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Prevent Surkov's Escape is a mission in the Moscow hub. If you kill Brayko before extracting the information from him (or finish the conversation without doing so) in the prior mission, then this mission will be skipped. Even if this mission is unlocked, this mission does not need to be completed to enter the Endgame, and it will be made permanently unreachable if the player leaves the Moscow hub while it is unlocked before doing it.


You have evidence Surkov set you up. Infiltrate his dummy corporation and confront him before he escapes.

Available Intel[]

A former employee can tell you about valuable files stored in the office.

A map of Surkov's Office detailing security and surreptitious approaches.

A dossier on the ex-KGB agents and mob enforcers that form Surkov's personal guard.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Mandatory Objectives[]

Find Surkov[]

Work your way through the building and find Surkov upstairs.

Hack the computer terminal at the secretaries desk to recieve: Money: $2,000 , Dossier: Championchik

In the first room you come to past the first guard: Ammo Crate

The room immediately left past the ammo crate: Weapon Mod: (In closet beside the computer Mainframe).

Hack the computer terminal (email) to complete the Optional Objective: Gather Molotek Intel

In the closet room joined to the hackable computer: Money: $3,000

As you continue forward just before the main offices: Money: $2,500 (On a desk)

In the main office on the long desk: Ammo Crate

Head upstairs, talk with Surkov, and either agree or disagree with his terms. Agreeing ends the mission, while disagreeing sends you on 3 of the 4 optional objectives below. Disagreeing with him also gives you another chance to talk with him to either kill him or spare him.

  • Vengeful (first Agressive node)
  • Questioning (first Suave node)
  • Arrest (first Professional node)
  • Attack (first Miscellaneous node), fight with Championchik OR Brayko (first Miscellaneous node) Brayko will kill Championchik and Surkov and you have a choice of whether to watch or leave.

Secret Dossier Fact: Sergei Surkov in any option in first node

  • Stupidity (second Aggressive node)
  • Business (second Suave node)
  • Profit (second Professional node)
  • Attack (second Miscellaneous node), fight with Championchik
  • Forget it (third Aggressive node), fight with Championchik
  • Negotiate (third Suave node)
  • Terms? (third Professional node)
  • Attack (third Miscellaneous node), fight with Championchik
  • Forget it (fourth Aggressive node), fight with Championchik
  • Agreeable (fourth Suave node), Surkov +1
  • Partnership (fourth Professional node), Surkov +1

Optional Objectives[]

Defeat Championchik[]

Championchik seems to be expecting you to fight without a gun as he only has melee attacks - but they hurt and he's good at melee. You are not restricted to martial arts, so feel free to shoot him.

If you defeat Championchik with a gun Thorton will comment that Championchik shouldn't bring his fists to gunfights.

If you defeat Championchik with a tranquilizer it would be as if you defeated him in melee.

(Exploit: Championchik will sometimes stand at the top of the first set of stairs where he remains an easy target. Since he's not closing with you, you will take no damage. He has also become 'stuck' outside the lunchroom.)

Gather Molotek Intel[]

Locate intelligence related to Molotek's layout and security systems.

Discover Halbech Connection[]

Learn about the deal Halbech had with the Russian mob.

Get Past Surkov's Men[]

Kill all the guards.

Money: $1,000 (In safe in upstairs lounge).

Halbech Data: (In safe in upstairs lounge).

Dossier (Secret Fact): Brayko (In safe in upstairs lounge).

Money: $4,000 (On couch in upstairs lounge).

Dossier (Secret Fact): Grigori (On couch in upstairs lounge).

Money: $7,000 (Hack computer in office next to upstairs lounge).

Dossier: SIE (Hack computer in office next to upstairs lounge).

Cutscene with Surkov at the end:

  • Vengeful (first Aggressive node)
  • Calm (first Suave node)
  • Arrest (first Professional node), part of New Sheriff in Town perk
  • Execute (first Miscellaneous node) Mina -1
  • Interrogate (second Aggressive node)
  • Negotiate (second Suave node)
  • Offer Deal (second Professional node)
  • Execute (second Miscellaneous node) Mina -1

If you choose execute and if you spare Brayko's life in Assault Brayko's Mansion mission he will appear and start brutally slicing Surkov with his knives. You can either stay and watch or go away. The news report in the cutscene after are... too enlightening about the condition of Surkov's body.

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

If you spared Brayko, you unlock additional conversation choices while speaking with Surkov. You can call in Brayko and he will deal with Surkov with his knife.

If you pissed off Surkov while meeting with him and you let Brayko go, he will also kill Championchik, should you choose to signal him.

Also, you have to complete Parker's "Retrieve Data" operation in the beginning of the game.

Consequences in Following Missions[]

Easter Eggs[]

Plaque with red text near some doors reads "Добро пожаловать. Посторонним вход воспрещен" "Dobro pozhalovat'. Postoronnim vhod vospreshen" "Welcome. No Trespassing." It is a reference to Soviet film "Welcome, or No Trespassing"


Beware: after finishing Assault Brayko's Mansion, if you leave your Moscow safehouse to another one and come back, the mission will be unavailable (it's either a bug or Surkov was able to escape)

One With The Shadows Perk / Achievement is easily obtained here so long as you (Agree) or choose (Partnership) in the dialogue options with Surkov, otherwise you're made to fight Championchik and some guards that are immediately put on high alert status.