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Pistols can refer to both the upgradeable skill and the weapon.



Versatile and precise, the pistol is an accurate weapon at virtually any range, even when on the move. The pistol is capable of accepting a silencer attachment - making it invaluable for stealthy approach.


Levels of Pistol skill increase damage and reduces the inaccuracy of firing the pistol while moving. Advanced Pistol training provides better critical hit capabilities and unlocks the ability to fire multiple shots in the blink of an eye.


Pistols is an upgradeable skill in the game Alpha Protocol. This skill costs 5 Advancement Points per rank.

Rank Name Description Effect
2 Improved Pistol Critical Hit (Basic) The pistol can be carefully aimed at a target to score a Critical Hit - a shot that does additional damage. A Critical Hit is readied by holding the reticule over an enemy while at relatively close range. A set of crosshairs will appear in your reticule to indicate your aim is being focused on the target. Once the crosshairs have closed completely, firing will result in a Critical Hit.

Moving your aim off your target, reloading, moving, or taking any action that lowers your weapon will spoil your aim.

Time to Aim Critical Hits: 2.5 seconds

Maximum Critical Hit Range: 15 meters

3 Chain Shot (Basic) Activating Chain Shot slows time down to a crawl. In this frozen moment, you may aim and fire using (R), L2, R2 -all other controls are temporarily restricted. Shots fired during this standstill aren't immediately fired but put into a queue. When all available shots have been queued up (or when the duration expires) time returns to its normal flow and all queued shots are fired in rapid succession. This ability can only be used when the pistol is equipped.

Number of Shots: 2

Duration: 8 seconds

60 second Cooldown

4 Armed and Dangerous (Pistol) The Armed and Dangerous ability allows Mike to carry twice his normal allotment of pistol ammunition into the field.
5 Improved Pistol Critical Hit (Advanced) At this level of competence, you may line up a Critical Hit while hiding in cover.

Time to Aim Critical Hits: 2.5 seconds

Maximum Critical Hit Range: 20 meters

6 Pistol Proficiency (Trained) Damage: +3
7 Chain Shot (Advanced) Number of Shots: 3

Duration: 12 seconds

45 second Cooldown

8 Rapid Reload With the Rapid Reload ability, Mike can swap out pistol clips (whether to switch ammo types or reload more of the same) in an instant.
9 Pistol Proficiency (Advanced) Accuracy: +2 (4 Total)

Stability: +2 (4 Total)

10 Chain Shot (Expert) Number of Shots: 5

Duration: 15 seconds

45 second Cooldown

11 Improved Pistol Critical Hit (Expert) Time to Aim Critical Hits: 2 seconds

Maximum Critical Hit Range: 25 meters

12 Pistol Proficiency (Expert) Accuracy: +2 (6 Total)

Stability: +2 (6 Total)

13 Improved Pistol Critical Hit (Master) Time to Aim Critical Hits: 1.5 seconds

Maximum Critical Hit Range: 40 meters

14 Pistol Proficiency (Master) Damage: +3 (6 Total)
15 Chain Shot (Master) Number of Shots: 6

Duration: 30 seconds

45 second Cooldown



An example of some pistols that appear in Alpha Protocol

Pistols are a type of weaponry available in Alpha Protocol. While they are fairly weak when it comes to power, pistols are perfect for a stealth approach. With a silencer attached, the pistol becomes a discreet weapon. Being a semi-automatic weapon, the pistol is perfect for achieving critical hits. Several basic designs are featured that resemble real world weapons, namely the Smith & Wesson M&P, FN Five Seven, GSh-18, Glock 17, a generic tranquilizer pistol, and a unique Beretta M92F.

NOTE: Prices are base values and may be lowered due to perks.

  • Dmg: Damage
  • Acc: Accuracy
  • Rec: Recoil
  • Stbl: Stability
  • Amm: Ammunition (per clip)


Name Dmg Acc Rec Stbl Amm Buy Price Sell Price Dealers
Samael 9mm Pistol 19 20 31 32 14 $5000 Nasri,
Samael Sidewinder 19 21 34 18 $25,000 Murad,
Samael Seraphim 20 21 35 20 $125,000 Murad,

Ammo Types[]

Name Buy Price Description Dealers
Pistol Ammo $ 50 Standard-issue rounds for an automatic pistol. Nasri,
Steel Core Rounds $4000 Steel core rounds cut through armor and bone alike, making them useful against all manner of targets. Murad,
Tranquilizer Rounds $5000 These rounds are hollowed out to contain a dose of debilitating sedatives and virtually useless against armored targets. While not as practical as jabbing someone with a syringe, these rounds can incapacitate any target you wish to leave alive. Agents using these rounds aim for the head and torso wherever possible - hits to the feet and hands won't allow the sedatives to circulate through the victim body. Mongoose,

Pistol Upgrades[]


Name Dmg Acc Rec Stbl Amm Price (Normal) Price (Hard) Dealer
Basic Pistol Muzzle Assist 1 -2 $5,700 $6,900 Grigori, Surkov
Pistol Muzzle Assist 1 1 -2 $12,000 $13,800 Surkov
Lighter Pistol Barrel 1 $2,400 $2,760 Grigori, Licinius, Nasri
Silencer -2 $4,000 $4,600 Grigori, Licinius, Mongoose, Nasri. Starting inventory if you complete Cage Match during orientation.
Silencer Mk2 -1 $12,000 $13,800 G22, Sergei Surkov
Silencer Mk3 $35,000 $40,250 G22, Found on 3rd floor during Bug CIA Listening Post mission in Rome
Pistol Linear Compensator 3 -1 $9,262 $11,212 Grigori
Pistol Muzzle Break 2 -1 $3,135 $3,795 Grigori
Superior Rifling 1 1 $11,400 $13,800 Grigori
Perfected Rifling 2 1 $36,000 $41,400 Surkov
Ultralight Barrel 2 $8,000 $9,200 G22, Grigori, Surkov


Name Dmg Acc Rec Stbl Amm Price (Easy/Normal) Price (Hard) Dealer
Advanced Pistol Laser Sight 2 1 $34,000 $39,100 G22, Surkov
Advanced Pistol Reflex Sight 3 -2 $18,600 $21,390 G22, Surkov
Basic Pistol Sights 1 $3,100 $3,565 Nasri
Featherweight Pistol Reflex Sight 3 $35,000 $40,250 G22
Pistol Laser Sight 1 1 $11,000 $12,650 Grigori
Pistol Reflex Sight 2 -2 $7,150 $8,222 Grigori


Name Dmg Acc Rec Stbl Amm Price (Easy/Normal) Price (Hard) Dealer
Balanced Pistol Clip 1 $3,000 $3,450 Grigori
Customized Pistol Clip 2 $2,700 $3,105 Licinius
Extended Pistol Clip -1 4 $8,000 $9,200 Licinius
Featherweight Pistol Clip 2 -4 $2,200 $2,530 G22, Licinius, Surkov
Over-sized Pistol Clip -2 6 $12,750 $15,000 G22, Licinius


Name Dmg Acc Rec Stbl Amm Price (Easy/Normal) Price (Hard) Dealer
Calibrated Pistol Recoil Springs 1 $3,175 $3,651 Grigori, Licinius
Composite Pistol Components 1 $1,500 $1,725 Grigori,Licinius
Composite Pistol Grip 2 2 $27,250 $31,337 Grigori, Licinius
Custom Pistol Grip 1 $3,250 $3,737 Grigori, Licinius
Internal Pistol Magazine -2 2 $4,000 $4,600 Grigori, Licinius
Lighter Pistol Grip 1 1 $4,000 $4,600 Grigori, Licinius
Modified Pistol Chamber 2 1 -4 $8,850 $10,177 Grigori
Streamlined Pistol Frame 2 $8,300 $9,545 Grigori
Vented Pistol Action -1 2 $3,050 $3,507 Grigori
Reinforced Pistol Components 1 -2 Nasri
Custom Pistol Upgrade Kit 1 1 1 1 $4,000 $4,600 DLC 'Stealth Pack'