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Investigate Jizan Weapon Stockpile is one of the missions in the Saudi Arabia hub.


Search any traces of the stolen Halbech missiles.


An Al-Samad detention camp on the outskirts of Jizan had a spike in network activity, suggesting Al-Samad is stockpiling weapons there and possibly the Halbech missiles as well. Infiltrate the camp, search for weapons stockpiles, then find their communications hub and upload any information from their server to our databanks.

Maximum intel acquired for the mission: 4


Nasri's interrogator has informed you that Nasri's assistant is a guard in the compound and has a laptop worth a good sum of money.


  • You arranged for additional to be dropped in the area.
  • You coerced Nasri to send supplies to the area.

Darcy's contact revealed tricks to disabling the security throughout the compound

Effect: Reduced difficulty of hacks.

You hired a private military company to start a skirmish off-site and draw some guards from the compound. Expect weaker reserves personnel at the mission site.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Cost Description
Mission Intel Anonymous $3500 Bonus objective added to the mission. Nasri's captor is offering information on items of interest located in the Al-Samad Jizan compound.
Additional On-Site Acquisition (1) Nasri $3000 Additional supplies added to the mission area. With a few dollars to grease the wheels, you can have Al-Samad's weapon supplier shuttle in more weaponry at bargain rates -- which you can then swipe during your mission.
Additional On-Site Acquisition (2) Nasri $4 Additional supplies added to the mission area. Seeing as Nasri owes you his life, the least he can do is send supplies to your mission site for you to procure -- all for an insultingly low price.
Mission Information Anonymous $3000 Bonus objective added to the mission. Darcy's contact in the area is willing to provide you with special instructions on disabling the compound's security... for a price, of course.
False Attack Anonymous $1500 Reduction in enemy strength in the mission. An American private military company is offering day contracts anywhere in the Mideast. For a small fee, the PMC will run a sortie not far from Al-Samad's location and draw out any alert staff -- leaving only the second rate guards on duty when you show up.


Mission Intel is only available if Nasri is arrested. Neither of the Additional On-Site Acquisition intel options will be available if you kill or arrest Nasri during Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer prior to starting this mission.

(1) - This intel is only available before the Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer mission.

(2) - This intel is only available after the Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer mission and only if you opted to Extort Nasri.

As a Bonus if you buy the "bonus" weapons intel before arresting or killing Nasri you can get 4 total intel for this mission as the weapons overstock intel is only removed / changed after Nasri's Mission. You can also get both weapon supplies if you buy one before then extort Nasri and then buy Nasri's $4 one. The intel is probably broken as nothing much changes in the mission and you don't receive the supplies.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

The mission will start with a briefing by Darcy . During the conversation you will have the opportunity to influence your reputation with him.

  1. Handler
    • Threatening - (-1) reputation with Darcy
    • Casual - (+1) reputation with Darcy
    • Professional - Nothing
  2. Detention Camp
    • Useless - (-1) reputation with Darcy
    • Casual - (+1) reputation with Darcy
    • Intel - Nothing
      • Advice - Nothing
      • Aggressive - Nothing
      • Professional - Nothing
  3. Alpha Protocol
    • Aggressive - (-1) reputation with Darcy
    • Suave - (+1) reputation with Darcy
    • Professional - Nothing
    • Dossier - Unlocked a secret fact about Darcy in his Dossier, only available if you collected dossier info on Darcy from Mina during the Bug Al-Samad Airfield
  4. Disconnect - (ends conversation)

Find Alternate Access[]

Get to the main base.

First, you will start at the bottom of the valley with one guard who just went down for patrol. Constant sandstorms will help to disrupt the guards movement and eyesight which help you to move this stealthily. As you climb the watchtower you see one guard across the obstacle and another one in the watchtower.

$1,000 Funds in the first watchtower

Completed: +50 XP

Disrupt Power Supply[]

Disable the generators to temporarily disrupt power supply and disable security

Lockbox $1,000 Funds located on the second floor of the building with the entrance to the cells

Duffle Bag $1,500 Funds located inside second watchtower

Duffle Bag $2,500 Funds located on the second floor of the building with the generators

Briefcase $5,000 Funds and Dossier Al-Samad located on the third floor of the building with the generators

Completed: +250 XP

Access Detention Cells[]

Go inside the cell building Completed: +50 XP

Upload Security Data[]

Go to the main computer and upload data.

As you get inside, follow the tunnel and on your right you can pick a door lock for +25 XP this will unlock the lock downstairs as well.

If you go down you will find a Duffle Bag $2,000 Funds. There is a Briefcase $1,500 Funds hidden behind on of the stairs. As you go up the stairs, in the next room there is wall first aid kit and Duffle Bag $2,000 Funds. As you get down deeper into the base, look for the old cells, and bypass keypad. Inside you will find 2 Briefcases $,2000 Finds, $1,500 Funds, and Dossier Halbech Corporation

Unlock Cells[]

Bypass keypad on the old cells.

Completed: assess to the area.

Pick door lock for +25 XP

In the computer room, you will find a Briefcase with detention records, wall first aid kit, a remote mine,and an incendiary bomb.

Gather Detention Records[]

Pick up a Briefcase in the computer room. The Briefcase is opposite to the wall first aid kit. Completed: +100 XP

After you hack the main computer a lot of guards will rush in the room. You can place the mine at the closed iron game (thats the place guards will come from). Get ready for a fight.

Upload Security Data[]

Hack the main computer.


  • +25 XP for successful hacking
  • +300 XP

Rendezvous with Darcy[]

Leave the cell building.

Completed: +100 XP

Secure the Landing Zone[]

Kill or knockout all enemies with rocket launchers.

There is Ammo X2 on your left and right as you exit the building. There is another Ammo if you go straight. Another Ammo can be found near the dumpsters.

Completed: +200 XP

Board the Chopper[]

Get across the fence and inside the chopper. 4 new guards will run out to try to take you out, so take care of them.

Completed: +100 XP

After the mission you will be debriefed and have the option to influence your reputation with Darcy.

  1. Handler
    • Critical - (-1) reputation with Darcy
    • Cooperative - (+1) reputation with Darcy
    • Professional - Nothing
  2. Intel
    • Useless - (-1) reputation with Darcy
    • Why? - (+1) reputation with Darcy
    • ETA? (ETA stands for estimated time of arrival) - Nothing
  3. Disconnect - (ends conversation)


Agent Thorton was dropped off on the outskirts of the camp via helicopter, then infiltrated the camp utilizing cover in the local geography. After cutting power to the camp, he proceeded to enter the detention cells, where he accessed the terrorists' computer, gaining intelligence on Al-Samad in the region.

Bonus Objective: Agent Thorton discovered detention records in the camp, providing more information on Al-Samad in the region.

Bonus Objective: Agent Thorton thoroughly explored the cells beneath the camp for stockpiles, and his thoroughness was mentioned by Agent Darcy in his report.

Agent Thorton returned to the surface for extraction by helicopter. Cutting the power to the control center allowed Agent Darcy and a team to approach the camp and engage the terrorists.

If you completed another mission

With the information obtained from the mission, Shaheed's location in Saudi Arabia has been discovered and the final phase of Operation Desert Spear is active.

New Mission Gained: Intercept Shaheed and Recover Missiles

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

If you arrested Nasri previously you can buy an additional intel element that unlocks a secondary objective. This objective has you recover a laptop in the tunnels. It nets you a large amount of money.

If you extorted Nasri, you have an additional intel item in which he delivers you supplies for an insultingly low price.

Consequences in Following Missions[]

If you gathered detention records, it will give more info for your colleagues to analyze. It will give (+1) reputation with Shaheed if you don't kill him.


After the mission you will receive an e-mail from Darcy which will differ depending on whether any alarm sounded as well as whether Mike took a lethal or non-lethal approach.