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Investigate Ruins Transmission is a mission in the Rome hub.


Intercept the Data transfer between Al-Samad and Marburg's men

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Cost Description
Al-Samad Dossier Grigori $5,000 Dossier information on Al-Samad. Purchasing this Intel will expand your dossier on the Al-Samad terrorist organization.
Ally Support Anonymous $1,000 Al-Samad is active at the site of your mission. Given that you spared Shaheed's life, you may wish to call ahead to warn him of your mission.
Supplies Anonymous Nasri's captor informed you of some additional supplies at the site. This intel is only available if you arrested  Nasri.

NOTE: The Al-Samad Dossier intel will not be available if their dossier is already at 100%. Ally Support is only available if you let Shaheed go in Saudi Arabia.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Mandatory Objectives[]

Locate the source of the transmission and intercept the data feed.

Search Ruins[]

Enter the ruins and take out the 3 Al-Samad guards (if you spare Shaheed in Saudi Arabia, he will notify the guards of your arrival and you can just stroll through) then climb over the wall to the next area. After killing the first guard, go right from where you came in and pick up the weapon mod in this spot, then head across and enter the little stone building. On your left (before you leave) will be a path to some weapons and ammo, you can plant a bomb on it (the first of three places to plant explosives).

Weapon Mod (in an alcove to the right as soon as you encounter the first VCI guard)

Move on and take out the three guards you find in the next area, head down the stairs here and get the bag of money ($4000). Head back up and grab the ammo beside the red barrel and also the area directly below the red barrel which is like a rock sand building.

Money: $4,000 (in small room after following a small set of stairs down into a building)

Move into the next area, there are 4 enemies here. Two will be here (one up and to the left, one in the open) and the other two are in the building on your right as you entered. They will come out if shooting starts. Go inside the building here and place a bomb on the weapons here (location two). Before going down the ladder, pick up the ammo beside the alarm and $4000 next to the ladder.

Money: $4,000 (next to ladder heading into ruins)

Go down the ladder and pick up the mod beside it. Follow the path and kill the 2 guards and pick up the mod beside them then follow the path and kill the 2 guards outside (4 Guards in total) Don't drop down yet. Where you came in there was a door on the right, go there and get the $4000 and the pistol mod, then plant the last bomb. There is also a safe directly opposite from where u came in. Also, before dropping down you might want to take out the 3 guards from where they can't reach you easily or go down and take them all,your choice.

Weapon Mod (right after going down ladder)

Weapon Mod (in catacombs by bad guy)

Weapon Mod (by 3rd weapons cache)

Money: $4,000 (also by 3rd weapons cache)

Weapon Mod (in safe in tiny room)

Hack Comm Array[]

After dropping down into this pit search it for supplies and things (2 ammo packs, 1 gadget, $1000, and info on Madison near the array) hack the comm array and get ready for a nice long fight. You must defend the array by killing all the attacking enemies.

Dossier: Madison (by Comm Array)

Money: $1,000 (by Comm Array)

Weapon Mod (safe on far left when entering)

Money: $15,000 (safe towards the middle)


Defend The Array[]

There will always be at least 3 guards attacking you during this part of the mission. In total there are around 11 or 12 enemies. Although Mina tells you to defend the array, you don't have to stop them coming near it, just stay alive and kill the enemies. After killing the enemies you will see a nice cutscene of Mike self destructing the laptop and him escaping the ruins (with a nice explosion if you planted the charges).


Optional Objectives[]

Destroy Caches[]

Place bombs on all three weapon locations. You should be able to find them all as you advance through the ruins with little effort put into looking for them.

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

If you executed Shaheed and/or have a hostile relationship with him, you will not have the option to warn him in advance, and the Al-Samad terrorists will be hostile.

Consequences in Following Missions[]


  • If you purchase the intel you will meet Marburg's men (Deus Vult). If not (or there is no intel because Shaheed is dead) you will only find Al-Samad here. Considering Al-Samad is easier to defeat in general than Deus Vult, this intel seems to make the mission only harder, not easier.
  • Proximity grenades are extremely useful during the Defend The Array objective. After clearing the initial set of guards, and before executing the hack, place grenades at strategic points - inside archways, near the alarm box, on the pillars in the center. Shock traps work well as they can affect multiple enemies and incapacitate tougher enemies for a brief amount of time.
  • If you're using veteran as your class, Mike will hum a "sinister melody" (named after the subtitles) upon saying he doesn't want to pick up any curses. The "melody" is actually the same sound than the one made by the defaulting lights.
  • If this is your first mission in Rome after Investigate Marburg's Villa then after you come back to your safehouse you will see cutscene with Madison:

first Suave node Madison +1

first Aggressive node Madison -1

second Aggressive node Madison -1

second Suave node Madison +1

second Professional node Madison +1

  • If this is your second mission in Rome after Investigate Marburg's Villa (that mean that you have accomplished Investigate Delivery at Warehouse) than you will be able to romance Madison Saint James. You will be able to choose between "Let Her Sleep" (Suave node) leading to the gentleman perk (Endurance Recharge Rate +20) and "check on her" (Professional node) leading to the Rome-ance perk. In "check on her" many options but no matter what you choose you will get the same perk (unless you choose "leave", miscellaneous node, then you will get gentleman perk and no romance). There is no reputation bonuses in this or the next cutscene.