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Investigate Weapon Shipments is a mission from Operation Blood Feud set in Moscow.


Halbech's prototype missiles are being moved through Leningradski Station in Moscow on the cargo train Buran. Find the train and search it for clues as to its destination.

Available intel[]

Intel Type Source Price Description
VCI Dossier Grigori $5,500 Dossier information on the VCI. Purchasing this intel will expand your dossier on the Veteran Combat Initiative corporation.
Additional On-Site Acquisition * Anonymous $5,000 Additional supplies added to mission area. A disgruntled guard is willing to divulge the whereabouts of hidden caches if the price is right.
Mission Information** Anonymous $3,000 Intel on Dimitri Dragan. Dragan is known to be a high ranking member of Brayko's gang.
Sniper Rifle Dead Drop Anonymous $1,500 Sniper Rifle Dead Drop. For a small fee, a courier can be hired to leave a rifle stashed on the scene for you to use.

* Additional On-Site Acquisition only adds a few ammo pickups, which are hardly worth the asking price. It also marks all available pickups, including some non-existent ones.

** Mission Information on Dmitri Dragan appears to be slightly bugged. If you do not purchase it then Dimitri will not appear, as expected, but post-mission briefing will mention him getting killed anyway.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

The mission begins with an introduction to SIE. You have to decide if you want to be allied with her VCI soldiers during this mission. It makes little difference as you only encounter 4 of them, but the choice can influence SIE's opinion on Michael.

  1. SIE - First dialogue
    • Aggressive - SIE +1
    • Bluff - SIE -1
    • Honest - SIE -1
  2. SIE - Second dialogue
    • My Terms - SIE +1
    • Your Terms?
    • Cooperate?
  3. SIE - Third dialogue
    • No - Declines the alliance with SIE.
    • Evasive - Alliance with SIE.
    • Yes – Alliance with SIE.
    The choice doesn't really matter, as VCI soldiers will be neutral to Michael even with a No, and could be hurt and killed even with a Yes. With Yes or Evasive, SIE will help kill the first 3 enemies. If you want to earn negative reputation with SIE you'll have to try and kill VCI soldiers first before the Russians get to them.
  • Dossier: SIE

Locate the Buran[]

Find the cargo train "Buran" and search it for the weapons shipment.

The warehouse is the scene of a firefight between the Russian Mafia and VCI operatives. They will fight each other at first, but will target you eventually once the 2 VCIs are dead.

  • Money: $2,000 in a small room to the right near the starting point.
  • Weapon Mod in a small room locked by a keypad on the ground floor.
  • Dossier: VCI in a small room upstairs inside the first large warehouse.
  • Money: $2,500 (along with the dossier).

There is also a computer (+25 XP) near the dossier that can be hacked to unlock the electronic door on the opposite side leading to the water tower.

  • Money: $2,000 in the building opposite the tower.
  • Dossier: Grigori in the building opposite the tower.
  • Money: $2,500 along with the dossier.

Retrieved Client list[]

You located a list of clients that have received various weapons shipments that have passed through the train yard.

This mission is not listed at first but is added and completed by hacking the computer (+25 XP) inside the building opposite the water tower.

  • XP: +50

Proceed past the water tower with the snipers. Blowing up the gas tank below the tower will topple it, killing the snipers, and add an extra entry in the mission debriefing. The computer in the following room can be hacked (+25 XP) giving a cash reward as well as SIE dossier entry.

  • Dossier: SIE
  • Money: $9,000 along with the dossier.

Get Through Barricade[]

Find a way through the barricade to the next section of the trainyard.

There are several Russian mafia members patrolling the area. You will have to cross the tracks to climb up, then circle around to activate a crane that will complete this objective.

  • Halbech Data: on the ground level of the north side of the long narrower open area, underneath the crane.
  • Money: $2,000 along with Halbech Data.
  • Money: $2,500 on the catwalk after riding the crane and bypassing the barricade.

After opening the gate beware of passing trains which regularly pass through this area. There is also a guard manning a machinegun in the middle.

  • Money: $2,500 on the ground level near the machinegun.

Enter the marked train car to complete the "Locate the Buran" objective. The train car doors will close and you will have to chose between destroying or rerouting the weapons. Choosing reroute will let you send them to yourself or to Grigori (if you met him earlier), once you reach the computer in the next area. Destroying them will not produce any noticeable effects, except Mina +1.

  • XP: +200

Find Shipping Manifest[]

Find the Buran's shipping manifest to trace the path of the missiles.

Make your way to the objective marker. Hack the computer (+25 XP) to find the shipping manifest. If you haven't destroyed Buran, then also choose where to reroute the weapons to complete the optional objective "Steal Weapons".

  • XP: +200
  • Money: $4,000 (to the right of the computer used to reroute the weapons).

Steal Weapons[]

You can ship weapons:

  • To yourself: you get about $17,000 worth of low-quality UC equipment that you can sell in the Clearinghouse.
  • To Grigori: the only requirement is that you two met. Him asking for it is not required and, if you attacked him at the bar, it won't matter either. You get $30,000 from Grigori in an e-mail at the safehouse, and possibly another $20,000 if you demand more in the reply with an Aggressive response. Alternatively, with a Straightforward (professional) response to his e-mail you would get a dossier on Championchik. Reputation: Grigori +1, Mina -1.
  • XP: +100

Identify Unknown Faction[]

Learn the identity and objective of the soldiers attacking the station.

Mafia members will start patrolling the newly accessible area. As soon as the last enemy is dealt with, the garage doors will open and 3 other men led by Dimitri (if you bought the intel) will enter the area. Killing or incapacitating Dimitri and his men will complete the "Find Dimitri" and "Kill Dimitri" (no extra XP) optional objectives and trigger the final conversation with SIE.

  1. SIE – First dialogue / If VCI soldiers were attacked by you
    • So What? - SIE +1
    • Accident - Boss fight with SIE. SIE -1
    • Distrust - SIE -1
    • Attack - Boss fight with SIE.
  2. SIE – First dialogue / If you didn't attack VCI soldiers
    You get a reputation increase with SIE (+2) just for completing the mission without firing at her soldiers. It seems that the are no other requirements.
    • Interrogate - SIE +2
    • Cooperate - SIE +1, Mina -1
    • Question - SIE -1, Mina +1
    • Attack - Boss fight with SIE.
  3. SIE – Second dialogue
    • Aggressive – Completed: Impress SIE
    • Suave - Completed: Impress SIE
    • Professional - Completed: Impress SIE
    • Attack - Boss fight with SIE. No negative consequences for choosing this, except losing 500 XP.
    The objective Impress SIE is added and completed immediately. All you have to do is to avoid her boss fight, even if you attacked VCI soldiers. Having a positive reputation with her is not required.
    • XP: +500
  4. SIE – Third dialogue / If you attacked SIE and defeated her
    • Shut Up - SIE +1
    • Make Up
    • Give Up - SIE -1

Boss Fight (SIE)[]

You will engage SIE in combat as she and her VCI soldiers attack your from above. She will stay on the elevated platform, so ranged weapons and gadgets are the only options here. Once her health gets low she will stop the fight and escape. There are no negative or positive consequences for fighting her, except making you fail to complete Impress SIE objective, losing 500 XP — although you do get her kneepad as a consolation prize.

  • XP: +250 (for Identify Unknown Faction objective)

Choices and consequences[]

Consequences of previous missions[]

  • If you finished the main mission in Rome before this one, SIE will reference it.

Consequences in following missions[]

  • Completing this mission will unlock SIE as a potential handler in Intercept Surkov at US Embassy.
  • You will also unlock her as a potential handler in Investigate Marburg's Villa, provided that her reputation would be at least 0 when you do that mission.
  • Redirecting the shipment to Grigori can result in additional intel on Championchik. If you reply with the Straightforward (professional) response to his e-mail after the mission, you will receive the intel in the follow-up e-mail and it is the only way to complete his dossier.


SIE is one of the only two characters in the game (besides Yancy Westridge) that prefers to be spoken to in aggressive manner. She will also have no negative reaction if you choose to fight her at the end of this mission.

If you fought SIE, then her kneepad adorned with red lips will be added to Thorton's safehouse as a souvenir. When interacted with Thortons comments: "Why do I get the feeling she actually likes that I shot her repeatedly..?"