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Investigate Marburg’s Villa is a mission in the Rome hub.


Go to Conrad Marburg's villa, talk to him, and find the information you're looking for. If you haven't been to Moscow previously, or do not have good reputation with her, you will not have the option of choosing SIE as your handler.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Cost Description
Deus Vult Dossier Anonymous $5,500 Dossier information on Deus Vult. Purchasing this Intel will expand your dossier on the agents that take orders from Conrad Marburg.
Security Information Anonymous $750 Mission map for the villa where Marburg is located. For a small fee, a surveillance company will provide you with a detailed map of this secluded residence.

Note: Secret area in courtyard for "Final Intel" objective is not accessible without purchasing Security Information intel, essentially making it a bonus objective.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Mandatory Objectives[]

Talk To Marburg[]

The mission opens with Mike surrendering to Marburg's guards and being brought before him. During the ensuing conversation you have the opportunity to influence your reputation with him.

Conrad Marburg - First dialogue options

  • Confident
  • Dismissive
  • Practical

Conrad Marburg - Second dialogue options

  • Attack (first Miscellaneous node) ends conversation and leads to a hand to hand battle
  • Defiant (second Aggressive node)
  • Bluff (second Suave node) Marburg -1; ends conversation and leads to a hand to hand battle (though a high rep will lead him to believe you)

Conrad Marburg - Third dialogue options

  • Employment? (second Professional node)
  • Attack (first Miscellaneous node) ends conversation and leads to a hand to hand battle

Conrad Marburg - Fourth dialogue options

  • Defiant - Marburg -1
  • Dismissive - Marburg -1
  • Patriot - Marburg +1

After the conversation ends you will have to fight two guards hand to hand. Once they are down you will need to pick a handler for the mission.

  • SIE - SIE +1, Mina -2
  • Madison - Madison +1, Mina -1
  • Mina - Mina +1

Recover Gear[]

After dealing with the first two guards and picking your handler (Mina or Madison; or SIE if after Moscow) a third guard will enter the room. Pick up the $3500 by the bed.

Money: $3,500 (next to the bed).

Leave the room, and proceed down the hall to an office; it's probably best to avoid the guard standing near the double doors, as you have no weapons, and there are three more guards behind the doors.

Alternatively though, if your stealth rank is high enough to have unlocked at least 30 seconds of Shadow Operative, you can quickly sneak up to them and stealthkill/subdue them. (a combination of 10 second shadow operative and brilliance might also work, but is unconfirmed. 30 second Shadow Operative + Brilliance is just overkill.)

In the office, there's some intel in the form of a phone conversation.

Proceed out onto the balcony and take out the guard. Go through the French doors and pick up some ammo and a mod that's on an adjacent balcony. Crack the safe. Enter the hallway and turn left, then right - your gear is in the closet. (Turning to the right first brings you into an encounter with the guards you avoided earlier.)

Money: $1,000 (in safe after office with phone)

Weapon Mod (on balcony after the office with the phone).

Escape Villa[]

Leave this room and head left, around the camera and into the room on the right. Do a stealth kill on the guard here if you can and hack the computers in here and pick or EMP the lock. The safe gives you $1000 (difficult), the first computer you see turns off the cameras (easy), and the last computer gives $4000 (easy). Leave the room and go down the hall to the indicated location, open the doors.

Money: $1,000 (in safe in security room)

Money: $4,000 (for hacking computer in security room)

There will be 5 guards in this room, one you can easily stealth kill, the others are a little harder. There is a slight chance that even if you do silently kill an enemy here the others will become aware of it. I found it easy to simply crouch on the stairs here and silently shoot them. After killing all of them pick up the Madison dossier near the piano bench, proceed down the hallway and out the door. When you leave room with piano turn left and head for the left to the statue. You will find $2000 on the couch and if your handler is Madison you will know something interesting about Marburg (not for the record in dossier).

Money: $2,000 (on couch next to statue)

After leaving hall, on the terrace there will be 4 guards here and an auto turret near the other door. Kill the two guards on this side and then kill the two on the other side and EMP or sneak past the turret, when you move up enough look between the 2nd and 3rd column, the keypad is where you want to aim the EMP if you plan on using one here, the turret is right next to the keypad here. Be careful about hitting the 3rd column as you toss the EMP.

Go inside and down the hallway, the only door you can open is the double doors at the very end of this hallway. There are 3 on the first floor and once you kill one, another will spawn on the 2nd floor and join the other one already up there to snipe at your. Kill all the guards here and search both floors. There is $3000 in a bag in the middle area next to the stairs on the left side. The safe at the bar has $1000. Upstairs you will find some Halbech data behind a chair to your left, and another $1000 on the left side of the room near the double doors.

Money: $3,000 (bag in center area with poker tables)

Money: $1,000 (in safe near bar)

Money: $1,000 (upstairs near the double doors)

Go through these doors and down the hall, then through the door here and kill the sniper on the left. Go to the next window and use the sniper to kill the rest of the guards in this area, 5 of them, one is often blocked by the statue, but you should be able to hit him as he is walking from the gate to the statue. Head back the way you came and through the double doors on the opposite side of where you entered. Go down the hallways and enter the door on the right then stealth kill the guard here. $3500 in the briefcase and info on the guards here. $2000 on the other side of the room. Hack or EMP this computer, as it turns off the turrets in the next room and in the garden area.

Money: $3,500 (in computer room)

Money: $2,000 (in computer room)

Leave this room and go right, open the door and go down this hallway to get $2000.

Money: $2,000 (at end of hallway near the turret)

Then go outside and on the right is the secret entrance you could have paid to get intel for (you won't be able to open it if you didn't buy the intel). If you have a problem finding it look at your map. Get the $1000 at the end of this hallway and then pickup more info on Marburg, get the ammo and more money + some info on Alan Parker. And by this time (if you have awareness master) you should notice that on the left side of this place is an enemy and on the right side is a turret. If you need ammo this is a good place to get it seeing as it constantly spawns here. leave through the large gate here and the mission ends. If the alarm is off, you may see a helicopter attacking you. Is (own experience) invincible, but easy to hide from .

Money: $1,000 (end of hallway in secret passage)

Money: $1,000 (in room at end of hallway in secret passage)

Money: $2,000 (in room at end of hallway in secret passage)

Optional Objectives[]

Find Intel[]

Search the Villa for Intel on what Halbech's plans in Rome are. After choosing your handler, leave the room and take the farthest door to the right. Use the phone on the desk to complete this.

Find Additional Intel[]

Search the Villa for Intel on what Halbech's plans in Rome are. Just before entering the garden use a console in a side room (which disables the turrets as well).

Find Final Intel[]

In the garden secret room where the hosepipe is on the wall. To access this area you must have purchased the mission map intel.

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

Consequences in Following Missions[]

  • Picking Madison as your handler for this mission is not necessary in order for you to get a chance at romancing her. You need at least a +3 reputation with her, and you can only get her up to +2 during the initial meeting and at your safehouse. Choosing her as your handler gives you +1, and another +1 is possible during the mission. If you choose Mina, it's still possible to romance Madison. Using suave answers during future dialog will net you an additional +2, enough to sleep with her later.


After you've been roughed up by Marburg's goons, don't miss the briefcase next to the bed, which has $3500 in it.

There are ammo caches on both sides of the courtyard that respawn so you may want to hang around and collect it for future battles and/or to sell the ammo for cash.