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Intercept Shaheed and Recover Missiles is the final mission in Operation Desert Spear.


Stop Al-Samad from escaping with the missiles.


We have confirmed Al-Samad has received a large supply of Halbech missiles at the airfield east of Jizan. Intel indicates Shaheed and his lieutenants will be making an appearance. Infiltrate the airfield, recover or destroy the missiles and eliminate Shaheed.

Maximum Intel acquired for the mission: 2

By way of a bribe to Nasri's interrogators, you manipulated Nasri's former suppliers into shipping additional supplies into the airfield.

You acquired a map of the airfield and its surrounding area with details of security.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Cost Description
Mission Intel  Anonymous $2250 By way of a bribe to Nasri's interrogators, you manipulated Nasri's former suppliers into shipping additional supplies into the airfield.
Security Information Anonymous $700 You acquired a map of the airfield and surrounding area with details on security.


This intel is only available if you opted to arrest Nasri during the Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer mission and it only mark the location of the ammunition and money in the map.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

This mission is easier if you have an assault rifle, but can be completed with stealth.

Mandatory objectives[]

Locate Missiles[]

Search the control tower to locate the Halbech missiles.

In the garage you can find Ammo and wall first aid kit.

Go to the next building.

There is a Duffle Bag $1,200 Funds and wall first aid kit in the supply closet with ladder leading to roof.

There is Money Stack $600 Funds on a shelf in the smaller room to the right of the rear exit on the ground level.

Another Money Stack $400 Funds in the sleeping quarters.

Crack Safe for $5,000 Funds and +25 XP in room adjacent to sleeping quarters with stairs leading to the control tower basement.

$600 Funds below stairs on control tower basement and there is Ammo in the basement.

Upload Data[]

Hack a computer located in the basement.


  • +100 XP
  • $5,000 Funds

Lock-box $800 Funds out the door below the stairs leading up to the control tower.

Duffle Bag $1,000 Funds out the door below the stairs leading up to the control tower.

Data Disk $600 Funds on the top level of the control tower.

Hack the computer on top level of the tower.


  • +25 XP for successful hacking
  • +200 XP

Navigate Graveyard[]

Find a way through the airplane graveyard to the rear gates of the Munitions Depot.

When you get downstairs, a guard will kick doors wide open, be ready for that. IMPORTANT, once you leave the building, you would not be able to go back, so take everything before you leave.

In the airplane graveyard, there is a fence you can pick for +25 XP. It's under a camera, but you pick it anyway without getting detected if you stand a little bit to the side of the fence. It makes a perfect point of entry if you like to sneak in.

If you decide to kill the guards, extra guards will come out. Wall first aid kit is located inside the guard post (only open if you raise the alarm).

Briefcase $800 Funds located on a box after jumping over a fence and moving through a wrecked fuselage.

Duffle Bag $600 Funds located on the ground behind a plane south of the small building.

Completed +175 XP

Bypass Gates[]

Find a way past the rear gate to the munitions depot.

Be sure to collect all items and money before advancing to the next location as the checkpoint prevents returning

Well, there are two ways in.

  1. You can either bypass keypad to the building on your left and from there zip-line down to the area behind the gate or you can overload the generators and there will be fire and explosions and the gate will be open (hack in the computer).
  2. You can follow the path to the right, get into the house, and signal gate guard to call a patrol. Gates will be opened.

If you want, you can go to both areas collect plenty of cash and go in anyway you like afterwards.

In the building to the left

  • Data Disk $800 Funds on a table in a small room
  • Safe $5,000 Funds in a wall safe +25 XP for successful cracking the safe
  • Lockbox $600 Funds on a table next to the sniper rifle at the top level and wall first aid kit is there
  • Armor Mod located in the room next to the sniper rifle.

In the gate control building

  • Money Stack $600 Funds on a table
  • Data Disk $1,000 Funds on another table
  • +25 XP for successful hacking a computer

Completed: +250 XP

Find Missiles[]

Locate the shipment of stolen Halbech missiles in the munitions depot and intercept it.

  • Duffle Bag $800 Funds in the sleeping quarters, standalone building after bypassing the gate
  • Briefcase $1,200 Funds in lower room south of sleeping quarters
  • Data Disk $800 Funds in room on second level off the catwalk

You can pick lock on the door for +25 XP to go to the next area, IMPORTANT once you go past the door, you would not be able to come back, so grab everything before you go out, same goes if you enter from the catwalk

  • Lock-box $1,000 Funds on first level of building after leaving the courtyard with the generators
  • Duffle bag $1,000 Funds on second level of building
  • Weapon Mod in the main room on the ground level
  • Ammo on the ground floor Duffle
  • Wall first aid kit located on a ground floor

Deactivate Cameras[]

Turn off the security cameras in the warehouse where missiles are stored. Computer is located on the second floor of the building. If you enter from the catwalk on the second floor, you will enter the area with computers, making it easier to disable the security.


  • +100 XP
  • +25 XP for successful hacking

Bypass keypad and exit the building.

Completed: +175 XP (Finds Missiles Quest)

Reach Bridge[]

Head off the convoy by traveling through the mountains to reach the bridge checkpoint. There is no need to rush. Take your time making your way there.

First aid kit is inside of one of the small guards houses near guard's tower.

If you kill or knockout a guard in the second tower, he will drop Weapon Mod. If he did not, kill or knockout a guard in the first tower.

Lock-box $800 Funds and Ammo on the high road after the path forks

Completed: +100 XP

Defeat Al-Samad Lieutenant: Bilka[]

Boss battle: You have to fight Shaheed's 2nd-in-command, a hulking brute (Bilka) who is toting a gold-plated assault rifle. If you have silent running skill, it's very easy. Wait for the nearest guard to come by and sneak behind him, use boxes in front as a cover when he comes closer. Wait until Bilka goes to the other side of a bridge and far guard turns around goes away. Use silent running to make it to the second guard and sneak behind him and finish him. Right after that go after last guard. Then make it to the middle of the bridge. If Bilka is near, just wait for him to go to the other side. Timing is the key here. If you have problems, try to go as soon as you get a chance.

Other way to deal with Bilka: If you make it to the bridge without alerting his suspicion then you automatically kick him over the side of the bridge into the path of the car in a cutscene. Follow the directions above, or another way to do this is to lay a shock grenade near the first pile of arms, after taking out the nearest one with a silent kill/take-down as we walks up near it. Then use you voice synthesizer to lure the closest guard to it, without alerting the rear most guard. after he gets stunned, repeat the process with the rear guard. Then, use the "VS" to lure Bilka towards the shack on the back side of the bridge as you sneak up the steps to him. If he sees you, use a flash bang and run for the center of the bridge. If done right, it goes into the cutscene. If done wrong, you'll have to fight him.

Stealth only: Use your tranquilizer pistol on the first guard walking closest to you. Cut across the building with the first add kit and ammo. Skirt around the barricades on the right side of the field while Bilka is not watching until you are behind the boxes closest to the second guard. Wait until clear and pass on the right side to the area beneath the bridge. Wait again behind the boxes closest to the closed gate (where the third guard pauses) until both guards path away. Then cut across and go up the hill to the boxes. Wait there until Bilka starts pathing away from you and sneak up behind him to trigger the cut scene. Silent Running and Shadow Operative Basic will help immensely with this.

Avoid Detection[]

Kill Bilka without detection. Quest is failed if you get detected, and you don't get extra 350 XP.


  • +350 XP
  • a gold-plated Assault Rifle


  • +250 XP (Defeat Al-Samad Lieutenant: Bilka)
  • a gold-plated Assault Rifle if you got caught and fight broke out


There is a re-spawning ammo case inside the shack near the tower, which is your last chance to get ammo before you leave Saudi. (Sorry, no chance of getting any of the items in the clearinghouse now, so hopefully you got everything you wanted out of it, for it'll take a little while to get the good stuff in the rest of the game. Depending on how you play through it, of course. You can still get some weapons, ammo, and armor from Nasri if you don't do the mission Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer.)

Destroy Stryker[]

Destroy the Stryker Assault Vehicle protecting the missile convoy.

First Aid Kit and Ammo X2 is on your left as the fight starts. As you go on, there is another First Aid Kit on the boxes in the middle of the battlefield, and there is a Grenade near Stryker. You can grab it after you destroy Stryker, but you have to do it before the cut-scene rolls, otherwise you never going to get those items.

Destroy Missiles[]

Destroy 2 trucks carrying the Halbech missiles.

You will not be able to complete this after you destroy the Stryker, so try to do it before. This is somewhat bugged; the second truck cannot be struck by missiles or (seemingly), grenades. You can take your assault rifle (you will need one of those for this mission) and take cover. Wait for your critical strike to charge and fire it at the truck. After a few times the truck is destroyed. Since there is no health bar on it, just keep shooting. You could try to get close and use other weapons, but it may take a few tries. If you don't manage to destroy the truck, don't worry, it's only 100 XP worth.

Completed: +100 XP

Boss battle: Blow up the Stryker Ali Shaheed is riding in. There are missile launchers at various points on the battlefield. Timing your movements between the Stryker's machine gun volleys and rocket fire, sprint to each one in turn and fire at the Stryker (be careful - while you may be able to target the Stryker, standing too close to cover may 'catch' the missile, killing you). Kill guards first. This mission is easier if you have an assault rifle.

As an option, you can kill Stryker with your own weapons. Every times you fire at it, it will take some damage. Easy to kill from a long distance with your assault rifle, but it will take all your ammo and 1 missile shot.

Completed: +300 XP

After defeating the Stryker, you will confront Shaheed and have a chance to influence your reputation with him.

After you destroy Stryker and Shaheed gets out of it, you will have a flash forward. Leland is questioning you.

Henry Leland - First dialogue option[]

  • Denial - Nothing
  • Retort - Nothing
  • Duty - Nothing
  • Silent - Nothing

After the flash forward, the story gets you back to the recent events. You and Shaheed, you holding a gun, Shaheed's life in your hands...

Shaheed - First dialogue option[]

  • Aggressive - Nothing
  • Mocking - Nothing
  • Professional - Nothing
  • Execute - Perk Acquired: Desert Spear

Shaheed - Second dialogue option[]

  • Interrogate - (-1) reputation with Shaheed
    • Provoke - (+2) reputation with Shaheed
  • Curious - (+1) reputation with Shaheed
  • Explain - Nothing
  • Execute - Perk Acquired: Desert Spear

(+1) if you found records in the Detention Camp during Investigate Jizan Weapon Stockpile mission.

Shaheed - Third dialogue option[]

  • Execute - you get PDA from Shaheed and throw his body off the bridge
  • Trust - opens more options

At this part, you will get one of 3 perks

Shaheed - Fourth dialogue option[]

  • Agree - (+1) reputation with Shaheed & Unlocked Dossier secret fact about Shaheed
  • No-deal - you get PDA from Shaheed, but he dies in missile attack & Unlocked Dossier secret fact about Shaheed
  • Execute- you get PDA from Shaheed and throw his body off the bridge

After you dealt with Shaheed, you get a call from Westridge, and it gets disconnected. Regardless of your choice, you are contacted by Mina, who warns you that there are missiles inbound to your position.

Mina - First dialogue option[]

  • Aggravated - Nothing
  • Joking - Nothing
  • Focused - Nothing

Mina - Second dialogue option[]

  • Angry - Nothing
  • Questioning - Nothing
  • Intel - Nothing

Mina - Third dialogue option[]

  • Suspicious - (-2) reputation with Mina
  • Grateful - (+1) reputation with Mina
  • Intel - Nothing
  • Name Suspects - opens more options

In the conversation with Shaheed, there are three choices: Letting him escape, arresting him or executing him.

Letting Him Escape[]

  • Shaheed informs you of Halbech's sale of the missiles to him.
  • Before the Investigate Ruins Transmission mission in Rome you may contact Shaheed, doing so causes the Al-Samad troops in the first stage of the level to treat you as an ally, letting you walk straight through. However, the remaining troops in that mission will consist of Deus Vult agents.
  • In the final story arc, full circle, Shaheed broadcasts evidence of Halbech's sale of missiles to him (This only occurs if you are on good terms with him and let him go without executing him, if you meet up with him before the final mission).
  • Before the final mission Infiltrate Alpha Protocol, you can contact Him where he gives you a USB memory stick with all the evidence on it so you can complete the Unfinished Business and Desert Spear part of the Saudi & Shaheed Story Line if you executing him when he asks you to betray your country. Don't kill him until he asks you to betray the USA or you lose the USB.
  • Dossier: unlocks a secret fact about Shaheed in his dossier.
  • Perk: Stay of Execution
  • Reputation: Shaheed +1

Arresting Him[]

  • Shaheed informs you of Halbech's sale of the missiles to him.
  • Dossier: unlocks a secret fact about Shaheed in his dossier.
  • Perk: Stay of Execution
  • Shaheed dies during missile strike.

Executing Him[]

Choices and consequences[]

Consequences of previous missions[]

If you killed Shaheed's elite guards the last time you were at the airfield there will be less troops when trying to reach the convoy.

If you killed or arrested Nasri the terrorists will be poorly armed.

Consequences in following missions[]

  • Keeping Shaheed alive will make the Investigate Ruins Transmission mission in the Rome hub easier. With Shaheed's help, the Al-Samad cell in Rome will be told not to attack you and let you through. However, while the whole mission will have Al-Samad troops if you kill Shaheed, only the first few troops will be Al-Samad if you decide to spare him, the rest of the enemies will be Marburg's men. This change in enemy troops does not have a big impact however, as the mission objectives will stay the same.
  • Sparing Shaheed will unlock the Contact Sheikh Ali Shaheed mission in the last hub.


  • You might want to wait until you get to your next safehouse and complete your first mission before going on a shopping spree at the Clearinghouse, as this is when new items and new suppliers unlock
  • Alternatively, you might want to stock up on weaponry and items of Saudi Arabia before starting this mission, as they are of good quality, yet unavailable after finishing this mission, and it can take a while before equally good gear unlocks again.
  • Explosive grenades spawn infinitely during the STRYKER battle. (at least until it gets really low health)
  • There is unlimited respawning Ammo inside the hut near the Stryker as well as a med station, staying farther back in hut is 100% safe as rockets can't be aimed right through the door and the bullets have a narrow arc to hit inside.