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Intercept Surkov at US Embassy is a mission in the Moscow hub.


Your mission is to meet with Surkov at the US embassy. During the infiltration the building comes under attack by a PMC working for Halbech that is trying to assassinate Surkov. You must help him to escape the embassy to get information out of him.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Cost Description
G22 Dossier Grigori $6,000 Dossier information on G22. Purchasing this Intel will expand your dossier on the organization known as G22.
Surkov Dossier Grigori Dossier information on Surkov. Purchasing this Intel will expand your dossier on Sergei Surkov, a Russian business man with a criminal past.
Sniper Rifle Dead Drop Albatross $1,750 Sniper Rifle dead drop add to the Embassy. For a price, you can arrange a courier to leave a sniper rifle stashed in the embassy should you need additional firepower.
Security Information Albatross $700 Mission map for the Embassy. Albatross has offered to sell you a detailed map of the Embassy and its security details.

NOTE: Security Information and Sniper Rifle Dead Drop are only available if you are allied with Albatross. Sniper Rifle Dead Drop adds a sniper rifle to the roof over looking the courtyard, which can be used to defend Sergei Surkov. The rifle appears to be available regardless of whether or not the intel is purchased.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Mandatory objectives[]

You need to choose between Albatross or SIE and Mina as your handler (I always met both of them before this mission so the choice might be different if you haven't met either SIE or Albatross)

Cutscene at Moscow safehouse:

  • SIE instead (first Suave node) Albatross -1, SIE and Mina will be your handlers. End cutscene.
  • Agree (first Professional node) Albatross will be your handler. Cutscene will continue:
  • Aggressive (second Aggressive node) Albatross -1
  • Suave (second Suave node) Albatross -1
  • Professional (second Professional node) Albatross +1
  • Disconnect (second Miscellaneous node)

Cutscene on the roof when mission starts.If you choose SIE and Mina as a handlers (no matter which node you choose you get Verbal Ménage a Trois perk as a result):

  • Commanding (Aggressive node) Mina +1, SIE +1
  • Flirtatious (Suave node) Mina -1
  • Acknowledge (Professional node)

Same cutscene If you choose Albatross as a handler (no matter which node you choose you get Birds of a Feather perk as a result):

  • Anger (Aggressive node)
  • Cooperative (Suave node)
  • Acknowledge (Professional node) Albatross +1

Infiltrate the embassy[]

Note: For every guard you kill, Mina Tang -1 There are several ways to get into the Embassy:

  • Attack the guards and fight your way in
  • Talk them into opening the door for you - If you were professional with Grigori, these will be regular guards. Easiest way, nodes that work all the time, is first and second aggressive nodes. Second suave will work only if first node was suave. If you were aggressive with Grigori, the guards will be US Marines. Choose the professional approach to get past them without trouble. If you want to get the These Aren't the Agents You're Looking For perk (Evasion and Shadow Operative Cooldown: -5%) this is your chance.
    • Also available if playing with "Veteran" history.
  • Sneak into the Embassy by going all the way right and up the ladder (this makes all the guards hostile if they see how you hack the door). Even if you don't kill anyone, taking this approach will appear in the ending as if you had fired on US soldiers.
  • If you talk your way past the guards, don't open the door onto the roof (in the sneaking route), as this will make all the guards hostile.

The Embassy guards will assist you during the attack if you choose not to fight them to get your way into the embassy.

Money: $3,000 (first floor near back of building where soldiers enter)

Money: $3,000 (upstairs Office Overlooking Lobby)

Dossier: SIE (upstairs Office Overlooking Lobby)

Armor Mod (upstairs Office Overlooking Lobby)

Find Surkov[]

Surkov is on the second floor of the embassy being guarded by two guards. There are two sentry guns watching each path to him and some enemies attacking him when you arrive.

Talking to Surkov with a Professional Stance nets +1 with Surkov:

If your handlers are SIE and Mina:

  • Intimidating (Aggressive node) Surkov -1 SIE +1
  • Curious (Suave node)
  • Professional (Professional node) Surkov +1

If your handler is Albatross:

  • Intimidating (Aggressive node) Surkov -1
  • Curious (Suave node)
  • Professional (Professional node) Surkov +1 Albatross +1

Money: $500 (first office on the left after taking the elevator upstairs)

Money: $7,500 (hack Computer outside room with ladder)

Disable security[]

After fighting your way through the third floor of the Embassy you need to hack a computer and shut down the security systems. After that you need to return to the first floor and defend Surkov from whichever group is attacking (whoever you didn't choose as the handler is the attacker)

Dossier: Grigori - Hack Computer in Room with Surkov

Money: $1,000 - In Cubicle in Room with Surkov

Money: $1,250 - In Cubicle in Room with Surkov

Money: $500 - In Cubicle in Room with Surkov

Money: $1,000 - In Cubicle in Room with Surkov

Money: $750 - In Conference Room on left after ascending ladder

Money: $7,500 - Hack Surkov's Computer

Money: $1,000 - In Hall with Surkov's Computer

Money: $500 - In Hall with Surkov's Computer

Money: $500 - First office on the left after in Hall with Surkov's Computer

Money: $2,500 - In Cubicle next to the Security Terminal

Defend Surkov[]

Get back to the main entrance and defend Surkov. He doesn't like to sit in one spot so it's likely he will be shot a few times and killed if you aren't watching him.

Tip: the sniper you ordered (if you payed for this drop) is looking over the area where you started (if you tried sneaking into the Embassy this is where the sniper will be) for those of you that didn't, you are looking for the upper area of the first floor, there are some stairs to this area in the main lobby of the Embassy (which is the place that got blown up when you first entered) and then head out the door on the left (there is a room here with some things and a hackable computer inside if you haven't found it before), the sniper will be on the right of you leaving the door over looking the main gate which is where all of the VCI units will come from while the G22 units just swarm the area from any gate (main gate, west gate, south gate (near the ladder leading to the sniper) and one will be on the building to your left (when sniping). As such it's very useful against the VCI, but pretty much useless against G22.
NOTE: There have been reports that if you let the game autosave exiting towards the sniper, loading that save may fail to present Surkov. Save your game manually before exiting either way just to be safe!

Dossier: Scarlet Lake - Hack Computer in first office after Security Terminal

Weapon Mod - In Stairwell (You have to backtrack a bit to where you just got off the ladder. The door under the camera.)

Money: $3000 - On main floor, small orange room, underneath a drop point.

Cutscene with Surkov (no reputation bonuses):

  • Revenge (Aggressive node)
  • Expose (Suave node)
  • Mission (Professional node)

Optional objectives[]

Hack Surkov's computer[]

After leaving Surkov and going up the ladder you will see a hackable computer, hack it and get the Intel from it. There are enemies in this room so you might want to wait till after you are done killing them to hack it.

Choices and consequences[]

Consequences of previous missions[]

If you met Grigori, he may have announced your arrival. This can make talking to the front guard easier if you dealt with Grigori positively, or it can change the marines into tougher versions if he perceived you negatively (on the other hand this can greatly assist you in the mission if you can convince the marines to let you in since they are far superior to the standard guards and they will assist you during your mission). (Note: If you were aggressive with Grigori, Surkov pulls a gun on you after in the end cinematic.)

Consequences in following missions[]

If you kill any marines you cannot reconcile with Alpha Protocol in the last mission.

Whether or not you get the Contact Surkov at Moscow Office mission or the Assault Brayko's Mansion after finishing this mission depends on the way you talk to Surkov after saving him, and how you have dealt with Grigori.

Assault Brayko's Mansion...[]

Depending on who you used as a handler when you went to the US Embassy the opening here will be different.

Albatross will place you on a ledge over looking the main garden area with a sniper, one enemy up here with you.

SIE will get you a Stryker and you crash through the front gate with you as the gunner.

If you forgot the optional "Hack Surkov's computer" objective you will not be able to do the Prevent Surkov's Escape mission.


  • If Thorton manages to smooth-talk his way past the guard, marking all Embassy personnel as friendly, do NOT use the first door on the right after going upstairs. This leads out to the balcony (and is an alternate route IN to the Embassy) and will cause Embassy personnel to become hostile.
  • Be careful who you shoot. Accidentally hitting a marine, even if done while shooting at their opponents, will make all of them hostile.
  • If The Embassy guards become hostile, post mission reports will automatically indicate that, even if no one is killed the entire mission, Thorton killed Embassy guards, and the game ending will indicate as well. However, this can be avoided if you bluff the guards into being friendly, and manage to keep them friendly for the mission.
  • Even if you dealt with the opponents violently Albatross or SIE will send you a mail claiming you were stealthy and had a low body count. This is also a bug in the game. NOTE: Tested for Albatross on Xbox 360. The bug is not present on the Xbox 360 version (SIE not tested).
  • Sometimes when you climb the ladder the Marines will not become hostile and Albatross will send you an e-mail talking about you persuading the guard to let you through. This is another bug in the game.
  • Sometimes your checkpoint save for returning to the entrance and protecting Surkov becomes buggy and doesn't load Surkov, or your enemies. This makes it impossible to progress in the mission and forces you to load a previous save to continue.