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Moscow Safehouse is a safehouse in Moscow and served as a headquarters for Michael Thorton for Operation Blood Feud, where he is tracking the missiles shipments from Halbech.


An Alpha Protocol Safehouse in Moscow, which should serve as a base of operations for attempting to track the path of the missing missiles that were shipped to Saudi Arabia through Moscow.

Miscellaneous Events[]

You will receive a Moscow theater briefing from Mina as soon as you arrive in Moscow. You have the opportunity to influence your reputation during this conversation.

Mina Tang - First dialogue option

  • Wasted - Nothing
  • Impressed - (+1) reputation with Mina
  • Professional - Nothing

Mina Tang - Second dialogue option

  • Intimidating - Nothing
  • Cocky - Nothing
  • Straightforward - (+1) reputation with Mina

Mina Tang - Third dialogue option

  • Direct - Nothing
  • Teasing - Nothing. (+1) if you do NOT use the Straightforward option in the previous dialogue
  • Cautious - Nothing

Dossier: Grigori (during video conversation with Mina when arriving in Moscow).

Dossier: Russian Mafia (during video conversation with Mina when arriving in Moscow).

If Moscow is your first hub when you first check your email you will see that Mina has sent a message which you can reply to and influence your reputation with her.

You can also purchase intel at the clearinghouse. Dossier information is available on both VCI and Grigori for a price. Dossier: VCI (purchased at the clearinghouse).

Dossier: Grigori (purchased at the clearinghouse).

If Moscow is your first hub Scarlet will contact you after a few missions. Your response will effect your reputation with her.

  • Shut Up Scarlet -1
  • Honest Scarlet +1

After the Investigate Weapon Shipments Mission[]

SIE will email you. If you didn't fight her you can reply and affect your reputation with her.

  • Dismissive SIE +1
  • Playful SIE -1

Grigori will email you if you had the option to, and chose to, reroute the weapons to him.

  • Joking: Grigori +250 XP
  • Direct: Grigori dossier information about Championchik
  • Assertive: Grigori wires additional money