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Intercept NSA Intelligence is a mission in the Rome hub.


Go to the Gelato shop and talk your way into the server room. Michael will be speaking to the Gelateria Nico Proprietor.

Available Intel[]


Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Once you enter the gelato shop Mina will contact you. The first two dialog nodes do not effect the outcome of the mission, however, once you start interacting with the shop owner your choices do matter. Getting a total of 3 suspicion points or selecting "Execute" will end the mission with a scripted shootout. Staying below 3 suspicion points will end the mission peacefully with your cover intact. Here is a Video Walkthrough of the mission...

  • Impatient (third Aggressive node) +1 suspicion
  • Mocking (third Suave node) +1 suspicion
  • Wait (third Professional node) 0 suspicion
  • Threaten (fourth Aggressive node) +2 suspicion
  • Virus (fourth Suave node) +2 suspicion
  • Passphrase (fourth Professional node) 0 suspicion, leads to computer
  • Warning (fifth Aggressive node, if "Passphrase" not chosen) +1 suspicion
  • Dismissive (fifth Suave node, if "Passphrase" not chosen) +1 suspicion
  • Honest (fifth Professional node, if "Passphrase" not chosen) -1 suspicion
  • Brush off (Aggressive node in server room) +1 suspicion
  • Bluff (Suave node in server room) +1 suspicion
  • Upgrade (Professional node in server room) 0 suspicion

After the mission back at the safehouse you will start to receive emails with dossier information from the tap you put in place.

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

Consequences in Following Missions[]

If you murder the guy you are talking to, you will attract the attention of the authorities. In the meeting with Conrad Marburg, you will lose reputation with Henry Leland.


If you don't kill him you get a free cone to go.

If you chose the Veteran background, he will appear in a flash instead of Mina at the beginning of the game