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Much Appreciated is an e-mail you received after finishing Investigate Weapon Shipments and you chose to reroute the weapons to Grigori. You can download $30000 from the email.


From: Grigori

To: Mike Thorton

Mr Thorton,

I trust you to thank

for the shipment of weapons sent my way? There's a great deal of second-tier weapons in this shipment... Nothing an operative like yourself would be interested in, but if you were hell bent on arming terrorists or gangsters, this would be a handsome armory. I'm sure I'll be able to peddle these to gangsters and malcontents that wouldn't know a quality firearm if it was used to kill them.

Attached is an access key an escrow account for an offshore-holding company - there's money in that account that should suffice as a suitable finders' fee.



Assertive - No effect[]

I think an entire shipment of weapons was ready for black market resell would be worth a touch more than a mere finder's fee.

Joking - (+1) Relationship with Grigori[]


No problem my good man. Just make sure you sell those guns to kids. Maybe give them a bonus heroin for buying three or more guns. (though if I were you, I'd charge them extra for new needles).

Direct - No effect (Championchik dossier after next mission)[]


The payment is appreciated - my intentions for sending you those weapons was to earn some credit with you. Rather than being sly and say something like 'I hope you remember this favor in the future,' I'll just come out and tell you that I'm trying to score points and you can act accordingly.