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This patch is required since Sega disabled the activation servers for Alpha Protocol . It was released on September 14, 2010.

Change Log[]

  • To resolve activation issues, PC copy protection has been removed.
  • In Moscow during the assault of Brayko's Mansion, the player could get into a situation where a door would not be openable preventing progression through the rest of the level. This has been fixed.
  • In Taipei, during the Stop the Assassination mission, the user can fall out of the world if they reload the "Exit Gardens" checkpoint. There was also a problem where if the player backtracked, part of the level might not load in properly. This has also been fixed.
  • In the same mission, a problem with subtitles was corrected.
  • In the museum in Rome, the game could crash when using Focused Aim to kill the NPC holding Madison in the elevator.
  • Bosses could get stuck in an accelerated mode when Fury wears off.
  • Chainshot was exploitable to slow time and get critical headshots without consuming its cooldown.


There are two versions of the patch available.

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