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Investigate Weapon Shipments is a mission in the Moscow hub.


Halbech's prototype missiles are being moved through Leningradski Station in Moscow on the cargo train Buran. Find the train and search it for clues as to its destination.

Available intel[]

Intel Type Source Cost Description
VCI Dossier Grigori $5,500 Dossier information on the VCI. Purchasing this intel will expand your dossier on the Veteran Combat Initiative corporation.
Additional On-Site Acquisition Anonymous $5,000 Additional supplies added to mission area. A disgruntled guard is willing to divulge the whereabouts of hidden caches if the price is right.
Mission Information Anonymous $3,000 Intel on Dimitri Dragan. Dragan is known to be a high ranking member of Brayko's gang.
Sniper Rifle Dead Drop Anonymous $1,500 Sniper Rifle Dead Drop. For a small fee, a courier can be hired to leave a rifle stashed on the scene for you to use.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

The mission begins with an introduction to SIE . During the conversation you will have the opportunity to influence your reputation with her.

SIE – “So you come here for the scenery?”

  • Aggressive - (+1) Reputation with SIE
  • Bluff - (-1) Reputation with SIE
  • Honest - (-1) Reputation with SIE

SIE – “…reason you are – to find this Halbech train.”

  • My Terms - (+1) Reputation with SIE
  • Your Terms? - Nothing
  • Cooperate? - Nothing

SIE – “Is it a deal?”

  • No - Nothing (no assistance from SIE)
  • Evasive - Nothing (Alliance with SIE)
  • Yes – Nothing (Alliance with SIE)

At the end of the conversation you have the option to ally with SIE and her men during the mission by selecting Yes or Evasive or to refuse the alliance by selecting No. This will determine whether or not SIE's men will be treated as enemies during this mission.

Dossier: SIE

Mandatory objectives[]

Locate the Buran[]

Find the cargo train "Buran" and search it for the weapons shipment.

The warehouse is the scene of a firefight between the Russian Mafia and VCI operatives under the command of SIE. They will, for the most part, shoot at each other, but will target you eventually. If you agreed to ally yourself with SIE the VCI operatives will ignore you and help take down the Mafia attackers.

Money: $2,000 (in a small room to the right of the start of this mission).

Money: $2,500 (in a small room upstairs in the first large warehouse you pass through).

Dossier: VCI The same item as the $2,500 upstairs

There is also a laptop to hack up here

Weapon Mod (in a small room on the ground floor in the first large warehouse you pass through).

Money: $2,000 (in the building that wraps around the second courtyard after exiting the first warehouse.).

Money: $2,500 (in the building that wraps around the second courtyard after exiting the first warehouse.).

Dossier: Grigori The same item as the $2,500, same item in the courtyard.

There is a laptop to hack here as well.

After passing the water tower with the sniper a terminal can be hacked giving a cash reward as well as SIE dossier information.

Dossier: SIE

Money: $9,000

XP: 25

Money: $2,000 (on the ground level of the north side of the long narrower open area, almost underneath the crane)

Get Through Barricade[]

Find a way through the barricade to the next section of the trainyard.

There are several Russian mafia members patrolling the area. You will have to cross the tracks to climb up, then circle around to access a crane that will complete this objective.

Money: $2,500 (on the catwalk after bypassing the barricade).

After opening the gate beware of passing trains, which proceed down the open tracks (coming from the left as you exit the warehouse, then the opposite direction on the other side of the yard). There is also a guard manning a turret in this area.

Money: $2,500 (on the ground level near the turret).

Enter the marked train car to complete the "Locate the Buran" objective. The train car doors will close and you will have to chose between destroying or rerouting the weapons. Choosing reroute will let you send them to yourself or to Grigori (if he suggested it when/if you met him earlier) at a computer in the next room and will cause reputation shifts. Once you are done new enemies will have spawned.

Find Shipping Manifest[]

Find the Buran's shipping manifest to trace the path of the missiles.

Make your way to the objective marker.

Money: $4,000 (to the right of the computer used to reroute the munitions).

Hack the computer to find the shipping manifest. If you chose to reroute the weapons you will either automatically send them to yourself (if you haven't met Grigori or he didn't suggest you send them to him) or have the option to send them to yourself or Grigori (if he suggested you send them to him earlier).


  • XP: 200
  • Reputation: Mina -1 (if you chose to reroute the weapons to Grigori).
  • Reputation: Grigori +1 (if you chose to reroute the weapons to Grigori).

Identify Unknown Factions[]

Learn the identity and objective of the soldiers attacking the station.

Guards will be patrolling the newly accessible area. As soon as the last enemy is dealt with Dimitri will enter the area with four additional guards triggering a boss fight.

Killing (or incapacitating) Dimitri will complete the "Kill Dimitri" optional objective and trigger a final conversation with SIE. You will again have the opportunity to influence your reputation with her.

Reputation: SIE +1, +1 (net SIE +2)

SIE – First dialogue options

  • Interrogate - (+2) Reputation with SIE
  • Cooperate - (-1) Reputation with SIE, (-1) Reputation with Mina
  • Question - (-1) Reputation with SIE; (+1) Reputation with Mina
  • Attack - Boss fight with SIE

SIE – Second dialogue options

  • Aggressive – Nothing; Impress SIE
  • Suave - Nothing; Impress SIE
  • Professional - Nothing; Impress SIE
  • Attack - Boss fight with SIE

After fight, if you attack SIE

SIE - "..."

  • Shut Up - (+1) Reputation with SIE
  • Make Up - Nothing
  • Give Up - (-1) Reputation with SIE

Optional objectives[]

Retrieved Client list[]

You located a list of clients that have received various weapons shipments that have passed through the train yard.

This mission is not listed at first but is added and completed by hacking the terminal after the first large warehouse.

XP: 100

Find Dimitri[]

Locate Dimitri, the guard protecting the weapons shipment.

The objective is completed automatically at the end of the mission.

Killed Dimitri[]

You killed Dimitri, the Russian mob lieutenant guarding the weapons shipment.

This objective is marked as optional but is mandatory. Once Dimitri and his guards are killed a conversation with SIE will begin.

Impress SIE[]

This objective is added and completed during your conversation with SIE at the end of the mission. If you manage to impress SIE (accomplished by having a positive reputation modifier from selecting aggressive dialog choices but not attacking her at the end) you will complete this objective.

XP: 500

Choices and consequences[]

Consequences of previous missions[]

If you finished Rome missions before this one, SIE will mention the reference in the dialogue.

Consequences in following missions[]


SIE, in the beginning of the mission, likes to be spoken to aggressively and at the end of the mission you will actually have the option to attack her, which will increase your reputation with her. But in the very beginning, speak to her aggressively until she asks you to ally with them. You can choose to without any negative impact on your relationship with SIE or the mission.