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Investigate Delivery at Warehouse is a mission in the Rome hub.


Learn what Marburg is shipping into Rome.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Cost Description
Mission Information
$3,500 Bonus Objective added to the Warehouse mission. An anonymous source will sell you email intercepts pointing to targets of interest.

NOTE: The briefcase this intel unlocks is available regardless of whether or not the intel is purchased.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Mandatory Objectives[]

As you enter the area, there will be two of Marburg's men standing guard, one walking a beat near the dumpster you're hiding behind, and the second between the two trucks. A quiet takedown of the first allows you to take the second out on your terms; if you cause the second guard to be suspicious, he will investigate and likely approach from behind you.

Similarly, it is quite easy to use the stairs (behind and to the left of the starting point) to sneak across the dock while both guards are facing away. When they are both turned the opposite direction (toward your starting point), the both the truck and/or the door can be hacked.

Money: $7,500 (back of semi)

Retrieve Records[]

Enter the warehouse, where Marburg's men are questioning a Russian mobster. They are interrupted by the arrival of more Russians, and a gunfight ensues. Eliminate all the targets and go upstairs. Two additional enemies will spawn (a Russian crashes through a window, and one of Marburg's men comes out of the office you need to investigate).

For stealth, you can use the cover system to dive from the wall, to behind the forklift (directly to the right). Stay along the wall to the right and make your way to the room in the corner. Wait for the factions to kill each other off before making your way upstairs. Be careful, as more guards will storm the warehouse as you make your way past certain checkpoints (as indicated in the previous paragraph). Staying behind cover will keep you out of the fray.

Dossier: Scarlet Lake (safe in room on first floor)

Money: $2,250 (on table in room on first floor)

Money: $2,750 (briefcase in small room ground level by stairs in the back, right side)

Money: $6,000 (in a safe in the same small room on the ground level)

Money: $4,000 (second floor room in a safe)

Money: $2,000 (second floor room on table)


ID Victim[]

After hacking the computer in the office, Mina advises you that the police are on their way. Thorton says he wants to find out who the guards were questioning. Quickly go to the body and acquire his ID.

Weapon Mod (on table by body you identify)



Exit the warehouse through the same door you entered. Proceed to the gate on the far side of lot to escape. (If you take too long, the police will show up. If they do, try to use non-lethal methods to deal with them, lethal methods will lead to lose Mina's reputation.)


Optional Objectives[]

Retrieve Cash[]

The cash is in a bag in the truck outside the warehouse.

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

Not really

Consequences in Following Missions[]


  • If this is your second mission in Rome after Investigate Marburg's Villa (that mean that you have accomplished Investigate Ruins Transmission) then you will be able to romance Madison Saint James. You will be able to choose between "Let Her Sleep" (Suave node) leading to the gentleman perk (Endurance Recharge Rate +20) and "check on her" (Professional node) leading to the Rome-ance perk. In "check on her" there are many options but no matter what you choose you will get the same perk (unless you choose "leave", miscellaneous node, then you will get gentleman perk and no romance). There is no reputation bonuses in this or the next cutscene.