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Operation Desert Spear is an Alpha Protocol operation in Saudi Arabia. Agent Michael Thorton is sent to Saudi Arabia to locate the remaining Halbech missiles stolen by Al-Samad and to stop their charismatic leader, Sheik Ali Shaheed. Thorton is given the discretion to either apprehend, or kill Shaheed.


The main objectives in this operation is to find Shaheed and the missiles location. The reason is that the American missiles used in the attack can harm the United States and they have to take Shaheed and fin the missiles quietly. The three missions will serve as the leads that help track Shaheed. Once he is found, the agent must intercept him and recover or destroy the missiles, the agent also must deal Shaheed by arresting or killing him.

True Objective[]

The truth was that this operation is initiated by Henry Leland to eliminate Shaheed as he was a witness and no longer in use and receive coordinates of the missiles using the agent on site to destroy the missiles. The agent is also to be eliminated, Alan Parker was responsible for the coordinates leak and Halbech agent in Alpha Protocol. Unfortunately, Mina, an mole in Alpha Protocol intercept and save the agent in the scene and encourage him to stop Halbech.



These are the dealers you encountered in this operation