Operation True Heirs is one of the operations following Operation Desert Spear. Upon discovering the details behind Halbech's corruption, their involvement in the commercial airliner downing, and their plans for a global cold war in data obtained from Ali Shaheed, Michael Thorton heads to Taipei to stop the Halbech-planned assassination of Ronald Sung.



  • True Heirs is the mission of those trying to ensure Taiwan's complete independence from China. Omen Deng and Ronald Sung are both members of this named effort/group trying to accomplish this goal.
  • Of all operations, this one always results in further political instability and hostility regardless of the outcome. Should Ronald Sung be assassinated, hostility and anger is directed towards China for their threats and opposition to Sung's political movements. Should Sung survive, the alternative is a riot which breaks out and kills hundreds of attendees. The riot is blamed on the opposition to Taiwanese independence, and Sung uses this to further promote the movement, both of which furthers political instability and hostility.
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