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Investigate Warehouse District Data Trail is a mission from the Operation True Heirs set in Taipei.


You've tracked a data stream from one of Shaheed's computers to a warehouse in Taipei. The building looks abandoned, but something is drawing a lot of power and it may be related to the assassination plot.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Price Description
Transponder Frequency Anonymous $3,000 The security intel on the warehouse district indicated a system of automated turrets are in place. The manufacturer could be bribed to give you the proper transponder frequency.
Security Information Anonymous $1,700 Mission map for the Infiltrate Warehouse District mission. For a small fee, a surveillance company will provide you with a detailed map of the compound.
Data Mapping Anonymous $1,400 Mina can put you in touch with a computer specialist that can write a program to assist your infiltration of any computer servers.
  • Data Mapping intel is rather useless, as it only saves you the small effort of interacting with the 2nd and 3rd server and nothing else. It can also sometimes glitch the objective if you reload a checkpoint, allowing you to complete it but preventing from earning XP. Although, you would still be able to bluff your way out in the conversation with Albatross if you bug all 6 servers.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

This mission is one of the few that qualifies for the One with the Shadows perk / achievement / trophy (complete 3 missions wherein less than 5 enemies were killed and no hostiles became alerted to your presence.) The guide was written with stealth-based character in mind. If you wish to engage in combat, the mission will mostly remain unchanged, except for reinforcements in most areas and lower reputation gain from Albatross. You would also get a different debriefing from Mina and a different version of a news report if you opt to destroy the jamming device, instead of hacking it.

If you wish to complete the mission undetected it is advised to either purchase the Transponder Frequency intel or activate the Remote Hack ability, if you can, as the turrets will be a major obstacle to avoid here. All of them can disabled by hacking computers, though, so if you're good with that, this intel can be skipped. Having Shadow Operative and a stealth suit with one or two Digital Camouflage mods is also highly recommended.

Locate Power Source[]

Find out what's drawing so much power in the warehouse.

You start hidden behind a wall with two security cameras and one G22 agent nearby. Either wait for him to walk away or simply shoot him (as cameras don't react to bodies), then enter the adjoining room and cut power to the cameras. Next, bypass the elevator keypad and ride the elevator to the floor below.

When you walk out of the elevator a agent will be patrolling the hallway immediately to your left, simply wait for him to pass or subdue him. Follow the hallway to the very end, in the empty room to the left you will find a Duffel Bag with $4,000; then retrace your steps to the red-lit generator room and enter it to complete the objective.

  • Money: $4,000 - Duffel Bag in an empty room.
  • XP: +200

As you enter the room Thorton will identify the network hub. There is an agent patrolling the next two rooms, both containing pickups:

  • Money: $8,000 -Briefcase in a small room to the right.
  • Money: $8,000 - Duffel Bag In a small room to the left.

You can pick the lock on the door to the right for 25 XP and then enter the catwalk and deal with the agents patrolling the upper level, or leave him for later.

Access Network[]

Plant bugs on three of the six servers.

First, enter the adjoining room on the ground floor and pick up the Briefcase with intel.

Then hack the computer to disable the turrets. Don't worry, you can't be seen through the glass. Note that computer may appear non-interactable (i.e. show no floating icon), but if you press Interact near it, that should still initiate the hack as normal.

Now bug the three severs with blue lights. There is one against the wall to the right as you leave the room with the hackable computer, a second to the left of the same room, in the middle of the computer banks, and one overlooked by a camera. If you purchased the Data Mapping intel, you would only need to bug one server. As for the agents, you can either try to subdue the two agents near the severs or time your movement and place the bugs on the servers as they walk around. Watch for the camera that overlooks one of the servers to avoid the alarm.

As soon as you bug the last server, an agent will break the door open and will stay on the catwalk, along with the patrolling agent. To leave the room you have to use the catwalk to reach that door. You'll either have to subdue the agent(s), or use Shadow Operative to sneak past them.

  • XP: +250

Bug All 6 Servers[]

You bugged all six of the shadow network's servers, ensuring that your infiltration will not be fully detected.

Once through the door, there are two more hackable servers: one to your immediate left, and one straight ahead. There is also another agent, facing away, in the hallway to you right. The final 6th server is in the red-lit room in the middle.

  • XP: +250
  • Money: $2,000 - Briefcase in the dark room on the left.

Back in the hallway, you can enter a chemistry lab with an agent inside, then pick up the brief case on the central table.

Bypass Jamming Device[]

Now head up the metal stairwell, and onto the roof. There is a Duffel Bag containing $5,000 in the corner to your left as you exit the staircase. There are five G22 operatives, three can only be reached with a weapon, so either shoot them with Chain Shot, or if you have a stealth suit with two Digital Camouflage mods equipped, ignore them and hack the jammer, as you'll be outside their vision range.

  • Money: $5,000 - In a corner of the roof, to the left of the roof entrance.

After hacking the jammer (which can also be destroyed, but that triggers an alarm), a lone G22 operative will unlock the nearby door and walk towards the jammer.

  • XP: +400


Escape the warehouse through the loading dock.

Climb down the ladder and pick up the Duffel Bag with $5,000 on the right side before preceding.

  • Money: $5,000 - In a Duffel Bag.

In the next area there is an agent on the walkway and 2 agents on the ground floor overlooked by cameras and turrets. This makes taking them down risky, so you'll likely have to lure them to the upper floor with Sound Generator, or use Shadow Operative to sneak by.

Hack the computer on the ground floor immediately below from where you entered to deactivate the turrets. In the room on the opposite side there is a first aid station, a case with money and Halbech Data, and the button to open the garage door.

  • Halbech Data - Briefcase near the button opening the door.
  • Money: $5,000 - Along with Halbech Data.

Outside, there are three agents. Advance along the platform to the open truck bed, pick up the gadgets, and wait until both agents' backs are turned before continuing. Then head toward the second white truck in the right corner. Pick its back door lock to find a weapon mod.

There are two ways to leave: either disable the camera and hack the keypad on the gate (no XP) or, more easily, just climb the ladder on near the truck with the mod, jump off the catwalk on top of the truck, and leap over the gate to escape.

  • XP: +250

As you exit the warehouse area, you will be contacted by Albatross (if he is alive).

  1. Albatross - First dialogue
    • Challenging
    • Joking - Albatross -1
    • Practical - Albatross +1
    • Sis - Albatross -2 / Only if you killed Sis in Moscow earlier.
    Albatross will then make a comment based on your mission performance:
    • If you infiltrated all 6 servers and didn't kill too many agents: Albatross +2
    • If you bugged only 3 servers OR if you killed numerous G22 agents: No reputation gain
    Completing the mission without killing G22 agents AND without detection will earn you a compliment from Albatross, but no further reputation gain. Killing most agents will also get its own comment, with no reputation loss.
  2. Albatross - Second dialogue
    • Angry - Albatross -1
    • Taunting - Albatross -1
    • Trusting - Albatross +1
  3. Albatross - Third dialogue
    • Delete Programs - Ensures G22 support and intel during future Taipei missions. No dossier unlocks. Albatross +1
    • Bluff - Only available if all 6 servers were bugged; ensures G22 support and intel during future Taipei missions. Gain both Omen Deng and Albatross dossiers. Albatross +1
    • Refuse - Ensures future Omen Deng dossier unlock, but not Albatross dossier. Albatross -1
    The dossiers will be unlocked via the email from Mina before the final Taipei mission.

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

If you killed Albatross in Assault Brayko's Mansion before starting this mission:

  • The conversation with him will be skipped and the mission will end as soon as you walk out the gates.
  • The game will automatically keep the bugs on the servers, providing the same intel entries.
  • You will also, after the mission's completion, have a cryptic email forwarded to you by Mina, revealing details on Albatross's death and confirming the intel on the assassination plans.

Consequences in Following Missions[]

  • Refusing to delete the bugs nets you dossier entry on Omen Deng, but not on Albatross. The intel will be available via an e-mail from Mina before the Stop Omen Deng at Memorial Rally mission.
  • Deleting the bugs will cost you the dossiers, but ensure G22 troops' assistance in the final mission of Taipei; and the Added Handler Support intel would be added to the Clearinghouse for the Intercept Assassination Plans mission.
  • However bugging all of the 6 servers and using the Bluff response when asked to delete the bugs give you both pros with neither of the cons. You get the full G22 support and dossier entries on Omen Deng and Albatross, which is necessary for reaching 100% of their dossiers.


Even if you weren't detected, you may still get this status in the mission results:

  • Agent Thorton successfully bugged the network hub's servers, but was detected by the operatives guarding the warehouse. With their security compromised, they will likely shut the network down soon.

If you got this message, but none of the enemies were fully alerted to your presence (red status is detection; the yellow status is okay), then mission will still count towards the One With The Shadows perk / achievement / trophy.