs.

First, hack the computer terminal at the reception desk to get:

  • Weapon Mod - In the closet beside the computer mainframes.

Gather Molotek Intel (optional)[]

Hack the computer to complete this optional objective (doesn't seem to influence anything.)

  • XP: 100 (No XP without purchasing intel).
  • Money: $3,000 - In the closet near the hackable computer.
  • Money: $2,500 - On a desk, where you get informed by Mina that Surkov is trying to escape.

Head upstairs, talk with Surkov, and either agree or disagree with his terms. Agreeing ends the mission and makes him an ally, while disagreeing leads to a fight against Championchik and forces you to chase Surkov to the helipad. Disagreeing with him also gives you another chance to either kill or spare him.

The dialogue will change depending on whether Surkov was friendly or hostile to Michael during Intercept Surkov at US Embassy. His reputation in the dossier does not matter here: he can still be shown as Neutral in dossier, but be hostile to Michael.

Surkov is friendly[]

  1. Sergei Surkov - 1st dialogue
    • Vengeful
    • Questions
    • Arrest
    • Attack - Fight with Championchik.
    Dossier (Secret Fact): Sergei Surkov.
  2. Sergei Surkov - 2nd dialogue
    • Stupidity
    • Business
    • Profit
    • Attack - Fight with Championchik.
  3. Sergei Surkov - 3rd dialogue
    • Forget it - Fight with Championchik.
    • Negotiate
    • Terms?
    • Attack - Fight with Championchik.
  4. Sergei Surkov - 4th dialogue
    • Forget it - Fight with Championchik.
    • Agreeable - Become allies with Surkov. Surkov +1
    • Partnership - Become allies with Surkov. Surkov +1

Surkov is hostile[]

  1. Sergei Surkov - 1st dialogue
    • Kill You - Fight with Championchik.
    • Questioning - Fight with Championchik.
    • Arrest - Fight with Championchik.
    • Attack - Fight with Championchik.
    • -OR-
    • Brayko - If you spared Konstantin Brayko in Assault Brayko's Mansion and Surkov is hostile, Brayko will kill Championchik himself, and ask Mike if he'd like to watch him kill Surkov.
    1. Konstantin Brayko - 1st dialogue
      • Watch - Brayko +1, Mina -1
      • Goodbye - Mina -1
      • Monitor - Mina -1
      Choosing the Brayko option will end the mission.
      Dossier (Secret Fact): Sergei Surkov.
  • XP: 100

Defeat Championchik[]

Championchik seems to expect a fair hand-to-hand fight. You are not restricted to martial arts, so feel free to shoot him. He is also susceptible to jump attacks while Fury is active, as they will instantly knock him down, allowing to stomp him on the floor like any regular enemy. Stomping him 6 or 7 times will finish the fight and will be considered a melee knock out.

  • If you defeat Championchik in melee, Thorton will be out of breath and will say to Mina that Championchik was "not too bright" to fight him.
  • If you defeat Championchik with a tranquilizer shots it would be treated as if you defeated him in melee.
  • If you kill Championchik, Thorton will comment that Championchik shouldn't have brought his fists to a gunfight.
  • You can also ignore Championchik and run straight towards Surkov with Shadow Operative enabled. This will not produce any special comments.
  • XP: 300

Get Past Surkov's Men[]

There is a small reward for neutralizing the guards.

  • XP: 50

There are numerous dossiers and money pickups in the upstairs office:

  • Money: $1,000 - In a safe.
  • Halbech Data: - In a safe.
  • Dossier (Secret Fact): Brayko - In a safe.
  • Dossier (Secret Fact): Grigori - On a couch in the office.
  • Money: - $4,000 - Along with Grigori's dossier.
  • Money: $7,000 - Hack the computer in Surkov's office.
  • Dossier: SIE - Hack the computer in Surkov's office.

Once you reach the helipad, Thorton shoots Surkov and the final conversation starts.

  1. Sergei Surkov - 1st dialogue
    • Vengeful
    • Calm
    • Arrest - Part of New Sheriff in Town perk (arrest Nasri, Shaheed, Surkov and Brayko).
    • Execute - Mina -2 (only if Brayko is arrested or executed)
  2. Sergei Surkov - 2nd dialogue
    • Interrogate
    • Negotiate
    • Offer Deal
    • Execute - Mina -2 (only if Brayko is arrested or executed)
    Dossier (Secret Fact): Sergei Surkov.

Execute in both instanced will be replaced by a special cutscene, if you let Brayko's live in Assault Brayko's Mansion and didn't arrest him:

  1. Konstantin Brayko - 1st dialogue
    • Watch - Brayko +1, Mina -1
    • Goodbye - Mina -1
    • Monitor - Mina -1
    Dossier (Secret Fact): Sergei Surkov.

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

  • Sergei Surkov's behavior in this mission is fully determined by whether he was hostile to Thorton in Intercept Surkov at US Embassy — which itself determined by the way you have treated Grigori during your meeting in the bar in Contact Grigori the Informant. Being aggressive to Grigori turns Surkov hostile, while being suave or professional to Grigori makes him friendly. His reputation as shown in his dossier does not matter.
  • If you spared Brayko, then depending on your dialogue choices, you can either let him kill both Championchik and Surkov, or just Surkov only.

Consequences in Following Missions[]

  • If you leave Moscow before completing this mission it will be permanently skipped, as that will give Surkov time to escape.
  • In the safehouse, the news report will reflect your choice to allow Brayko savagely kill Surkov.
  • If you have a negative reputation with Mina Tang during the mission Infiltrate Alpha Protocol, executing Surkov will make her call Mike out on this moment, with additional dialogue if you have chosen to watch the execution by Brayko.


You can see the scene of Brayko executing Surkov here.

One With The Shadows perk / achievement is easily obtained here so long as you choose Agreeable or Partnership in the conversation with Surkov, otherwise you're made to fight Championchik and the rest of the guards are immediately put on high alert.

Easter Eggs[]

Plaque with red text near some doors reads "Добро пожаловать. Посторонним вход воспрещен." ("Dobro pozhalovat'. Postoronnim vhod vospreshen." — "Welcome. No Trespassing.") It is a reference to Soviet film "Welcome, or No Trespassing".