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New Member is an e-mail that you could look in Graybox training mission once you hack the computer in the hallway.


From: Westridge

To: #GrayBox


We have a new fish coming on board tomorrow, you'll refer to him as Michael Thorton.


Mike comes to us by way of the armed forces. His CO recommended that he be taken out of the desert since he's, quote, 'too smart for catching bullets in Baghdad.' He's a college graduate, speaks five languages, and he's been awarded 3 Purple Hearts, yet scored higher on the physical exam than any of you layabouts.

Field Agent[]

Thorton's a former CIA operative. We're glad to have him leave the waterboarding desk jockeys and start running with the folks who really protect the free world. Mike's specialty is old fashioned field-work - eavesdropping, breaking and entering, burglary - the classic stuff we can't report to the tax payers. He's something of a brainiac - fluent in Farsi, Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, and Japanese.

Tech Specialist[]

Mr. Thorton is most recently from DoJ's National Security Division. He has dual Ph.D's in Linguistics and Computer Science, speaks nearly a dozen languages, and is generally considered too intelligent for civil service. The director at the DoJ recommended him for transfer on account of his physical aptitude and the fact that he was bored out of his mind hiding behind a desk all day. He made a mockery of all our pre-screening exams, so I'm looking forward to seeing what he'll add to our team


Mike's joining the agency after several years of being a 'contractor' for the US government. Which is a polite way of saying, he's been all over the world working on missions the US can't publicly acknowledge. I think he'll fit right at home with us.


We're taking a bit of a chance on Thorton, he's pretty much a raw recruit in the CIA - only six months of field work to his name, We'd normally expect more field experience from an applicant, but his intelligence and aptitude are off the charts. He's a natural marksman, learned conversational Farsi after only eight days on assignment in Iran, and (according to his handler) broke a terrorist cipher in his spare time. Needless to say, the kid's talents are going to waste at the CIA.


Mike is no stranger to our line of work - he's a veteran member of an off-the-books organization similar to our own. He actually found out about our organization and contacted me directly to come aboard. You know my policy - no one around here gets special treatment (except for me, since I'm your king) but don't forget that he's seen and done more than anyone on this team.

He'll be put through the opening ceremony tomorrow - complete with the hostage scenario and obligatory psych games. Assuming all goes well, he'll be on our short list for Desert Spear.



E-mail changes depend on Michael's background.