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Omar Mohammed bin Nasri is an illegal arms dealer in Alpha Protocol. He is responsible for selling stockpiles of Russian weapons to anyone that's anyone. Nasri's base of operations is nearly impenetrable, being heavily defended. He does however, welcome anyone with a large wallet looking to spend money. He will remain a dealer after Operation Desert Spear, if you choose to extort him instead.


Pre Alpha Protocol Events[]

Nasri is weapon trafficker in the Middle East, noticeably at Saudi Arabia where his base of operations is. He have been selling weapons that are from Russia to terrorists as long they pay him a good sum. He also make sure his guards are disciplined and execute anyone who is no doing their job which mirrored with the guards. He recently sold Halbech missiles to Al-Samad and act as a middleman (unwittingly) between Halbech and Al-Samad for the sale of the missiles which attracted attention from Alpha Protocol which made him a target for interrogation. CIA and Interpol had been targeting Nasri and decide to two things, either he can provide the information unknowingly which can bring more intel about Nasri and his dealings or arrest him to earn a lot money and save many people.

Alpha Protocol Events[]

Michael Thorton soon infiltrate his headquarters and fight his guards before confronted by the agent himself. He states the missiles he sold is not here and blame Michael for the trouble. He tries to bribe Michael to keep his skin alive. He is either spared but forced to paid $15,000 (which is from his gun sales and Saudi holdings) to the agent, arrested by the agent and captured and tortured by United States soldiers or get killed by Michael mercilessly. If he was extorted, he will revealed unwittingly to Alpha Protocol that he sold the missile through his secondary source in Moscow. If he is arrested, his captors will interrogate him for information and give Thorton intel for a price.


Omar Mohammed bin Nasri is a weapons trafficker based in the Middle East. He has connections throughout Moscow, Eastern Europe, and has been responsible for selling off large Russian weapon stockpiles throughout the world. He has a number of armed guards at his disposal, and he runs a tight operation, where laziness and joking around are punished with a bullet... and this attitude is mirrored in his guards' treatment of others who come to make deals with Nasri.

The CIA and Interpol have been aware of Nasri's activities for some time, but putting an end to his operation always comes down to the information Nasri provides by being free vs. how much would be gained by incarcerating him. As one field intelligence operative put it, "putting Nasri in prison would no doubt save many lives, but the intelligence we gain about terrorist groups in the region by tracking his movements and his shipments is equally valuable."

Nasri as a Dealer[]

Nasri is a major Dealer in the Saudi Arabia hub. When doing his Mission, you can either Extort, Arrest or Kill him. Extorting him reduces his stock he is selling you significantly and only the most simple things are still available. Arresting or killing him will result in the unavailability of his stock. Although, arresting him or killing him will unlock his beret in every safehouse, depending on whether you kill him or arrest him, Michael will have different responses to each time you interact with it. He will still makes deals even if you leave Saudi Arabia.

Weapons Sold[]

These are the weapons that the dealer sold.


Submachine Guns[]

  • Samael PMG
  • Extended SMG Clips
  • Calibrated SMG Recoil Springs
  • Custom SMG Grip
  • Vented SMG Action
  • Basic SMG Sights
  • Corkscrew Rifling
  • SMG Rounds


  • Samael .66 Gauge
  • Modified Choke
  • Streamlined Shotgun Frame
  • Shotgun Recoil Dampener
  • Basic Shotgun Sights
  • Shotgun Ammo

Assault Rifles[]

  • Samael FR99
  • Custom Rifle Grip
  • Scope
  • Lighter Rifle Stock
  • Basic Rifle Sights
  • Assault Rifle Ammo


  • Night Operations Armor
  • SWAT Utility Armor
  • Reinforced Joints
  • Shock Pads
  • Ablative Ceramic Plates


Interactions with Mike Thorton[]

  • Extorting Nasri at the end of the mission thread will lead to the least costly piece of help on the black market in the following mission Thorton can receive additional weapons and ammo drops from the dealer for the bargain price of $4. It won't do any changes to the supplies at the clearinghouse.
  • Since Nasri is also the supplier of Al-Samad, if you kill or arrest Nasri the terrorists will be armed with slightly worse armor and weapons in following missions. But this will also reduce the supplies at the clearinghouse.

Mission Appearances[]

He only appears in the Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer mission and since that mission isn't mandatory it is possible to go through the game never meeting him.

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