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Investigate Marburg's Villa is a mission from Operation Deus Vult set in Rome.


Go to Conrad Marburg's villa, talk to him, and find the information you're looking for.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Price Description
Deus Vult Dossier Anonymous $5,500 Dossier information on Deus Vult. Purchasing this Intel will expand your dossier on the agents that take orders from Conrad Marburg.
Security Information* Anonymous $750 Mission map for the villa where Marburg is located. For a small fee, a surveillance company will provide you with a detailed map of this secluded residence.
  • The secret area in the courtyard containing two dossiers for the "Final Intel" objective is not accessible without purchasing Security Information intel.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Talk To Marburg[]

The mission opens with Mike surrendering to Marburg's guards and being brought before him.

  1. Conrad Marburg - 1st dialogue
    • Confident
    • Dismissive
    • Practical
    • Attack - Ends conversation.
  2. Conrad Marburg - 2nd dialogue / If Marburg dislikes Thorton
    • Defiant
    • Bluff - Marburg -1
    • Honest
    • Attack
    All options here, including Attack, end with Marburg ordering his men to shock, then beat Throton into compliance.
  3. Conrad Marburg - 2nd dialogue / If Marburg likes Thorton
    • Defiant
    • Bluff
    • Employment?
    • Attack - Ends conversation.
  4. Conrad Marburg - 3rd dialogue
    • Defiant - Marburg -1
    • Dismissive - Marburg -1
    • Patriot - Marburg +1
    All options here end with Marburg ordering his men to shock, then beat Throton into compliance.

After the conversation ends you will have to fight two guards in hand to hand combat.

Once they are down you will need to pick a handler for the mission. If you have been to Moscow previously and met SIE during Investigate Weapon Shipments, and you have at least Neutral reputation with her (0 or more), you will have an option of choosing SIE as your handler. If not, then the choice is between Mina and Madison. Picking Madison as your handler for this mission is not necessary in order to romance her, as long as you've got positive reputation with her during her first mission (+2 max). There will be an opportunity to get additional +2 with her in the future conversations, which should be enough to reach +3 reputation that's required for her romance opportunity to unlock.

The choice is mostly cosmetic, changing the dialogues and some after-mission emails, while only affecting your reputation with characters.

  • SIE - SIE +1, Mina -2
  • Madison - Madison +1, Mina -1
  • Mina - Mina +1

Recover Gear[]

Once you pick the handler a third guard will enter. Beat him, them pick up the briefcase near Marburg's bed before leaving the room.

  • Money: $3,500 - Briefcase next to the bed in Marburg's office.

Proceed down the hall to an office. It is probably best to avoid the guard standing near the double doors, since there are three more guards behind the doors, who will be hard to deal with without weapons. However, with Shadow Operative of a high enough level (Expert or Master) you can try and take them all out with stealth takedowns — or try and lure them out one-by-one. There is no loot in their room, so it's hardly worth it, although you will get a funny exchange with SIE by walking in front of a marble bust.

Find Intel[]

In the office, there's some intel to gain in the form of a phone conversation.

  • XP: +50

Proceed out onto the terrace. Go through the doors and pick up some ammo and a mod that's on an adjacent balcony. Crack the safe.

  • Money: $1,000 - In the safe after leaving the terrace.
  • Weapon Mod - On a small balcony after leaving the terrace.

Enter the hallway and turn left, then right — your gear is in the closet.

  • XP: +150

Escape Villa[]

Leave the closet and head left, to the security room. The computer in front of the monitors turns off the cameras, and another computer gives $4000.

  • Money: $1,000 - In a safe in the security room.
  • Money: $4,000 - Hack the computer in the security room.

Leave the room and go down the hall to the indicated location.

There will be 5 guards in the next room, with one sniper on the balcony.

  • Dossier: Madison Saint James - Leaning on the armchair near the piano.
  • Money: $2,000 - On couch next to statues.

If your handler is Madison, then when you get close to the statues, you will get a "super secret" fact on Marburg (not for the dossier).

If alarm was triggered, then as you walk down the hallway a helicopter will fly by — you'll have to fight or avoid it later in the gardens.

After leaving the hall, on the terrace there will be 4 guards and an auto turret near the door.

Go inside and down the hallway, then enter the game room. There are 3 guards on the first floor and if you take them out, another 3 on the second floor and join the fight. There will be a lot more enemies (5-6 extra) if alarm is triggered.

  • Money: $3,000 - Bag in center area with poker tables.
  • Money: $1,000 - In a safe near the bar.
  • Halbech Data - Upstairs behind one of the armchairs.
  • Money: $1,000 - Upstairs near the double doors.

if you go through the double doors on the 2nd floor you will eventually reach the balconies with one sniper enemy and a sniper rifle nearby. Use it to snipe the enemies in the garden, if you don't mind the lethal approach. Since there is nothing to pick up here, you can go all the way back to the 1st floor. Go down the hallway and enter the security room on the right with a single guard inside.

Find Additional Intel[]

The computer in this room shuts down the auto turrets in the garden and completes the bonus objective.

  • XP: +50
  • Money: $3,500 - Briefcase in the security room.
  • Dossier: Deus Vult - In the security room.
  • Money: $2,000 - Along with the dossier.

Leave the room and go right, open the door and go down the hallway with the auto turret.

  • Money: $2,000 - At end of the hallway near the auto turret.

Go outside towards the gardens. If you triggered an alarm, a helicopter will appear at the other end of the gardens, near the exit. You can try and defeat it, if you have the build and equipment for it (preferably an assault rile with armor piercing ammo), or just ignore its rockets and run for the exit, once you gather the loot in the area. It takes about 50-60 shots from a 3-star assault rifle to destroy it, maybe more with worse quality AR.

If you need ammo there are two respawning piles on both sides of the gardens.

Find Final Intel[]

After you exit the villa, on your right there will be the secret entrance hidden behind a white wall with the circular garden hose. Check the map, if you bought the intel: it should appear as a blue dot near the bottom center. The door will not be interactable if you didn't buy it.

  • Money: $1,000 - In a briefcase and the end of the secret passage.
  • Dossier: Conrad Marburg
  • Money: $1,000 - Along with the dossier.
  • Dossier: Alan Parker - Inside the room in the secret passage.
  • Money: $2,000 - Along with the dossier.

After you pick up the dossiers, the final bonus objective will complete.

  • XP: +50

Exit through the front gate to end the mission. Even if you were completely stealthy and didn't take down a single guard after beating up the 3 Marburg's men in the beginning, the cutscene would still show Thorton leaving a trail of bodies and explosions behind, as Marburg watches from a balcony.

  • XP: +150

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

  • Your reputation with SIE will determine if she will be available as a handler on this mission: it should be at least 0.

Consequences in Following Missions[]

  • Picking Madison as your handler for this mission is not necessary in order to romance her, as long as you've got positive reputation with her during her first mission (+2 max) — but it will help if you earned some negative rep with her. There will be an opportunity to get additional +2 with her in the future dialogues, which should be enough to reach +3 reputation that's required for her romance to unlock.
  • You need to collect Madison's dossier in this mission in order to reach 100% of her dossier, which is required to obtain her secret fact after romancing her.
  • To obtain the Agent of Change perk at the end of the game, you must collect Conrad Marburg's dossier in the secret path hidden in this mission.