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Mission Sandworm is one of the e-mail you received when you arrived at Saudi Arabia Safehouse, it also gives details on Investigate Jizan Weapon Stockpile mission.


From: Sean Darcy

To: Mike Thorton


Westridge put me in charge of logistics for the run on the detention camp - should be fun.

Some things you need to know:

  • This mission comes thanks to a local contact of mine. Yeah, I've got a ton of contacts in the area - what can I say, my grasp of the Arabic language is rivaled only by my charm (and modesty). But seriously, this guy's a cool cat - he's a double agent and has everyone in Al-Samad convinced he 's 'one of them' so he gets us pretty solid leads - though he doesn't work cheap.
  • I've studied up on the base - it was built into a sandstone cliffside in 1960 when Gamal Abdel Nasser, second president of Egypt, was trying to start an anti-Saudi uprising in Yemen. That's right, I'm a history buff. Anyway, it's nestled in the ridge in such a way that it's hard for sentries in the base to get a clear view across the terrain. We'll drop you outside the base and you should be able to get in close with no problems.
  • Local weather patterns suggest a sandstorm will hit soon - it's about as likely as sun in Los Angeles or rain in London. We're going to time your mission with a sandstorm - take advantage of the reduced enemy visibility and hearing the storm provides.
  • I'll be your handler for your mission but not your nanny. I know I'd tackle this mission with stealth (and shit ton of explosives when that fails) but I don't care HOW you get things done, I just care THAT you get things done. I'll make sure all my friendly contacts are off-site, so don't worry about killing friendlies.

Aside from that... well, should be simple in and out mission. Just follow my lead and we'll kick ass, take names, save the world, and be home in time for a trip to the titty bar.

Good Hunting,