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Martial Arts is an upgradeable skill in the game Alpha Protocol. This skill costs 4 Advancement Points per rank.


The Martial Arts skill improves your offensive and defensive capabilities in close quarters combat. Higher levels unlock additional attack techniques.


Rank Name Notes
1 CQC Proficiency (Basic)

Increases the damage inflicted with all hand-to-hand attacks.

Strike Damage: 30 (Default is 20)

2 Strike Combo (Basic)

Extends the number of quick strikes Mike can chain together.

At the Basic level, Mike's basic 3 strike combo extends to 4 strikes.

3 Melee Defense (Basic)

Reduces the damage received from enemy hand-to-hand attacks.

Melee Damage Reduction +15%

4 Knockdown Strike A slower, but more powerful variant of the standard CQC attack. A successful Knockback will stagger your victim and push them out of your personal space.
5 Fury (Basic)

Sends Mike into an adrenaline rush that increases hand-to-hand damage, reduces the effectiveness of enemy blocking attempts, and slows down the world for a brief period of time. While in effect, stealth movement is disabled and any aiming, shooting, or throwing will end the ability.

Melee Damage Bonus: +10%

Enemy Block Rate: -25%

Duration: 6 seconds

Cooldown: 90 seconds

6 CQC Proficiency (Advanced) Strike Damage: 40
7 Jump Attack

Jump Attack adds a sprinting strike to your arsenal. Attacking while sprinting will perform a jumping knee strike - a successful impact will cause substantial injury and render your target prone.

Jump Attack Damage: 75

8 Strike Combo (Master) At the Master level, Mike's strike combo extends to 5 hits.
9 CQC Proficiency (Expert)

Strike Damage: 50

Jump Attack Damage: 90

10 Fury (Advanced)

Melee Damage Bonus: +10%

Enemy Block Rate: -50%

Duration: 10 seconds

Cooldown: 60 seconds

11 Melee Defense (Advanced) Melee Damage Reduction: 15% (30% Total)
12 CQC Proficiency (Master)

Strike Damage: 60

Jump Attack Damage: 110

13 Point Blank Shot This ability gives Mike a deadly finishing move - the ability to quick-draw a weapon during a strike chain to deliver a brutal, close-range shot. Pull the trigger right after a successful quick strike to fire a Point Blank shot.
14 Melee Defense (Master) Melee Damage Reduction: 20% (50% Total)
15 Fury (Master)

At the Master level, each enemy defeated by hand-to-hand attacks gives Mike a quick surge of adrenaline, providing a quick injection of Endurance recovery.

Melee Damage Bonus: +10%

Enemy Block Rate: -75%

Endurance Recovery per kill: 15

Duration: 20 seconds

Cooldown: 60 seconds