Mission Information is an intel you can buy in the Clearinghouse. It gives details for the missions and gives optional objectives.

Missions Edit

These are the missions that have the intel:

Description Edit

Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer Edit

Bonus Objective for Arms Dealer mission. An anonymous black market source is offering intel on Nasri's weapon shipment.

Investigate Jizan Weapon Stockpile Edit

Bonus objective added to the mission. Darcy's contact in the area is willing to provide you with special instructions on disabling the compound's security... for a price, of course.

Investigate Weapon Shipments Edit

Intel on Dimitri Dragan. Dragan is known to be a high ranking member of Brayko's gang.

Selling Message Edit

Intel Purchase Confirmation

Mission Information

Price: Edit

  • $2500 - Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer
  • $3000 - Investigate Jizan Weapon Stockpile
  • $3000 - Investigate Weapon Shipments

Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer Edit

Email Intercept regarding subject Weapon Shipment - INTERPOL case file 1064/9791. No questions asked, no refunds.


Investigate Jizan Weapon StockpileEdit

Hey Mikey,

A contact of mine inside Al-Samad has some information on the Jizan site, but he ain't going to talk unless he's properly paid up. Says he knows something about the security at the compound? Either way, you're the frontman on this mission, so if you want to cough up the cash, just say the word. I'll even help you sign the expense report when we get back to the Graybox.


Investigate Weapon Shipments Edit

For sale to the highest bidder: Information on Dimitri Dragan's whereabouts for the next few days.


E-mail Message Edit

Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer Edit

You know I would happily sell you anything I have in stock, but those armaments are gone from my warehouse - stolen by a former associate of mine. What a surprise to hear that my competitor and so-called friend Nasri now has those weapons in stock and is getting ready to sell them to Al-Samad! Nasri is friends with a prince - so no court in the land would give me justice. I will try to find someone to take back what is rightfully mine and have them sent your way.


Investigate Jizan Weapon Stockpile Edit

So this guy on the inside says there's a decent security system being rigged up at the place, but the building isn't exactly built for modern wiring - so everything runs through one circuit breaker with no failsafes.

The circuit breaker you'll want to cut is pretty old and rusty - you'd probably overlook it unless you knew what you were looking for - I'll mark the map on your PDA with the location. Break the circuit breaker and it's lights out.


Investigate Weapon Shipments Edit

Thanks for the business. You'll find Dimitri on assignment over at Leningradski station. Think he's there to pick up something up for Brayko - I don't know the full details, just know he'll be out in the open... and you never know when a stray round will hit you in this dangerous city.


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