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Intercept NSA Intelligence is a mission from Operation Deus Vult set in Rome.


Go to the Gelato shop and talk your way into the NSA server room. Michael will be speaking to the Gelateria Nico Proprietor ("Gelato Man").

Available Intel[]


Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Mina contacts once you enter the gelato shop. The first two dialogue nodes do not affect the outcome of the mission, however, your choices do matter once you start interacting with the shop owner. Reaching a total of 3 suspicion points or selecting "Execute" at any point will end the mission with a scripted shootout. Staying below 3 suspicion points will end the mission peacefully with your cover intact.

  1. Mina Tang - First dialogue
    • Dismissive
    • Confused
    • Understanding
  2. Mina Tang - Second dialogue
    • Aggressive
    • Suave
    • Professional
  3. Michael Thorton
    • Impatient — +1 suspicion
    • Mocking — +1 suspicion
    • Wait — 0 suspicion
  4. Gelato Man - First dialogue
    • Threaten — +1 suspicion
    • Virus — +1 suspicion
    • Passphrase — 0 suspicion, leads to the third dialogue.
    • Execute — Ends mission.
  5. Gelato Man - Second dialogue / If "Passphrase" not chosen
    • Warning — +1 suspicion
    • Dismissive — +1 suspicion
    • Honest — 0 suspicion
    • Execute — Ends mission.
      • If 3 suspicion points are reached here, Gelato Man will attack Throton, prompting him to defend himself.
  6. Gelato Man - Third dialogue / If "Passphrase" is chosen or if below 3 suspicion
    • Brush — +1 suspicion
    • Bluff — +1 suspicion
    • Upgrade — 0 suspicion
    • Execute — Ends mission.
  7. Gelato Man - Last interaction
    • If 3 suspicion points were reached in the previous dialogue, Gelato Man will attack Throton here, prompting him to defend himself.
    • Otherwise, he offers a gelato cone and the mission ends peacefully.

Back at the safehouse you will receive an email with the dossier information on Conrad Marburg from the wiretap you put in place. This dossier must be downloaded.

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences in Following Missions[]

  • Murdering the Gelato Man will attract the attention of the authorities. This will prompt negative comments from Conrad Marburg during Contact Jibril Al-Bara/Halbech Informant. There is no direct reputation loss, but you will miss the chance to get +2 reputation with him for not killing civilians in Rome, and potentially get a -1 penalty from Henry Leland, if the Aggressive option with him is chosen in the same mission.
  • There is a dossier on Conrad Marburg that can be only unlocked by doing this mission. If you wish to turn Marburg to your side or manipulate him into fighting you at the end of the game, and obtain the Agent of Change perk, which requires 83% of his dossier unlocked, then this mission is non-optional.


If you choose the Veteran agent history, the Gelato Man will briefly appear as a hallucination on the PDA screen at the beginning of the game when you first talk with Mina.