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Investigate Warehouse District Data Trail is a mission in the Taipei hub.


You've tracked a data stream from one of Shaheed's computers to a warehouse in Taipei. The building looks abandoned, but something is drawing a lot of power and it may be related to the assassination plot.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Cost Description
Transponder Frequency Anonymous $3,000 The security intel on the warehouse district indicated a system of automated turrets are in place. The manufacturer could be bribed to give you the proper transponder frequency.
Security Information Anonymous $1,700 Mission map for the Infiltrate Warehouse District mission. For a small fee, a surveillance company will provide you with a detailed map of the compound.
Data Mapping Anonymous $1,400 Mina can put you in touch with a computer specialist that can write a program to assist your infiltration of any computer servers.

Please note: The "Data Mapping" intel is rather useless, as it only saves you time and nothing else.(14 extra seconds is not worth $1,400)

Edit: But if you want to complete this mission without touching anyone, this could be very useful.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Please note that this guide was written for stealth-based characters; as run-n'-gunners have virtually no need for strategies.

Edit: Please note, this mission can be completed without touching anyone (similar to CIA post mission from Rome), and fairly easy if you have Shadow Operative (at least Advanced) and Remote Hack. At the end you can get +1 additional point of reputation with Albatross (+5 total max). It's safe to assume that this additional point comes exactly from avoiding confrontation with G22, but it needs to be checked.

Mandatory Objectives[]

Locate Power Source[]

Find out what's drawing so much power in the warehouse.

You start hidden behind a wall with two security cameras and one G22 guard nearby. Quickly shoot or subdue the agent, then enter the adjoining room and cut power to the cameras. Next, bypass the keypad in the center room and ride the elevator to move to the next floor.

When you walk out of the elevator a guard will be patrolling the hallway immediately to your left, simply wait for him to pass then subdue him. Follow the hallway to the very end, in the empty room to the left, you will find a duffle bag of money; then retrace your steps and in the red-lit generator room and enter to complete the objective.

Money: $4,000 (in small room at end of hallway after the elevator).

XP: 200

Access Network[]

Plant bugs on three of the six servers.

In the observation room subdue the single guard as he looks out the window, then enter the storage room to your left for an item. Retrace your steps and collect the briefcase in the small room.

Money: $8,000 (in small room to the right after identifying the network hub).

Money: $8,000 (in small room to the left after identifying the network hub).

Exit through the door (not the stairwell), and onto the walkway. Avoid the camera, subdue the guard, then watch the two remaining guards' pattern until they both turn away. Drop down, take them out, then head to the adjoining room and hack the computer (note: noticed a bug on Xbox 360 version that does not allow you to hack the computer)and pick up the brief case.

Dossier: Sis

Now that the coast is clear, you can bug the servers without fear of being harassed (except by the cameras). Only the servers with a blue light can be bugged; there are three in the main area, one against the wall to the right as you leave the room with the hackable computer, a second to the left of the same room, in the middle of the computer banks and one nudged against the wall (if you purchased the "Data Mapping" intel, you need only bug one server).

Afterwards, a guard will burst into the room through the previously locked door on the walkway as Mike announces that the bugs are being jammed.

XP: 250

Bypass Jamming Device[]

Once through the door, there are two more hackable servers; one to your immediate left, and one straight ahead. There is also another guard, facing away, in the hallway to you right. Subdue him, then enter the red-lit room to take down another agent and hack the final server.

Money: $2,000 (in room just off of main hallway)

Back in the hallway, you can enter what appears to be a chemistry lab; easily take down the guard (he's just staring out the window), then pick up the brief case.

Dossier: Scarlet Lake (in room with windows overlooking the street)

Now just head up the metal stairwell, and onto the roof. There are five G22 operatives, three can only be taken out by shooting, so equip your silencer or subsonic rounds and get crakin'. Subdue the agent in front of you then swiftly and silently shoot the one to your above left. There is a duffle bag containing $5,000 in the corner to your left so don't forget!

Money: $5,000 (in corner on roof, to the left of the roof entrance)

Advance along the roof and take down the guard patrolling near the jammer; then VERY quickly shoot the two agents by the Helicopter (If an alarm is sounded, another will join them and man the turret). After hacking the jammer (detonating it triggers an alarm and who needs that?), a lone G22 operative will stroll out of the nearest door and is easily subdued. (A fun way of taking this guy out, is to get to the door before he does, bash it open so he falls to the ground, and then stomp him into the dirt.)

XP: 250


Get out of there.

Climb down the ladder and pick up the bag with the money to the right before preceding.

Money: $5,000 (to the right as you exit the room with the ladder to the roof)

On the walkway is a guard, take him down then enter the room directly below via the stairway, and hack the computer. Hide behind the storage until you're in position to take down the second agent; and use the same strategy for the third. Enter the room on the far end (while avoiding the cameras), to find a first aid station, a hackable computer, case with money, and the button to open the garage door to freedom.

Money: $5,000 (in the room with the panel that opens the door)

Outside, there are three final guards (more if an alarm was sounded). Advance along the platform to the open truck bed, pick up the gadgets, and wait until both agents' backs are turned before striking. Subdue the last guard, then head toward the second white truck bed in the corner. Pick the door lock to find a weapon mod.

Weapon Mod (in back of locked trailer)

Now just Climb the ladder, jump off the catwalk (onto the same truck bed), and leap over the gate to freedom!

XP: 250

Reputation: Albatross +1 ( after first dialog node if you did not set off any alarms or put any guards on high alert) or Albatross +2 (mission started in the last hub, i didn't alerted nor touch any guard, completed all objective and purchased all the intel beforehand, not sure what triggered this)(other user: did mission without any intel, was my second hub, everything else the same, got +2)

The mission ends with a dialog with Albatross. You have the opportunity to influence your reputation with him here.

  • Challenging (first Aggressive node)
  • Joking (first Suave node) Albatross -1
  • Practical (first Professional node) Albatross +1
  • Sis (first Miscellaneous node) Albatross -1, only if you encountered G22 in Moscow earlier
  • Angry (second Aggressive node) Albatross -1
  • Taunting (second Suave node) Albatross -1
  • Trusting (second Professional node) Albatross +1
  • Delete Programs (third Aggressive node) Albatross +1, ensures G22 support and intel during future Taipei missions
  • Bluff (third Suave node) Albatross +1, only available if all 6 servers were bugged, ensures G22 support and intel during future Taipei missions and future Omen Deng and Albatross dossier info
  • Refuse (third Professional node) Albatross -1, ensures future Omen Deng and Albatross dossier info

After this cut scene another will load with Mina back at the safehouse.

Optional Objectives[]

Bug All 6 Servers[]

You bugged all six of the shadow network's servers, ensuring that your infiltration will not be fully detected.

XP: 250

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

Consequences in Following Missions[]

  • Keeping the bugs nets you Intel pieces on Omen Deng and Albatross (necessary for reaching 100% on their dossiers).
  • Deleting the bugs will ensure G22's assistance in the final mission of Taipei; and the "Added Handler Support" intel is added to the clearing house for the "Intercept Assassination Plans" mission.
  • However bugging all of the 6 servers allows you use the Bluff response when asked to delete the bugs. This allows you to obtain both pros with neither of the cons.

If Albatross is Dead[]

If you killed Albatross in Assault Brayko's Mansion before starting this mission:

  • The conversation with him at the mission's end will be skipped and the mission will end as soon as you walk out the gates.
  • The game will automatically keep the bugs on the servers and the same data will come.
  • You will also, after the mission's completion, have an email forwarded to you by Mina which is cryptic but reveals details on how Albatross's death is known of (and will confirm the presence of the package on the Chingmei line).


When detected:

Agent Thorton successfully bugged the network hub's servers, but was detected by the operatives guarding the warehouse. With their security compromised, they will likely shut the network down soon.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you get this message the mission may still count towards the "One With The Shadows" perk (also an Xbox 360 achievement and Playstation 3 trophy) as long as none of the enemies were fully alerted to your presence (red status when using the awareness ability; the yellow status is okay). This has been confirmed.