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Perks are bonuses in stats, abilities, or one-time rewards of XP or AP points.

Perks are obtained in four different ways by:

  1. Making important story choices.
  2. Collecting or buying intel.
  3. Gaining or losing reputation with the current handler.
  4. Performing certain combat actions or choosing generic dialogue options repeatedly over the course of the game.

Some perks are exclusive to particular missions, while some can be earned at any point in the game. When it comes to dialogue choices, some perks are mutually exclusive, with different effects. Each perk has a unique name related to the circumstances it was obtained in and a description explaining how the effects came to be.

Handler Bonuses[]

Handler Bonuses are perks that change depending on the handler of the current mission, with each handler providing different effects through their bonus, depending on the reputation the player holds with them. Each handler is a character the player has met during the course of the game, (with one exception being an optional G22 handler in Intercept Assassination Plans, who does not offer any perks).

Mina Tang is the default and only handler throughout the majority of the game's missions.

Name Handler Reputation Effect Description
Constant Encouragement Mina Tang Neutral to Liked Endurance +10 Mina's presence on your earpiece drives you forward — giving you an extra dose of willpower to shrug off pain and distraction.
Constant Encouragement II Mina Tang Trusted to Friendship Endurance +15 With Mina's reassuring presence on your earpiece, you feel like you could walk through a hail of bullets.
Too Busy to Play Nice Mina Tang Disliked -5% Cooldown Bonus on all abilities Your dislike of Mina keeps you unconcerned with her judgments of your conduct — and more focused on getting things done.
Too Busy to Play Nice II Mina Tang Animosity to Hatred -10% Cooldown Bonus on all abilities Having completely divorced yourself from Mina's observations and judgment calls, you are completely focused on your work whenever she's handling your missions.
Tech Savvy Sean Darcy Neutral Gadget Damage +10% Darcy may have an attitude, but he knows his tech. With him in charge of the mission, you'll get the most out of your ordnance.
Tech Savvy II Sean Darcy Liked Gadget Damage +20% With Darcy watching your back, you have the advice of a trained tech specialist at your disposal. His guidance will improve the effectiveness of your technological weapons.
Who's the Better Agent? Sean Darcy Neutral (Negative) Endurance +5 Knowing that your death would imply Darcy might have been a better choice to go on the mission, your resolve is strengthened.
Who's the Better Agent? II Sean Darcy Disliked Endurance +10 Your will to live is strengthened by the knowledge that dying would make Darcy happy. That can't happen — not at any cost.
By the Book Yancy Westridge Neutral to Liked -5% Cooldown Bonus on all abilities Knowing that Westridge is watching your back keeps you focused.
By the Book II Yancy Westridge Trusted -10% Cooldown Bonus on all abilities Westridge's careful observations of your mission gives you a boost of confidence and keeps you focused.
Loose Cannon Yancy Westridge Disliked Favored Weapon Damage +1 Westridge isn't exactly your number one fan, and knowing that makes you all the more eager to cause mayhem while he's listening in.
Loose Cannon II Yancy Westridge Animosity Favored Weapon Damage +2 Westridge doesn't like you, and you don't much like Westridge. Listening to his voice over your earpiece fills you with the urge to cause bodily harm.
Death By Zoom Lens Scarlet Lake Neutral to Trusted Pistol and Assault Rifle Accuracy +1 Scarlet Lake's voice over your radio steadies your nerves (and your aim).
Death By Zoom Lens II Scarlet Lake Friendship Pistol and Assault Rifle Accuracy +2 Hearing Scarlet Lake over your earpiece keeps you centered and aware — a state of mind that's quite useful for lining up a perfect shot.
Rivalry Scarlet Lake Disliked -5% Cooldown Bonus on all abilities Your general dislike of Scarlet Lake provokes you into trying your best — to show her up, of course.
Rivalry II Scarlet Lake Animosity to Hatred -10% Cooldown Bonus on all abilities Being forced to work with Scarlet Lake is driving you nuts... fortunately, that anger keeps you focused.
Size Matters SIE Neutral to Liked SMG and Assault Rifle Recoil Control +1 With SIE assisting you over the earpiece, you're picking up several pointers on how to properly lay down suppressive fire.
Size Matters II SIE Trusted to Friendship SMG and Assault Rifle Recoil Control +2 The German mercenary with the over-sized gun is helping you on this mission. She can pass on several pointers on handling large hardware, whatever that means.
Never Show Fear to a Cougar SIE Disliked Damage Resistance +5% There's something about SIE's androgynous voice over your earpiece that makes you less inclined to die — it's probably the fear that if you were wounded on your mission, she'd rescue you and lick your wounds.
Never Show Fear to a Cougar II SIE Animosity to Hatred Damage Resistance +10% Like it or not, you're working with SIE for this mission. At least her annoying accent and awkward innuendos distract you from the pain of injury.
Due Caution Madison Saint James Neutral to Liked Enemy Sight Range -5% She may not be an international woman of mystery, but Madison will do whatever she can to keep you safe. While she's helping you on this mission, she'll impart her cautious nature, giving you a slight edge in staying out of sight.
Redirected Frustration Madison Saint James Neutral (Negative) Favored Weapon Damage +1 Having a civilian handler like Madison makes you long for a competent agent feeding you information. This frustration is easily vented on anyone crossing your path.
Redirected Frustration II Madison Saint James Disliked Favored Weapon Damage +2 Madison's irritating presence over your earpiece may be a distraction, but putting that extra bullet in someone's head sounds like a good way to overcome the annoyance.
Fighting Dirty Steven Heck Neutral to Liked CQC Strike Damage +1 Heck is your handler on this mission, and he's imparting a fair bit of his know-how on the subject of hands-on violence.
Fighting Dirty II Steven Heck Trusted to Friendship CQC Strike Damage +2 Heck and you share a bizarre rapport — maybe it's because you're both men of mystery, or more likely because you both enjoy getting your hands dirty. Either way, having Heck as your Handler brings out your violent tendencies.
Ignore the Sociopath Steven Heck Disliked Enemy Sight Range -5% Given the choice, Heck would solve most problems with cacophonous violence. As long as he's over your earpiece, you are more inclined to be subtle.
Ignore the Sociopath II Steven Heck Animosity to Hatred Enemy Sight Range -10% The more you hear Heck's voice over your earpiece, the more you want to kill him in his sleep. You can't help but feel the contrarian urge to ignore his ravings and exercise caution.
The Subtle Approach Albatross Neutral to Liked Enemy Sight Range -5% Albatross is a veteran of countless covert operations. As your handler, he imparts some of his cautious methodology on you.
The Subtle Approach II Albatross Trusted to Friendship Enemy Sight Range -10% Though Albatross isn't a trusting man, he's grown to like you. With him as your handler, you have a master of infiltration watching over you and giving you pointers.
Competition Albatross Disliked Endurance +5 You don't trust Albatross, and he doesn't trust you. This animosity keeps you going when pain might slow you down.
Competition II Albatross Animosity to Hatred Endurance +15 The only thing worse than Albatross' voice in your earpiece is the thought of his smug grin if you died. That thought alone leaves you unwilling to give up in the face of grievous harm.

XP Perks[]

XP Perks give a one-time bonus amount of XP when unlocked.

Name Effect Description
Breaking and Entering XP +100 You successfully picked 10 locks.
Circuit Breaker XP +100 You successfully bypassed 20 electronic devices.
Perfect Pitch XP +100 You have thrown 50 gadgets with careful aim.
Transmission's Breaking Up XP +100 You have hung up on (or tried to hang up on) people twice. You're either busy, or kind of a jerk.
Last Word XP +250 You have hung up on (or at least tried to hang up on) people four times. Do you hate conversation in general, or telephones in specific?
Data Theft XP +100 You successfully hacked 10 computer systems.
Veteran Attitude XP +500 You've saved the world once, you'll do it again, and anyone who questions you can go fuck themselves. You've selected the Veteran stance in conversations 10 times.
Textaholic XP +250 You replied to 5 emails across your career.
Antisocial XP +250 You earned the antipathy of three people.
Behind the Lies XP +250 You uncovered the truth of the Triad defectors.

AP Perks[]

AP Perks give a one-time AP bonus when unlocked.

Name Effect Description
Testing the Waters AP +1 To keep your target guessing, you've attempted being Suave, Professional, and Aggressive all in the same conversation.*
Variable Approach AP +2 In 15 different conversations, you've varied up your approach instead of sticking to one attitude or posture.*
Hard to Read AP +3 Over the course of numerous conversations, you have kept your demeanor in flux — using professional, suave, and aggressive approaches at least a quarter of the time each.*
Green AP +2 While you may not have a lot of field experience, at least you aren't ashamed to admit it — you have used the Recruit stance 3 times.
Rookie Move AP +8 Rather than fake it, you chose the Recruit stance 10 times and let your rookie charm work its mojo.
Email Enhancement AP +2 Just because you're saving the world doesn't mean you can't find time to write. You replied to 10 emails across your career.
Profiler AP +1 You have completed your 5th Dossier.
Intelligence Analyst AP +1 Always keeping tabs on the opposition, you have completed your 10th Dossier.
Psychological Warfare AP +2 Leaving no fact unearthed, you have completed your 15th Dossier.
Desert Spear AP +2 Operation Desert Spear is a success: you eliminated Sheik Shaheed as ordered.
Agent of Change AP +5 In a remarkable act of manipulation, you managed to sway Conrad Marburg's sense of duty.
Lady's Man AP +5 The ladies cannot resist you, nor can you resist the need to romance them. You have seduced all the ladies of Alpha Protocol, well done.
Swiss Diplomacy AP +5 You made it to the final operation of the game bearing a neutral Reputation with everyone.

It should be noted, that when Testing the Waters, Variable Approach and Hard to Read refer to "approaches" they mean dialogue stances in general, regardless of the displayed name: Aggressive for all choices on top, Suave for all choices on the left, and Professional for all choices on the right. For instance, it's irrelevant if a top dialogue option is displayed as "Impatient", "Angry", "Provoke", or simply "Aggressive": they are all considered to be the same Aggressive approach. Same goes for Suave and Professional approaches.

Testing the Waters requires you to use each approach at least once in the same conversation.

Variable Approach requires you to use more than one approach during a conversation, in 15 different conversations. You don't need to use all three approaches, just more than one will do.

Hard to Read requires you to select each type of approach at least 25% of the time across at least 90 dialogue choices. Unlike Variable Approach, it doesn't care about varying your approach during each conversations, only the total count of approaches chosen. (See the perk's page for details).

Discount Perks[]

Discount Perks offer monetary discounts on items from the Clearinghouse.

Name Effect Description
The Big Picture 5% Weaponry discount from all sources Knowing full well what the ends justify the means, you let Nasri go — receiving a bribe, as well as a connection (albeit a reluctant one) to the underworld market.
On the Guestlist 5% Intel Discount from all sources You exercised a thorough investigation of your target by identifying all operatives in the vicinity of Jibril Al-Bara.
Knowledge is Power 5% Intel Discount from all vendors. You showed up Leland with your knowledge of Deus Vult.
Friends in Low Places 10% Armory Discount from Grigori You managed to win over Grigori with your good humor and charm. He'll provide you a significant discount with armor and armor modifications, as he never likes to see a friend get hurt.
Enough Chit-Chat 5% Weaponry Discount from Grigori Your threatening demeanor made a lasting impression on Grigori. He'll sell you weapons for less, as he'd rather appease your belligerence than risk your temper over a few dollars.
Camaraderie 5% Discount on all non-intel purchases from all sources Your words and actions have won over 10 people.
Social Butterfly 5% Intel Discount from all sources You're a natural at making friends — you've gained a favorable reputation with 3 people
Snap Shot 20% Ammunition discount from all sources During the Al-Bara mission, you seized the initiative and fired before wasting time identifying all the possible suspects.
Necessary Roughness 5% Weaponry Discount from Rome vendors Showing no favoritism towards nationalities, you used lethal force against CIA operatives that stood in the way of your mission.
The Basics 5% Discount on all purchases from Saudi vendors You completed all of the orientation tasks offered in your training mission.
Cage Match 5% Weaponry Discount from Saudi vendors You completed Mina's request to one-up Darcy during your training exercises.
Betting Man 5% Gadget Discount from Saudi vendors You completed Darcy's training challenge.
Custodial Work 5% Intel Discount for Saudi missions You successfully completed Parker's challenge during your Alpha Protocol orientation.
News Conscious 5% Intel Discount from Saudi vendors You watched all of Shaheed's broadcast.
Speaking the Language 25% Intel Discount from Heck Enterprises You played along with Heck's erratic persona and gained his trust.
Stick to Business 5% discount on Armor, Armor Mod, and Gadget purchases from Heck Enterprises You remained mostly professional in light of Heck's insanity.
Everybody Loves Dry Cleaning Solution 5% Weaponry Discount from Heck Enterprises You and Heck shared a mutual dislike for subtlety.
I Don't Hit Girls 5% from all transactions with G22 You let Sis escape with her life after you bested her in combat.
Always Listening 5% Intel Discount from all sources You paid careful attention to Sung's speech during the rally in Memorial Park.
Keeping the Peace 20% Intel Discount from anonymous sources You opted to prevent a deadly revolt from taking place, even if it means letting a plot on President Sung's life go undeterred.
Straight Talker 5% Gadget discount from Grigori You dealt with Grigori in a straight-forward, professional tenor. He knows you mean business and will supply you with high-tech supplies at a discount, trusting you'll provide him with steady income.
Professional Courtesy 10% Armory Discount from Rome Vendors When you encountered CIA operatives in Rome, you made sure to use non-lethal force in subduing them.

Endurance Perks[]

Perks that increase Endurance.

Name Effect Description
Tour of Duty Endurance +5 You survived Operation Desert Spear.
Seasoned Endurance +5 You completed your first operation as a lone agent. You're starting to make a name for yourself.
Experienced Endurance +5 You completed two successful operations without the backing of the agency. Congratulations are in order.
World Traveler Endurance +5 Defying the odds (and countless attempts on your life), your solo career as a rogue agent has lasted three successful operations.
Difficult Break-Up Endurance +5 Your uncanny ability to annoy and enrage Madison Saint James culminated in her physically attacking you.
Real Men Don't Hide Endurance +5 You completed 15 missions wherein you have raised an alarm and lived to tell about it. Unabated violence is a perfectly acceptable alternative to stealth.
Limited Bloodshed Endurance +10 You subdued 50 opponents with non-lethal (though certainly violent and entirely painful) methods.
Lone Wolf Endurance +10 Alienating most everyone who crosses your path, you have gained the dislike of 10 people. Friendship just makes it harder to pull the trigger when the time comes.
Merciful Endurance +25 Proving yourself reluctant to take a human life, you subdued 250 enemies with non-lethal means.
Ready for Anything Endurance +25 You have purchased the overwhelming majority of Intel available in your career.
Tough as Nails Endurance +5 You have sustained 1000 points of damage across your career without dying.
Professional Endurance +5 You have tried the Professional approach in your first few conversations.
Office Romance Endurance +5 You turned your working relationship with Mina Tang into romance.
Exclusive Interview Endurance +5 Scarlet Lake granted you a behind-closed-doors interview.
Rome-ance Endurance +5 You turned your Friendship with Madison Saint James into something much more.
Honest Endurance +5 Apparently the lying aspect of espionage isn't your thing — you were Honest 10 times in conversations across your career.
Due Process Endurance Recharge Rate +20% Eschewing bribes and pragmatism, you opted to arrest Nasri. Your conviction to act within the law has strengthened your resolve.
No One Left Behind Endurance Recharge Rate +20% You rescued your ally from Brayko's mansion.
Hand of Al-Samad Endurance Recharge Rate +20% Once your target, now your ally, you have made peace with Shaheed and his organization.
Gentleman Endurance Recharge Rate +20% When given the chance to reciprocate Madison's affections, you politely turned her down.
No Time for Love Endurance Recharge Rate +20%, Endurance +20 The promise of romance failed to distract you from your mission. You avoided any and all entangling affairs in Alpha Protocol.
New Sheriff in Town Endurance Recharge Delay: -1 Second When faced with the opportunity to set a criminal free or kill them in cold blood, you instead chose the lawful route and turned them over to authorities.

Stealth Perks[]

Perks that affect certain stealth stats.

Name Effect Description
Unseen Presence Enemy Sight Range -5% You completed 5 missions wherein you killed less than 5 enemies, and no alarms were raised.
One with the Shadows Enemy Sight Range -5% In an impressive act of covert action, you completed 3 missions wherein less than 5 enemies were killed and no hostiles became alerted to your presence.
Lurker Movement Noise -20% You took a stealthy approach to conflict resolution by evading 75 enemies or silently dispatching them with martial art takedowns.

Ability Perks[]

Perks that affect abilities.

Name Effect Description
The Better Part of Valor Increased Duration: Shadow Operative Not every situation calls for violence. You have evaded 75 enemies.
Suave Reduced Cooldown: All Abilities (-5%)

You have shown your Suave side in your earliest conversations.

Impatient Reduced Cooldown: Fury, Iron Will Maybe if people realized your time was valuable, you wouldn't have had to adopt an Impatient demeanor 10 times across your career.
Sororicide Reduced Cooldown: Chain Shot Being an equal opportunity witness killer, you finished off Sis when she was defeated and defenseless.
Trigger Happy Reduced Cooldown: Room Sweep While gunning for Al-Bara, you "accidentally" killed some other people at the party... these things happen.
Cull the Weak Reduced Cooldown: Room Sweep, Bullet Storm Not one to suffer weakness, you finished the job that Brayko started, and killed your former ally.
Thanks but No Thanks Reduced Cooldown: Evasion, Iron Will As tempting as it may have been, you refused SIE's amorous advances.
Faith Killer Reduced Cooldown: Focused Aim When given the opportunity, you pulled the trigger on Jibril Al-Bara — the academician with financial and spiritual ties to Al-Samad terrorist network.
Birds of a Feather Reduced Cooldown: Chain Shot, Shadow Operative Working with Albatross on a pivotal mission reinforced your understanding of covert tactics.
Secret Service Reduced Cooldown: Iron Will, Hard to Kill You chose to protect the life of President Ronald Sung, even at the expense of letting a dangerous revolt be set into motion.
Under The Radar Reduced Cooldown: Evasion, Shadow Operative (-10%)

When you encountered CIA personnel, you avoided taking out fellow American agents — abstaining even from non-lethal methods and taking a minimal violence approach.

These Aren't the Agents You're Looking for Reduced Cooldown: Evasion, Shadow Operative Twice in your career, you manipulated armed guards into letting you stroll right past them.
Any Last Words...? Reduced Cooldown: Chain Shot, Room Sweep, Bullet Storm, Focused Aim Rather than letting a known weapons dealer roam free or languish in jail, you gave Nasri a taste of his own merchandise.
Savage Love Reduced Cooldown: Fury, Room Sweep, Iron Will, Hard to Kill You successfully romanced the enigmatic mercenary SIE. Assuming that being ravaged while strapped to a table counts as romance...
Verbal Ménage a Trois Reduced Cooldown: Bullet Storm, Focused Aim On a pivotal mission, you had SIE and Mina guiding you over the radio.
Logical Deduction Reduced Cooldown: Overclock, Remote Hack, Binary Invisiblity, Brilliance You defied improbable odds by reasoning with Alan Parker and actually convincing him that he's genuinely wrong.
Who, Me? Reduced Cooldown: Shadow Operative Facts just get in the way of the truth. You've tried to bluff your way (successful or not) in dialogues 5 times across your career.
Razor Wit Reduced Cooldown: Chain Shot, Bullet Storm, Room Sweep, Focused Aim In an effort to amuse (or sometimes annoy), you took a joking approach to conversations 10 times across your career.
Composed Reduced Cooldown: Iron Will, Evasion, Binary Invisiblity You employed a Calm disposition 5 times during conversations.
Evasive Reduced Cooldown: Evasion, Binary Invisiblity You have adopted an Evasive response to questions 5 times during your career.
Practical Reduced Cooldown: Overclock, Brilliance, Remote Hack You have selected the Practical stance in conversations 10 times across your career.
Unfinished Business Reduced Cooldown: Iron Will, Chain Shot, Bullet Storm, Room Sweep, Fury, Focused Aim You resolved an outstanding issue and put an end to Sheikh Ali Shaheed.
You Talking to Me? Reduced Cooldown: Fury You exploited Conrad Marburg's temper, and baited him into a fight to the death.

Combat Perks[]

Perks that increase the performance of weapons or melee attacks.

Name Effect Description
Pistol Proficiency Pistol Accuracy +1 You have a passion for precision perforation. You scored 50 Critical Hits with the pistol during your career.
Pistol Mastery Pistol Damage +1 You scored 100 Critical Hits with your pistol over your career, marking you as a handgun savant.
SMG Fury SMG Recoil Control +1 You have managed to achieve the highest possible Critical Hit Streak with your SMGs four times across your career.
SMG Havoc SMG Damage +1 You have managed to achieve the highest possible Critical Hit Streak with your SMGs seven times across your career.
Shotgun Rampage Shotgun Recoil Control +1 Having shown a fondness for brute force, you scored 50 Critical Hits with your shotgun across your career.
Shotgun Crowd Control Shotgun Damage +1 In an impressive show of ballistic mayhem, you scored 100 Critical Hits with your shotgun across your career.
Assault Rifle Precision Assault Rifle Accuracy +1 Your aim is true — you have scored 50 head shots with your Assault Rifle over your career.
Assault Rifle Marksmanship Assault Rifle Recoil Control +1 In an impressive display of homicide, you scored 100 head shots with your Assault Rifle over your career.
Surprise Attack Favored Weapon Damage +1 You have launched surprise attacks on unaware enemies 150 times.
No Witnesses Favored Weapon Damage +1 You killed 4 major characters in cold blood.
Trail of the Dead All Weapon Damage +1 You have left a trail of cold-blooded murders throughout your career. Your mother would be proud of you... though it's possible you murdered her too.
Stay of Execution Favored Weapon Recoil Control +1 After listening to Shaheed, you exercised restraint and allowed him to live.
Be Prepared Increased Ammo Capacity with all weapons. Always planning ahead, you have acquired a great deal of Intel on your missions.
Black Belt CQC Strike Damage +1 You have defeated 50 enemies with hand-to-hand attacks.
Fistful of Diplomacy CQC Strike Damage +1 When words fail, fists succeed. Three times now, you have resolved a conversation with non-lethal (though extremely brutal) violence.
Aggressive CQC Strike Damage +5 You have shown your Aggressive side in your earliest conversations.
Intimidating Non-Favored Weapon Damage +1 A big believer in the American tradition of negotiating with the promise of wonton violence, you've been Intimidating in coversations 5 times in your career.

Enemy Perks[]

Perks that increase the damage dealt to the bosses.

Name Effect Description
Know Your Enemy Damage Bonus: 5% vs. Konstantin Brayko Your research on Konstantin Brayko is complete, giving you a better chance of stopping him in a firefight.
Know Your Rival Damage Bonus: 5% vs. Conrad Marburg You worked up a complete dossier on Conrad Marburg. Your through knowledge of his characteristics and flaws will serve you well should the two of you battle.
Know Your Competition Damage Bonus: 5% vs. Omen Deng Having completed your research on Omen Deng, you have an advantage over him should the two of you come into direct conflict.

Gadget Perks[]

Perks that affect gadgets.

Name Effect Description
Plan B: Kill it with Fire Incendiary Bomb Carrying Capacity +1 Pyromania does not disqualify you from black ops employment. You set 25 people on fire by use of Incendiary Bombs.
Impersonation Artist Radio Mimic Carrying Capacity +1 You put your technology and language talent to work by calling in false all-clear messages 5 times using Radio Mimic gadgets.
Self-Made Medic First Aid Bonus +10%, +1 First Aid Kit Carrying Capacity You patched up 2000 points of damage by way of First Aid. You could pry bullets from your spleen in your sleep.
Demolitions Expert Explosive Grenade Carrying Capacity +1 With over 50 lives claimed by your Explosive Grenades, you have become a veritable master of ordnance.
Orchestrated Carnage Remote Mine Carrying Capacity +1 You killed or injured three or more enemies with a single Remote Mine in three different missions. Your planning, timing, and flair for killing are to be commended.
Shock and Awe Shock Trap Carrying Capacity +1 You violently incapacitated 50 enemies with Shock Trap, making you an expert.
Art of Incapacitation Flashbang Carrying Capacity +1 Having rendered 50 enemies languishing in a state of partial blindness and bleeding ears, you have proven yourself a master of flashbang tactics.
Electronic Warfare EMP Charge Carrying Capacity +1 You disabled 25 devices with EMP Charges and learned quite a bit about stumping electronic sentries.
Major League Edge Epinephrine Spikes give +10% Damage Resistance You completed 10 Missions with an extra dose of strength from Epinephrine Spikes. Fortunately for you, the side effects of epinephrine do not include shrunken genitals.
Taxpayer Money at Work Reduced Cooldown: Noise Maker You completed 5 missions wherein you've activated your Sound Generator gadget at someone's head or crotch. Really, the Sound Generator was just asking to be used for juvenile amusement...
Technophile 10% Gadget discount from all sources You completed 5 missions where you employed at least 6 different gadgets.
Building a Deadlier Mouse Trap XP +100 100 of your placed devices have been detonated — either by unsuspecting foes or by remote detonation.
Perfect Pitch XP +100 You have thrown 50 gadgets with careful aim (i.e. by throwing 50 gadgets using the preview arc; blind throws don't count.)

Health healed by first aid stations found in the levels also counts for Self-Made Medic.

Uncategorized Perks[]

Name Effect Description
One-Track Mind Damage Resistance +5% While entirely capable of using different approaches to best manipulate people, you instead used the same approach to dialogue over, and over, and over again... 30 times as of earning this perk, to be exact.
Insurance Liability Damage Resistance +10% In an impressive feat of perseverance (or an inability to duck), you have sustained 5000 points of damage across your career without dying. Now seriously, find some cover — you've made your point.
Furious CQC Strike Damage +1, Reduced Cooldown: Fury Not one to hide your wrath, you got Angry 10 times in conversations across your career.

Bugged and Inactive Perks[]

These perks were data-mined from the game's files and are known to exist, but are not fully implemented in-game, either due to design decisions or bugs.

Name Effect Description
Deadeye Favored Weapon Recoil Control +1 You completed 5 missions with 90% or greater accuracy with all of your firearms. [Does not work]
Conspiracy Theorist Endurance +5, Reduced Cooldown: Epinephrine Spike Speaking the language of insanity, you catered to Heck's delusions. [Should be unlocked by answering Heck's "conspiracy e-mail", but cannot be unlocked with any of the choices]
Chain of Command XP +250 You completed Operation Desert Spear with the respect of all of your fellow agents. [Does not appear in-game]
Thorton, Inc. AP +25 By way of expert manipulation, you managed to turn all of your enemies into allies. [Does not appear in-game]
Well-Connected 5% Intel discount from all sources. You have acquired Intel from 7 different sources. [Does not appear in-game]
Enemy of My Enemy 10% Intel Discount from all sources In your career, you've made allies with terrorists, double agents, and Russian mobsters. [Does not appear in-game]