Martial Arts is an upgradeable skill in the game Alpha Protocol. This skill costs 4 Advancement Points per rank.

Description Edit

The Martial Arts skill improves your offensive and defensive capabilities in close quarters combat. Higher levels unlock additional attack techniques.

Skills Edit

Rank Name Notes
1 CQC Proficiency (Basic)

Increases the damage inflicted with all hand-to-hand attacks.

Strike Damage: 30 (Default is 20)

2 Strike Combo (Basic)

Extends the number of quick strikes Mike can chain together.

At the Basic level, Mike's basic 3 strike combo extends to 4 strikes.

3 Melee Defense (Basic)

Reduces the damage received from enemy hand-to-hand attacks.

Melee Damage Reduction +15%

4 Knockdown Strike A slower, but more powerful variant of the standard CQC attack. A successful Knockback will stagger your victim and push them out of your personal space.
5 Fury (Basic)

Sends Mike into an adrenaline rush that increases hand-to-hand damage, reduces the effectiveness of enemy blocking attempts, and slows down the world for a brief period of time. While in effect, stealth movement is disabled and any aiming, shooting, or throwing will end the ability.

Melee Damage Bonus: +10%

Enemy Block Rate: -25%

Duration: 6 seconds

Cooldown: 90 seconds

6 CQC Proficiency (Advanced) Strike Damage: 40
7 Jump Attack

Jump Attack adds a sprinting strike to your arsenal. Attacking while sprinting will perform a jumping knee strike - a successful impact will cause substantial injury and render your target prone.

Jump Attack Damage: 75

8 Strike Combo (Master) At the Master level, Mike's strike combo extends to 5 hits.
9 CQC Proficiency (Expert)

Strike Damage: 50

Jump Attack Damage: 90

10 Fury (Advanced)

Melee Damage Bonus: +10%

Enemy Block Rate: -50%

Duration: 10 seconds

Cooldown: 60 seconds

11 Melee Defense (Advanced) Melee Damage Reduction: 15% (30% Total)
12 CQC Proficiency (Master)

Strike Damage: 60

Jump Attack Damage: 110

13 Point Blank Shot This ability gives Mike a deadly finishing move - the ability to quick-draw a weapon during a strike chain to deliver a brutal, close-range shot. Pull the trigger right after a successful quick strike to fire a Point Blank shot.
14 Melee Defense (Master) Melee Damage Reduction: 20% (50% Total)
15 Fury (Master)

At the Master level, each enemy defeated by hand-to-hand attacks gives Mike a quick surge of adrenaline, providing a quick injection of Endurance recovery.

Melee Damage Bonus: +10%

Enemy Block Rate: -75%

Endurance Recovery per kill: 15

Duration: 20 seconds

Cooldown: 60 seconds