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This page is meant to list obtainable perks for the sake of ease of reference with focus on obtaining them.

A lot of information was intentionally cut/shortened to make the reference easier to read for those who know the general gist of things.

If you are looking for perk descriptions or details about acquisition of those perks and their effects check the perks page, it's informative and decent for initial study, but is exessively inconvenient to use as a reference or checklist.

All of the handler perks (such as Constant Encouragement), disabled perks (such as Dead Eye), and perks that are impossible to miss (such as Tour of Duty). were intentionally ignored.

Perks were divided into categories:

Exclusive perks, are the ones that require specific choices to be made in specific way that result in other perks becoming unobtainable. As much as reasonably possible those were sorted togather into conflicting groups. However, in a few cases, not all perks in such a group are mutually exclusive, again, check the perks page and other relevant articles if you aren't sure about specific conflicts.

Event perks are perks that require specific choices or actions at specific times but do not conflict with any other perks.

Accumulative perks require long chains of actions to obtain.

Accumulative social list the ones gained mainly outside of action part of the game I.E. when making conversation choices, or purchasing Intel.

Accumulative non-social list the ones gained mainly during action part of the game I.E. picking locks or shooting enemies.

Perks are listed in the following form:

Acquisition requirement memo. Perk's effect Perk's name.

Exclusive perks[]

  • ===Exclusive accumulative===
    • Be neutral with everyone by endgame. AP +5 Swiss Diplomacy
    • Arrest Nasri, Shaheed, Bryako and Surkov. EnRD -1 New Sheriff in Town
    • Kill 4 out of 9 eligible characters (Nasri, Shaheed, Sis, Albatross, SIE, Brayko, Surkov, Scarlet, Mina) during conversation. Favored Weapon Damage +1 No Witnesses
    • Kill 8 out of 9 eligible characters (Nasri, Shaheed, Sis, Albatross, SIE, Brayko, Surkov, Scarlet, Mina) during conversation. All Weapon Damage +1 Trail of the Dead
    • Harm 3 out of 3 eligible characters (Grigori, Surkov, Leland) during conversation. CQC Strike Damage +1 Fistful of Diplomacy
  • ===Graybox===
    • ====Medbay conversation.====
      • Suave x2. RC: All Suave
      • Agressive x2. CQC Strike Damage +5 Agressive
      • Professional x2. En +5 Professional
  • ===Saudi===
    • ====Nasri====
      • Spare. -5% weapon costs from all The Big Picture
      • Arrest. EnRR +20% Due Process
      • Kill. RC: Chain Shot, Room Sweep, Bullet Storm, Focused Aim Any Last Words...?
    • ====Shaheed====
      • Spare or "Arrest". Favored Weapon Recoil Control +1 Stay of Execution
      • Kill (now or near endgame). AP +2 Desert Spear
      • Kill near endgame. RC: Iron Will, Chain Shot, Bullet Storm, Room Sweep, Fury, Focused Aim Unfinished Business
      • Ally with near endgame. EnRR +20% Hand of Al-Samad
  • ===Moscow===
    • ====Grigori====
      • Suave. -10% armor costs from Grigori Friends in Low Places
      • Agressive. -5% weapon costs from Grigori Enough Chit-Chat
      • Professional. -5% gadget costs from Grigori Straight Talker
    • ====Sis====
      • Spare. -5% All costs from G22 I Don't Hit Girls
      • Kill. RC: Chain Shot Sororicide
    • ====Embassy ally====
      • G22. RC: Chain Shot, Shadow Operative Birds of a Feather
      • VCI. RC: Bullet Storm, Focused Aim Verbal Ménage a Trois
    • ====Mansion Ally====
      • Rescue. EnRR +20% No One Left Behind
      • Kill. RC: Room Sweep, Bullet Storm Cull the Weak
  • ===Rome===
    • ====CIA====
      • Kill. -5% weapon costs from Rome Necessary Roughness
      • Takedown. -10% armor costs from Rome Professional Courtesy
      • Avoid. RC: Evasion, Shadow Operative Under The Radar
    • ====Al-Bara====
      • ID everyone. -5% intel costs from all On the Guestlist
      • Shoot guests. RC: Room Sweep Trigger Happy
      • Shoot before ID-ing. -20% ammo costs from all Snap Shot
      • Shoot Al-Bara. RC: Focused Aim Faith Killer
    • ====Marburg====
      • Kill. RC: Fury You Talking to Me?
      • Kill. -5% intel costs from all Knowledge is Power
      • Win Marburg over (not in Rome). AP +5 Agent of Change
      • Win Parker over (not in Rome). RC: Overclock, Remote Hack, Binary Invisibility, Brilliance Logical Deduction
  • ===Taipei===
    • ====Heck====
      • Suave. -25% intel costs from Heck Speaking the Language
      • Agressive. -5% weapon costs from Heck Everybody Loves Dry Cleaning Solution
      • Professional. -5% armor and gadget costs from Heck Stick to Business
    • ====Sung====
      • Riots. '-20% intel costs from 'anonymous Keeping the Peace
      • Assasination. RC: Iron Will, Hard to Kill Secret Service
  • ===Romance===
    • ====Madison====
      • Annoy. En +5 Difficult Break-Up
      • Romance. En +5 Rome-ance
      • Refuse. EnRR +20% Gentleman
    • ====Mina====
      • Romance. En +5 Office Romance
    • ====Scarlet====
      • Romance. En +5 Exclusive Interview
    • ====SIE====
      • Romance. RC: Fury, Room Sweep, Iron Will, Hard to Kill Savage Love
      • Refuse. RC: Evasion, Iron Will Thanks but No Thanks
    • ====All====
      • Romance all. AP +5 Lady's Man
      • Refuse/avoid all. En +20, EnRR +20% No Time for Love

Event perks[]

  • ===Graybox===
    • Complete all 3 orientations. -5% All costs from Saudi The Basics
    • Complete Mina's extra. -5% weapon costs from Saudi Cage Match
    • Complete Darcy's extra.-5% intel costs from Saudi Betting Man
    • Complete Parker's extra. -5% intel costs from Saudi Custodial Work
    • Wait till the end of Shaheed's broadcast. -5% intel costs from Saudi News Conscious
  • ===Taipei===
    • Uncover the truth of the Triad defectors. XP +250 Behind the Lies
    • Bait Heck in reply to conspiracy theory email. Endurance +5, Reduced Cooldown: Epinephrine Spike Conspiracy Theorist
    • Wait till the end of Sung's speech. -5% intel costs from all Always Listening

Accumulative social perks[]

  • ===Behavior===
    • Use all 3 stance types in one conversation. AP +1 Testing the Waters
    • Use 2+ stance types in 15 conversations. AP +2 Variable Approach
    • Use each of 3 stance types at least 25% of times after 90 occaisons. AP +3 Hard to Read
    • Use same stance type 30 times in a row. DR +5% One-Track Mind
  • ===Stances===
  • Veteran x 10. XP +500 Veteran Attitude
    • Recruit x 3. AP +2 Green
    • Recruit x 10. AP +8 Rookie Move
    • Honest x 10. En +5 Honest
    • Impatient x 10. RC: Fury, Iron Will Impatient
    • Bluff x 5. RC: Shadow Operative Who, Me?
    • Joking x 10. RC: Chain Shot, Bullet Storm, Room Sweep, Focused Aim Razor Wit
    • Calm x 5. RC: Iron Will, Evasion, Binary Invisibility Composed
    • Evasive x 5. RC: Evasion, Binary Invisibility Evasive
    • Practical x 10. RC: Overclock, Brilliance, Remote Hack Practical
    • Intimidating x 5. Non-Favored Weapon Damage +1 Intimidating
    • Angry x 10. CQC Strike Damage +1, Reduced Cooldown: Fury Furious
  • ===Miscellaneous===
    • Bluff Nasri's gate guards and embassy gate guards. RC: Evasion, Shadow Operative These Aren't the Agents You're Looking for
    • Hang up 2 times. XP +100 Transmission's Breaking Up
    • Hang up 4 times. XP +250 Last Word
    • Reply to 5 emails. XP +250 Textaholic
    • Reply to 10 emails. AP +2 Email Enhancement
    • Complete 5th dossier. AP +1 Profiler
    • Complete 10th dossier. AP +1 Intelligence Analyst
    • Complete 15th dossier. AP +2 Psychological Warfare
    • Buy 50% of all possible intel. Increased Ammo Capacity with all weapons Be Prepared
    • Buy 75% of all possible intel. En +25 Ready for Anything
    • Get to -3 reputation with 3 people. XP +250 Antisocial
    • Get to -3 reputation with 10 people. En +10 Lone Wolf
    • Get to +3 reputation with 3 people. -5% intel costs from all Social Butterfly
    • Get to +3 reputation with 10 people. -5% non-intel costs from all Camaraderie

Accumulative non-social perks[]

  • ===Missions===
    • Raise Alarm on 15. En +5 Real Men Don't Hide
    • Damage/kill 3 enemies with 1 remote mine on 3. Remote Mine Carrying Capacity +1 Orchestrated Carnage
    • No alarms and less than 5 kills on 3. Enemy Sight Range -5% One with the Shadows
    • No alarms and less than 5 kills on 5. Enemy Sight Range -5% Unseen Presence
    • Use Epinephrine on 10. Epinephrine Spikes give +10% Damage Resistance Major League Edge
    • Misuse Noise Maker on 5. RC: Noise Maker Taxpayer Money at Work
    • Use 6+ diferent gadgets on 5. 10% Gadget discount from all sources Technophile
  • ===Adaptable===
    • ====Gadgets====
      • Throw 50 gadgets with careful aim. XP +100 Perfect Pitch
      • Have 100 placed devices detonate. XP +100 Building a Deadlier Mouse Trap
      • Shock 50 with shock trap. Shock Trap Carrying Capacity +1 Shock and Awe
      • Stun 50 with flashbang. Flashbang Carrying Capacity +1 Art of Incapacitation
      • EMP 25 Devices. EMP Charge Carrying Capacity +1 Electronic Warfare
    • ====Weapons====
      • Score 50 pistol crits. Pistol Accuracy +1 Pistol Proficiency
      • Score 100 pistol crits. Pistol Damage +1 Pistol Mastery
      • Do 150 surprise attacks. Favored Weapon Damage +1 Surprise Attack
      • Defeat 50 enemies with CQC. CQC Strike Damage +1 Black Belt
  • ===Loud and voilent===
    • ====General====
      • Take 1000 damage. En +5 Tough as Nails
      • Take 5000 damage. DR +10% Insurance Liability
      • Heal 2000 Damage. First Aid Bonus +10%, +1 First Aid Kit Carrying Capacity Self-Made Medic
    • ====Gadgets====
      • RM 5 alarms. Radio Mimic Carrying Capacity +1 Impersonation Artist
      • Burn 25 with Incendiary bomb. Incendiary Bomb Carrying Capacity +1 Plan B: Kill it with Fire
      • Kill 50 with explosive grenades. Explosive Grenade Carrying Capacity +1 Demolitions Expert
    • ====Weapons====
      • Max SMG streak 4 times. SMG Recoil Control +1 SMG Fury
      • Max SMG streak 7 times. SMG Damage +1 SMG Havoc
      • Score 50 shotgun crits. Shotgun Recoil Control +1 Shotgun Rampage
      • Score 100 shotgun crits. Shotgun Damage +1 Shotgun Crowd Control
      • Score AR 50 headshots. Assault Rifle Accuracy +1 Assault Rifle Precision
      • Score AR 100 headshots. Assault Rifle Recoil Control +1 Assault Rifle Marksmanship
  • ===Stealthy and non-voilent===
    • Subdue 50. En +10 Limited Bloodshed
    • Subdue 250. En +25 Merciful
    • Subdue OR evade 75. Movement Noise -20% Lurker
    • Evade 75. ID: Shadow Operative The Better Part of Valor
  • ===Miscellaneous===
    • Pick 10 locks. XP +100 Breaking and Entering
    • Hacked 10 computer systems. XP +100 Data Theft
    • Bypass 20 electronic devices. XP +100 Circuit Breaker